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This week's lineartist is: the highly insightful comment section regular, Miss Kory!

The thumbnail I gave her: [here]

My favourite thing about this page: I love how Kory added so much more to the panel 2 pose by putting Blaire's hands around Riley's neck, rather than on her shoulders as I originally envisioned. It's so subtle but sinister. She is also responsible for Brick's much more pronounced clown nose!

Mushy Stuff: Kory is an incredibly kind, thoughtful and intelligent woman. I am so thankful for how often she has offered advice on how to make LB better (and worse in a good way, hehe >:3), and also that by making LB , I had the good fortune to meet her at all.

Shout Out: Kory has her own webcomic she's working on the first chapter of! It's called Chevaleresses, and she describes it as a feminist, lesbian fantasy story. There are already several pages to enjoy - so please send some love to her inbox!

50 thoughts on “CH11.5P3

  1. *incoherent excited rambles and noises*

  2. Oh man, Riley has no idea what a bullet she just (at least temporarily) dodged with that absolutely adorable non-answer. I love her. What a sweet, smooth thing to say.

    It’s really creepy how Blaire puts her on the spot like that, especially the phrasing. Sexual boundaries as “obsession” and same-sex attraction reduced to “what’s in people’s pants” as if it wasn’t so much more than that. Sadly an attitude I’ve encountered plenty.

    No, it’s not just about what’s in her pants, it’s also about voice, and scent, and general shape, and all the million little details. (But it also is about what’s in her pants, haha.)

    Very fitting and typical of Brick to be disgusted by very very mild same-sex affection, too. But she’d lose her shit for sure if anyone implied that might be homophobia! She’s ~queer~ after all and couldn’t possibly be homophobic, you aphobic bigot, or something like that.

    1. Ignorance is Bliss for dear Riley, and she’s about to lose it completely πŸ˜”

      Blaire’s absolutely putting Riley on the spot to keep her in line. She doesn’t want to be accused of transphobia by association if Riley says something wrong – the horror! 😱

      I will never be over the disgusting homophobic talking points that gendies dug up and re-popularized. The way they twisted “hearts not parts” from “same sex couples love each other the same way as opposite sex couples. Regardless of which sex you love, we all feel love” to “the sex of the person shouldn’t matter. If you only like one sex you’re a bigot“.

      The whole “genital obsession/fetishism” misnomer is so fucking dishonest as well! As if the gender crowd didn’t spend countless back and forths with gay people, fencing off language we could use to describe our exclusive same-sex attraction.


      we are only attracted to women.


      transwomen ARE women.


      we are only attracted to females.


      only incels call women “females” and transwomen have female brains and their bodies totally become female when they take hormones. The “mouthfeel” of girl dick is different. Lesbians use strapons so why not girl dick??


      uh many of us dont even like penetrative sex. And a strap on is not a dick.
      But okay, we are only attracted to the same sex then..


      umm conversion therapists use that term therefore you’re a conversion therapis (Don’t you dare bring up their SafeT Sexuality is Fluid talking points they use on homosexuals!!)
      Also sex is a social construct! Anyone who feels like a woman is a woman.


      jfc we only want pussy!! Dick is disgusting!!


      so you see women as walking vaginas?? You’re just like men. You’re misogynist. You’re disgusting.

      You have a fetish. Kinkshaming is bad, bdsm is cool, but you having a fetish for a body part its literally impossible to have a fetish for BECAUSE ITS FUCKING GENITALS, is evil and unforgivable!!.

      I will NEVER forgive gendershits for this one. And I eill NEVER let them forget what they did.

      And you’re spot on about Brick. Modeled after all those disgusting homophobes who would bemoan same sex couples kissing at pride because they’re “asexual”. Uh huh. Almost like peoppe who lack attraction to anyone.. shouldn’t be grouped with people who all share same-sex attraction 🀯🀯🀯

      1. Right on! It’s funny how it’s the same people who whinge about how PDA makes them feel “uncomfy” at pride (🎻) are the same people who say grown men wearing ABDL stuff, bondage gear and dressing as sexualised female caricatures while walking their girfriends on leashes around KIDS at pride! “Is an integral part of the queer community” (real quote) 🀒

        Saying kink shouldn’t be at public pride events is kinkshaming and bigoted but being disgusted at same sex affection and calling gay people degenerates for “fetishing” genitals is progressive.

        π˜›π˜³π˜’π˜―π˜΄parent πŸ™„

  3. The artstyle in this panel reminds me of Coraline by P. Craig Russell, very fitting, saying that I think I’d rather take my chances with the Other Mother than the QT club πŸ˜…

    1. Other Mother is definitely more able to be reasonned with that’s for sure xD
      Thank you so much for the compliment! I had never saw that guy’s work and i’m very flattered <3

    2. Other Mother is definitely more able to be reasonned with that’s for sure xD
      Thank you so much for the compliment! I had never saw that guy’s work and i’m very flattered <3

  4. Riley: “because we’d have to break up for that to happen”
    Me: https://i.kym-cdn.com/photos/images/newsfeed/002/265/962/2b6

  5. Brick: Hello lesbian woman I’ve just met… YOU WOULD HAVE SEX WITH A PENIS RIGHT???
    Also Brick: ew stop being affectionate with your girlfriend in front of me that’s inappropriate!!!

    Why you gotta be so accurate Rusty πŸ˜‘

    1. Please forgive me, breastie πŸ˜”πŸ’”

  6. Miss Kory did a delightful job on the lineart, both with the poses, face expressions, and with Brick in all her clownish glory!

    Brick seems to think lesbians are attracted to she/her pronouns and (mtf men’s) self-image. Noticing the shape of someone’s body? Their voice? The parts of their body they’d touch during sex? A nonfactor, Brick is sure πŸ™ƒ

    I really wish Riley had said “that was PDA?” out loud. I understand why she’s afraid to stand up for herself, but it’d be satisfying to watch Brick sloppily explain why it’s not homophobic for her to show disgust at Blaire saying “aww, baby” to her girlfriend (in what was formerly a gay org…).

    Also, they have her in a chair while they saunter around like the “good cop bad cop” routine in a police interrogation. That’s so telling. (Is it just me, or does the trans movement employ this tactic a lot? “It’s oppressive and wrong and boring at best for cis girls to do (a given thing), but that same action is unquestionable, beautiful, and revolutionary on a trans man/enby.”)

    Rusty does justice to the “Emperor’s new clothes”/upside-down paperthin-veiled-homophobia of the “TQ Union” every time the gendies appear, and now that they’re interacting with an actual lesbian, I wish I could reach into the screen and pull Riley out of there.

    Also, it’s unnerving how anytime Riley is visibly confused about gender ideology or having cognitive dissonance when she tries to integrate the beliefs, Blaire never really answers her questions, instead opting for caressing her, initiating sex, or similar (iirc the “maybe exploring your femininity in a non-traumatic way will help” panel shows Riley’s face covered in her lipstick marks).

    I don’t like it, and can only speculate what’s going through Blaire’s head in those moments. Something tells me Blaire barely thinks it through – something like “she needs my affection so she feels reassured” – but that doesn’t make it any less creepy.

    Blaire gives a talking point, cuddles Riley so she doesn’t concentrate on the lesbophobic/misogynistic implications, and feels no need to discuss it or think about it further. After all, that might make either of them come to new conclusions, and those have to be preapproved by the trans movement.

    1. Thank you so much for this comment, your observations and blaire-analysis were a pleasure to read πŸ₯°πŸ₯°πŸ₯°

    2. Thank you so much ! <3 I'm so glad Brick's stupid face is a success πŸ˜€

  7. Question!
    How would Brick react if some transwoman forced a relationship on her? I’m talking a creep who keeps persisting to wear her down to date her? Would she keep up being asexual sex averse, or would she double down?

    1. See that’s the one boundary I’ve seen respected – at least when it comes to the “would you date a transwoman” nonsense.

      It’s an all or nothing situation. You need to be open to everything. Or closed to everything. Anything in-between is exclusionary.

      Why I think you see a lot of young girls using it as a defense strategy against these kind of attempts at boundary crossing.

  8. Omg Bricks face in the first panel πŸ˜‚ she’s such a clown, her disgust at such mild affection between a same sex couple is so incredibly weird as well
    This artstyle is rly good tho, I look forward to checking out Korys webcomic!

    1. 🀑🀑 hope you’re ready for more brick-brand clownery next week! 🀑🀑

      And I agree! Kory did a fantastic job with this page and she’s got some really awesome stories to tell in her own webcomic πŸ₯°πŸ₯°

    2. *delighted blushing giggle* Thank you !

  9. How some of you find Brick too is beyond me, my dear gyns.

  10. Brick: You are a lesbian but would you sleep with a TRANSwoman???? You are a TERF if you don’t.
    Also Brick: Keep the PDA to a minimum! Ew!
    Girl just asked a lesbian if she would sleep with a male and then got mad when said lesbian is sweet with her gf 😭

    1. Umm the Motives are totally different. Brick was asking invasive but necessary questions to protect twans women 😀😀😀
      Meanwhile Riley was committing aphobia >:(

    2. Ikr! Tiffany can read her gay fetish smut out in the open, Timothy can prance around, bulge visible from space, but oh no… a woman stroking her girlfriends head 😱 Won’t somebody think of the children!!!

  11. I’m a pro-trans detransitioner and I really love this comic. I think LB does show a lot of the homophobia and more insidious sides present in the trans community, and it helps me understand the pain that GC lesbians feel as their community feels pushed aside in the wake of trans activism.

    I know plenty of trans people who aren’t like the QT Collective and I hope someday there can be a happier medium. Keep up with the beautiful art though. I love Blick and I LOVED Chapter 9.

    1. Welcome to the comment section and thank you for contributing to it! I hope you continue to enjoy reading LB, and that you’re detransition has brought you more peace 🩷

  12. Now that I’m not using my phone, I can leave a better comment! Brick reminds me so, so strongly of someone I used to be friends with who showed disgust towards lesbians/bi women and hid behind her label of asexuality to get away with it.

    Like, full on visceral UGH the moment I saw the last panel. She always went out of her way to say things along the lines of DON’T WORRY, I’M NOT GAY!! no matter how innocent my statements were, cos eww, sex.

    It all likely came from her older sister more or less being disowned by her (very religious) family, but boy, was it sure something.

    Brick, regrettably, is true to life in more than just her Gendie ways.

    1. Sharing your visceral UGH moment, breastie U_U
      Very glad to hear you aren’t friends with this homophobe anymore!

  13. I’m loving this guest pages project. Great art from Mare and Miss Kory 😁

    Ew, Brick is a nasty piece of homophobic work. I don’t look forward to the big blow-up at all but at the same time, I just want this crappy relationship to end so Riley can drop these homophobes from her life.

    1. I’d definitely love to host guest artists in the future! It was really fun to watch everyone add her own flavour to her assigned page, and it was like a vacation for me, because I didn’t have to draw anything, just thumbnail and colour!

      Unfortunately there’s only one way out for Riley, and that’s to speak up. But, as I hope you can see from these flashback stages, she’s had a lot stacked against her U_U

    2. Thank you <3

  14. God, we were introduced to the Gendies when they were in home territory and weren’t dealing with any issues more significant than a children’s cartoon – they were dumb, but they (mostly) came off as mostly harmless.

    This bonus material has been great to ease people into just how trans activists tend to be when challenged in any way (or even when they AREN’T challenged, as seen here) and I’m starting to worry about how bad things will get. Tiffany is by far the uncontested Worst of them but Brick is effortlessly giving her a run for her money lmao, can’t wait to see more.

    1. You should absolutely trust your gut breastie :3 It is going to get much worse.

  15. Parniya’s biggest fan

    Marcie: I don’t like dick, how DARE you force me to like dick, I am ASEXUAL!!

    Riley: I don’t like dick.

    Marcie: what the fuck?

  16. Miss Kory you did a fantastic job on Brick’s emotions. Actually everyone’s emotions! I esp like Brick Yuck face (v punch-able) and Riley’s That Was PDA? face (I wear that face often when seeing certain Hot Takes online).

    And yessss another comic to follow!!!

    1. I agree! I got the pleasure of watching her create Brick’s YUCK face in real time, it was hilarious!
      Hope you enjoy reading her work <3

    2. Thank you!!!
      I’m so relieved everyone is liking Brick’s yuck face ! And that you like Riley’s too <3 *twirl my hair*

      I'm working hard on my comic and I'm delighted for your following πŸ˜€

  17. Riley’s face at the last panel is everything. She tried to contain the shock but the whiplash was too strong.

    Truth be told i am not sure if Riley’s answer was swiftly smart or a lucky brainfart moment hehe. Regardless that was very smooth. Will tha be enough for Brick though?? Will things get calm for now or escalate?? We’ll see πŸ’€…

    Miss Kory, in the chance you read all the comments, great job!!! You’re really talented when it comes to drawing hands, it was the first thing that drew my eyes in on the page. Best wishes for your project too!! πŸ€—β€β€

    1. According to Rusty this IS “the calm before the storm”… absolutley bricking it (lol) for the next few pages πŸ˜…

      1. I was envisioning that Brick would get a sudden call and have to leave before Riley got to endure more “femininity exploration tips” causing this flashback to end and if any other collabs pages were to come they’d be about something else peaceful, then we get longwinded Shez magic for plenty nourishment and rest, THEN gender drama again with the masquerade conflict or something, but I guess that was too naive and gentle πŸ’€ The remaining pathway leading to Shez chapter has been set full of thorns and glass shards, no mercy no balms no shelter.

        1. I regret to inform you that the Shez chapter… not thorn-free either breastie πŸ’”πŸ˜”
          No rest for the breasties

    2. Thank you thank you thank you ! *smooches you*

  18. Riley be looking like a female version of the “Chad” hahaha. Such masterful deflection!

  19. I have given up hope on Blaire having a redemption arc since, well, you said to give up hope…

    I still admire how you made her into such a complex character… so important for making it understandable why Riley is attached to her, instead of being left wondering why she puts up with her. Also seriously deepens the upcoming hurt 😐

    Brick by contrast is a walking caricature, truly worthy of mockery. Is it safe to assume all the brainwashed QTs stay that way throughout, or is one of them gonna have a “are we the baddies” moment? I look at the comment section of this page and genuinely wonder if such a thing is possible, they are so so brainwashed and painfully not self-aware.

    1. Thank you! I don’t want to give away too many spoilers, so I will simply say: trust your gut.

      Honestly everytime a wave of gendies comes for LB I find myself thinking “jesus I’m too nice giving them all Blaire as representation” 🀣

  20. Sorry my comments are all over the place, the first time I was able to find this comic my introduction was by a Haterℒ️ and I basically went over it multiple times processing it before letting myself simply peruse the comic the way I would normally, and I’ll randomly be like “Oh there was that other section I had thoughts on”, and so It’s everywhere πŸ˜…

    I have experienced a similar vibe to how they just got treated for having affection around a ‘friend’, when I was stealth (predominantly for safety purposes, I wasn’t stealth to my partner or medically), me and my partner could basically do Anything in front of people without anyone doing so much as throwing a judgemental look (the vast majority of the time), but when I’d been off HRT long enough to no longer pass, it was quite noticeable how it went from we could basically do anything, to simply locking arms, holding hands, or me affectionately checking in on my partner became A Bit Much, stare worthy, or would make even our [same + opposite sex attracted company] act uncomfortable as in if something wrong was happening, whereas others who were on the same page still gave as little of an F as they did before.

    It’s very disheartening, because it shows the claim that gender/ [sex] etc doesn’t matter to them show as clearly bogus and performative. Someone always says about how it’s not everyone who does that, but in my life, the life of my partner, and many others, they are the overwhelming majority.

    1. Nah, don’t apologize at all.
      I love seeing comments on past pages and being reminded that new people are reading the work!

      Much like misogyny, people know the score with homophobia too, unfortunately :/. I’m sorry the majority of people around you, even those who also experience same sex attraction (I don’t use slurs like queer, as they also make out homo/bisexuality to be strange/abnormal).

      “Not everyone does that” is also an incredibly frustrating thought/conversation terminator. It’s like okay? Not everyone does anything?? Do I need your permission to talk about something I’ve experienced?

      It would be much more preferable for people to just say they “don’t care” nor don’t want to acknowledge the discrimination you’re experiencing. But that if course, takes the onus off of you and puts it onto them.

  21. Ohh ok, I understand the preference to not use the slur, I’ll keep that in mind for future comments!

    They all use it to self reference so much that I tend to default to it for them (Though don’t for those who don’t),

    I tend to use AGAB as a term for sex for two main reasons, one being I’m (actually) intersex who had an atypical puberty, where people tried to put me on testosterone blockers even though I’m afab, and just saying “female” doesn’t very well encapsulate my experiences medically/biologically even though it covers a lot societally speaking,

    the other is because of old academias concepts of male/female feels like a joke, one that somehow is still perpetuated (predominantly, tying in things as simple as colors, hobbies, etc, as in if it’s intrinsic to things like estrogen/testosterone, vulvas/penis etc, I liked things that were labled “male” and people sought to “fix” it),

    I wish that after a fashion, our language could have a term that simply referred to original or current biological state that didn’t have the same history to it that was used to oppress people who would fall into the category they made for “female”, so I do believe sex exists, but I always think about how our norms and history created monsters like the ironically named Dr Money, and end up preferring to use a more flexible term, even though that term is also flawed

    (I don’t expect that it’ll be the most agreeable perspective, but I hope that the reasoning for my own semantics conveys the difference between denial/hatred and just stuff surrounding one’s own experiences)

    1. Nah you’re totally fine πŸ‘Œ

      I am admittedly staunch about language being clear/ collectively understood first and foremost – which is another reason I really dislike the word queer, even as a self descriptor.

      Anyone can be “queer” because “queerness” can mean a million different things to different people, so you’ve got gay and bisexual people lumped with straight person with less conventional dress sense, or straight person with violent sexual proclivities.

      I feel the same about “agab” or even “assigned SEX at birth”, because sex isn’t assigned. It’s observed. I am aware there’s a whole host of medical abuse happening to people born with disorders of sexual development (intersex conditions) but i don’t think that should be a reason to avoid using concise/most common language.

      Disorders of sexual development still manifest in conditions that affect male people and and female people differently.

      “Observed Sex At Birth” maybe πŸ€” if there had to be a longer acronym.

      I understand recoiling from terms like male and female due to all the ludicrous societal roles attatched to them, but I ultimately believe it’s more counter-productive to search for a new term, rather than reassert the true neutrality of the sex classifications. They’re not the issue, it’s people’s learned sexism.

      Reminds me of a post where someone posted their male dog in a pink bow or something. And everyone was commenting about how he would prefer a bandanna, or something blue. Really illustrated the ridiculousness of the idea that one sex is biologically hard-wired to like certain clothing or colours. That dog doesn’t know of our stupid rules!! Leave him be!!

      Sex is just a classification. Like your blood type or height or eye colour.

      It took me years to feel comfortable being referred to as a woman. The terms used to feel so damning, alien, humiliating even. A big part of that was unlearning so many misogynistic ideas about being one. Now I take comfort in it even. It is just as related to my interests, hobbies, personality as my eye colour is height.

      I’m not going to find another word to convince the world of my humanity. They can damn well learn that women already have it.

  22. I feel that, I do think observed sex at birth would work out well for people who have those differing sex conditions while still working within that framework, I’ll still have my own reservations purely because even if I know certain things, like you, to be true, I know others still are working in an entirely different framework and my words will have a wholly different meaning to them.

    It is nice regardless to have that perspective laid out clearly, helps since many people will talk about these matters in a more generalized sense and as a result, they could really mean anything.

    You saying you find sex to be more concise means something completely different to someone like Ben Shapiro saying he finds sex to be more concise, I only wish these more in depth conversations could be had rather to reactionary rhetoric that seems to be prevalent everywhere at this point (at least online, I do tend to find a lot more nuance is had with real/personal relationships).

    1. Oh there’s definitely something to be said about online interactions VS in person, for sure! Mob mentality obviously still happens, but when you’re talking face to face, no audience it really changes the dynamic.

      ( And I say this as someone obviously not immune to it. I have absolutely been ruder, more callous, even downright juvenile because it’s behind a screen. )

      I can understand your discomfort. For me, it’s been a process of not only changing my own perception of sex classification (as a neutral descriptor, nothing more), but also getting comfortable asserting it to others. It often involved avoiding “That’s misogynistic” or language like it, and again, spelling it out.

      “That has nothing to do with someone’s sex.”
      “Sex doesn’t determine that.”
      “That has nothing to do with being female.”

      It’s a great skill to develop.

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