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Jaden never stood a chance.

9 thoughts on “CH10P8

  1. I know what he grows up into, but like…look at his squishy little face! Babies and old ladies are the true stars of this comic

  2. First Jaden loses her dad and then she almost loses her mom right after?? No more suffering for Jaden! I’ve decided! Only good things happen to her from here on out. If Blaire even looks in her direction in the intent to start any drama, I’m gonna LOSE IT!! I will rip open space/time, jump into this comic myself, hiss at anyone being mean to her, then bring her on a space/time adventure with ME.

    1. I look forward to your inevitable cameo!

      1. The “Emma and Jaden’s Adventures through Space/Time” spinoff is gonna be fire!

  3. This page made me cry :(((

    1. πŸ˜” many condolences

  4. this page hit me like a punch to the gut πŸ™ it’s bad enough to see jaden suffering, but baby jaden??? im in serious emotional pain. also, unrelated, but have to agree w anther commenter- you draw a v cute baby ! :O

  5. Man for a moment there I think Jaden thought she was going to be an orphan and like….
    Jesus our girl doesn’t deserve this πŸ™

  6. I know we’re not supposed to connect to the male characters, but as someone who was also born on the day a close family member died, I can’t help but feel for Jacob just a bit. πŸ™

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