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Real All Good Things Come To An End by Nelly Furtado hours today </3 Β 

Also for those wondering QLD = Queensland another state in Australia. LB is set in Adelaide, South Australia. Brisbane, the capital city of Queensland is a 22+ hour drive from Adelaide. There's also cities and towns all the way to the top of QLD. Big area for Alexis to be somewhere in. Β 


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  1. One Who Points At Straight Girls

    what the hell!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



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  3. you and your funny australian april fools or whatever!!! haha you can post the real page now!!!!!!! D:

    1. 21
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  8. Wow, isn’t this very similar to my first relationship!… Ha ha… Memories…

    1. Many condolences. The Jalexis break up also heavily inspired by one of my first break ups

  9. Plum-headed Parakeet

    Oh nooo this really hit the gut punch…and it hits way too close to home, I’ve had flings with women who were in very homophobic family conditions and this really broke my heart open all over again.

    The fact that it can’t even end on anyone’s terms except those homophobic family authority who are in power sickens me to no end. Wish it never has to end like that. The pain is horrific, thinking about what could’ve been if they didn’t find out..

    1. God you described the feeling of being powerless/at the mercy of a girlfriends homophobic family perfectly ❀

  10. I know this story isn’t about Alexis, but PLEASE tell me/us that she’s safe and away from her family and happy somewhere with someone else in present time. Please. The thought that you’re leaving her in a situation like that is killing me.

    1. That is by design, sorry πŸ’”
      As a reader your supposed to know as much as Jaden knows, as it is her story.
      There’s definitely intentional hints about Alexis’ well being to found in her last words to Jaden, but it’s up to each individual reader she makes of them.

  11. Does this mean Alexis has also dropped out of school? Will you be writing more of her story, I feel devastated if this is her final page and we never find out what happens to her πŸ™

    1. Devastation is very intended. My goal was to make the reader lack as much closure about Alexis as Jaden gets. She (and by extension) the readers only know what Alexis wrote in her final message.

      Considering Alexis planned to use her portion of Yaya’s inheritance to fund her own dentist practise, and also mentioned it here, one COULD infer studying is still a possibility, no? It’s very much up to what you make of the details.

      From the very beginning of LB, this was always planned as her final page πŸ’”

  12. Nooooooooo 😒 I had a feeling this was where things were going. Hopefully we get some happy resolution for Alexis later on in the story.

    1. Gotta leave some room for fix-it fic writers β€πŸ˜”

  13. fucken hell this hits way too close to home πŸ™

  14. 😭😭😭

  15. jadens tattoo 😡

    1. Jaden’s tattoo u_u

  16. I had to let you know that this page was so poignant and stuck with me so hard that I actually had a dream about it last night. I actually had a dream that I was Alexis quietly trying to tell Jaden goodbye at the airport without her/my mother noticing. I just think as a bisexual woman myself who also has a mother who also sees same sex attraction as an illness it really felt like this page just reached in and ripped my heart out.

  17. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa my feelings…….
    poor jaden, poor alexis! i thought i was prepared for the inevitable tragic end of their relationship, but i am still v emo 😞😭🫑

  18. emotional-damage.mp3

  19. I had a feeling this might happen. So heartbreaking.

  20. The implication when Alexis talks about SSA women getting “cured” truly made my skin crawl. I hope she’ll have a better home life with her aunt in Queensland somehow, like maybe her aunt turns out to be way more chill than her mother, but ofc, we’ll never know. πŸ™ She’s just been such a bright character, and I just hope she’s happy one day.

    This page was a real kick in the stomach–which is good since that’s obviously what was intended, but OOF. ;-;

    1. I’m very glad Alexis could leave such a good impressions on readers, that they’re hoping the best for her despite her bleak circumstances.

      Big skin-crawl moment also πŸ’” Really wanted to make the friendly exchange at the start of the visit to Alexis house feel different on a subsequent read πŸ˜”


  22. You crossed the line, Rusty 😾 *insert drake&josh meme* I feel heartbroken, I feel sadness noooooo I’m going to miss Alexis and Jaden being together, I knew it would happens someday but still πŸ™ πŸ’” Also, I miss Riley, it’s been a while since I saw her πŸ’›

    1. I’m afraid you can only have one of the gals you miss

  23. Please say sike..

  24. No! They were such a sweet couple! Seriously tempted to write a fluffy AU where Jaden and Alexis’s relationship doesn’t end like this, and Riley peaks then helps Blair peak.

    1. I would LOVE to read it if you ever did πŸ₯°πŸ₯°

  25. So she did get shipped off. :'( In my head she waits out Yaya’s inheritance, maybe goes on dates with men that never go beyond dinner just to keep her creepy male relatives at bay. Then she makes off with her inheritance when her Yaya passes, breaks off contact with her family except an arms-length relationship with her sister, and falls in love with another woman. But eventually she contacts Jaden just to let her know what happened and that she’s okay and happy (this would be some time after the conclusion of this comic).

    She opens her dentist’s office of child-free women, which Jaden and Riley eventually use.


    1. that would be nice

  26. I’ve been so busy with work and family the past few months and am catching up on what I missed in Leasebound! I was reading the pages quickly to catch up, but stopped dead in my tracks on this page. When I read the comments, it just made me sadder to hear this is the last Alexis page. πŸ™ No!!!!!

    I feel so many mixed emotions. On one hand, I had the horrible thought, “I don’t even care about Riley anymore, make Alexis come back so they can be together again!” On the other hand, this was a more realistic ending to the relationship, something many can relate to, and it also punches us emotionally in the gut. Sometimes we never get closure in life. Sometimes we do just have to move on. It’s sad and heartbreaking, but we go through unfair circumstances in our lives all the time before we learn how to cope. It’s always sad, though. No matter the coping mechanisms and learning how to move on, it’s always sad and heartbreaking. The heart may not forget and it may forever mourn, but it can heal.

    It’s so sad and unfair of what Alexis’s mom did! Alexis can’t stay in her house due to her “condition”?? What does the mom think Alexis is going to do?? And the implications of men “curing” women also sounds creepy. And…. how are they going to cure them? What are these men going to do to these women to cure them? I’m scared.

    To make it worse, it sounds like Alexis will be out of Yaya’s will??? So she’s completely financially dependent on her family now. She hasn’t gotten her degree yet. πŸ™ I feel crushed for Alexis!!! Being trapped and financially dependent on someone else who wants to control me is my worst fear.

    1. Welcome back, LB-Essayist beloved <3 It's so lovely to see you in the comment section again, I've been wondering how you'd handle these pages. (Hope all is well wit family and work, and that you've had time to relax over the holiday period).

      It seems you’re not the only Jalexis > Jiley supporter XD I kind of love it!

      Given Maria’s religious background, it’s likely she thinks that Alexis’s same-sex attraction is a choice, a sin she is choosing. Wouldn’t want her sinful ways to influence others now would she?
      The curing goes far beyond creepy, I’m afraid. The implication is, Maria knows how her husband and his brothers feel about homo/bisexual women. Has likely heard their talks of ‘correcting’ that ‘behaviour’, and is using it as a threat to compel Alexis to get out of her house.

      That, and secondarily the will. Alexis isn’t out of the will, but it’s another threat. If she doesn’t do what her mother wants, her mother will tell her whole family. Maria’s mother, Alexis’ Yaya, likely holds the same views as Maria about homo/bisexuality, and would remove her.

      So Alexis is complying to never speak to Jaden again, and move to another faraway state under the threat of corrective rape, and having her name scratched from her grandmother’s will, where she stands to inherit enough money to start her own dentist practice. She’s doing what she can do ensure her financial independence later, and her immediate physical safety now.

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