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28 thoughts on “CH12.5 – PART 2

  1. Oh my stars, Ari´s mom named Karen! I love it! It´s so nice to see it used normally with all the internet bullshit has done to it

    1. Exactly what inspired the name!

      1. She honestly does look like a Karen! Also kjskjskjs not the whole family wearing sunglasses haha pass them raybans in their will

        1. 6th generation raybans🤣🤣

  2. Shez, probably: Mum PLEASE can you make more cookies. Ari can’t annoy me while she’s eating cookies

    This page is so damn cute 😭😭 I love that Ari’s whole family has the sunglasses lol she had some good influences there.

    1. Yess, when you’re a girl born into the Goldstein family you get a sick pair of shades in the delivery room. 🤣

  3. ✂️🍆

    Yonique is women only, offers self-defense AND ballroom dance lessons, and even has rooms for rent?! Gonna go cry now because it’s so perfect but not real.

    Also, I just want to take a moment to admire the contrast between Rocky and Ari on either side of Shez. I know Rocky’s still mute because of her trauma, but I hope spending time with Ari the unabashed gremlin helped her heal a little bit while they were all together.

    1. The room for rent is what became the seld-defence gym seen in ch12 😅 But yes! An enviable women’s hub for sure.

      Love your guesses for Ari and Rocky 🥰🥰 I’d say she certainly helped broaden Rocky’s circle of trusted people.

      1. Antiyourwokehomophobia2

        You can’t say this and expect me not so ship rissari 😭 guh. Why does she have to be straight? Rusty, I just wanna talk…

        1. 🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️

  4. But did she get anything good at the local Yard Sard 🤔?

    1. One of life’s many mysteries ~

  5. Bubbe…. 🥺🥹

  6. Such a cute extended family.. love how the sunglasses are hereditary in Ari’s family! How adorable

  7. I love this look into their life after survival and I love their little family. How do you pronounce Bubbe, tho? Bobby? Bub? Booby?

    Also…some may take this the wrong way but…Rissa baby….what happened to you??

    1. “Bubbe” is a Yiddish word meaning grandmother. I’ve heard it pronounced two ways, b-uh-bee and also where the “u” gets said like the “oo” in book. First one seems to show up in more pronunciation guides, the second one I heard as a child watching Rugrats 😅

  8. Aw I love this! They knew each other as kids and they’re still friends to this day 🥰 I just have a question about Ari, will you ever draw her without her signature sunglasses? I want to see what her eyes look like and what color they are lol

    1. Her eyes are a mystery I’m afraid. I thought it would be a funny visual gag to have her always wear sunglasses.

  9. Karen! Yes! I also have a positive character in a story of mine named Karen, purely because of how negative it’s become.

    1. Great minds think alike 🧠🤝🧠
      Love to see it!

      I listen to lots of reddit stories while I work, and it’s insane how many times I’ll hear “she had the typical Karen look” followed by a completely different description each time. Not limited to white women either.

      The phenomenon of women and girls being afraid to advocate against actual injustice they’ve experienced because of how widespread Karen is now too is so disheartening. :/

      So it felt good to just make a charitable, helpful woman with the same name.

  10. awwww i love karen <3 v cute that she + meriam work together and ari + shez work together too! and omg bubbe is adorable ;-; your character design continues to b top tier 🫡

    1. Starting a new cycle of helping the women in their lives. Karen giving Meriam a job and Shez definitely playing a hand in Ari getting hired when she was older. 🥰🥰

      Thank you also, I love drawing older ladies 😊

  11. Parniya’s biggest fan

    Will these be added to the minor characters cast pages?

    1. I don’t think so. I don’t have anything extra I’d want to put in a bio that isn’t just reiterating what’s written here. I try to keep the bios as fun extra information, but all of its already in-comic. 😅

  12. I just know there’s a photo of Shez somewhere carrying Ari upside down by an ankle. Actually two, one from when they’re kids and one from like last month.

    1. LMAO!!
      Omg this is going on my to-draw list for real. I love this so much 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  13. You have croyden in australia too? I hope yours is a bit nicer than ours, shez deserves better than croyden uk xD

    1. We do! I’ve noticed we borrow a lot of names from you guys (go figure, lmao) for our suburbs.
      Ones I am aware of: Croyden, Edinburgh, Salisbury, Liverpool, Brighton, Hove, Kingston, Farnborough, Ipswich.
      Not-Quite-Matches: Melbourne to your Eastbourne, Rockhampton to your Northhampton.

      Thankfully for Shez, Croydon’s not too bad here. Different story 30 years ago (from what I’ve heard) but, there ya go lol.

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