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    1. So excited for this !!!! I cannot wait to see it !!!
      Alas, no horse prompt so me and Rocky will have to improvise v_v

      1. Where there’s a horse girl, there’s a way..!

  1. Oh dear… I feel bad for Rissa. I’m not at all pleased with how the boyfriend is in a position of power over her at work, but I can also totally understand her own feelings, her desire for autonomy, and her want to move on from the horrible stuff that happened to the family.

    Shez and Meriam both being attracted to women and therefore having options who aren’t shitty men is an extra level of frustration, too – “Romance for me but not for thee” is going to be a hard sell.

    Much happier to see this page, though! Shez is so cool, and I love how much she and Jaden cherish and support each other.

    1. Really looking forward to expanding Rissa’s POV in the Epilogue pages – you’re right on the mark!

      Re: Meriam though, she hasn’t dated anyone since Chris, and I don’t imagine she’s shared her bisexuality with anyone either. It definitely played a hand in being so supportive of Shez being a lesbian though!

      And thank you. Developing their friendship this chapter has been a real treat 🥰

    2. the sad irony of the “romance for me and not for thee” point we see beef on all the time is wild and it misses the mark. the problem isn’t romance. what the actual problem is: men treat women badly, and women will make a lot of excuses for any and all slights. and this is doubly true the closer a woman gets to one, or the more feelings she has about it.

      this convo gets twisted soooo often into “what, you don’t want me to be happy but you can???” instead of being recognized as “…. why do you think being with someone who inherently sees you as inferior at best would make you happy?” OR “why do you think you need a relationship TO be happy?”

      (i say the latter bc i feel like it can be true regardless of orientation— a lot of women have trouble seeing themselves as “whole” without a partner, and that’s sad and fucked up no matter what your orientation is!!)

  2. I love that Shez’s silhouette here kinda echoes the image of teenage Shez when she first decides she has to kill Chris…the unwavering commitment to completely justified murder ❤️

    1. Thank you! I was very much trying to evoke that page and the moment she punched the car window.

      All those raw emotions she felt live on under the surface. Her 14 year self fought for Shez to be the woman she is today, and Shez doesn’t intend to betray her.

  3. Man, Rissa’s profile… It’s crazy how women do have the actions of men define them. Like… the no men allowed rule isn’t a reflection on you and your past, girl. It’s a reflection on the behaviors and actions of men— you’re not responsible for that.

    But also yeah @ him being in a position of power over her, and the dark irony of her insisting he’s different from Chr*s while him… literally being like him, lol. Her in a lower paying/skilled job and him having a literal job with sway over her. Fucked!!

    But also oh Shez… this makes me so sad. 😔 My dark fear theory is that the story will split in conflict, and Yonique and her staff will be taking action to try to help Shez and her family be safe from/deal with the moid, while the “QTs” are trying to get Yonique shut down for being “exclusionary” as a parallel to the women’s shelters that have gone through that irl, but maybe i’m wrong (i hope i am,,,,,)

    1. I feel it’s a very common push back against women who suggest (or in Meriam and Shez’s case, enforce) no men as a safety measure. Instead of blaming men, Rissa internalizes it and blames her self. The way Chris nearly ended their lives is a misgiving SHE has to make up for, somehow, to ensure she’s not “one of those” women.

      Beautiful observations as always, breastie. Love your ideas for future conflict too ✍️✍️✍️

      1. ,,,, what do you mean ideas. Why are you writing something down, Rusty. 👁️👄👁️

        1. 🏃‍♀️💨

  4. You got a video review about your comic on YouTube by a KenCarsonfan42

    1. I have been made aware 😅
      Isn’t the first of its kind, won’t be the last. That’s all part of putting yourself and your work out there. Feel free to investigate/engage for yourselves if you wish, but don’t do so on my behalf – I’m not interested in weighing in.

      1. The commenters: We, aussies, do not claim her
        Me: come to my country, then.

    2. I watched it and the one thing it repeats over and over is “won’t someone think on poor fictional transes??”. Then is not a comic for YOU, Ken. Go bother someone else.

    3. Why these guys never have any actual criticism? “Too man lesbians! The art style changes! SO many height differences! Uhhh why’s the BRAZIL flag on the wall????”

      Like I know they think Rusty is The Devil but why does that suddenly make them unable of basic critical thinking? I guess terven women are incapable of being self-indulgent or having a laff jfc.

      Also the people going “Babygirls my favorite to spite her!” like….the guy who’s canonically stalking Blaire? Like I hate Marvel but I don’t decide to make the purple man my fave to spite them lol.

      1. not the first time their crowd will kiss the ass of a creepy moid to spite lesbians (fictional or otherwise, apparently lmfao) and certainly won’t be the last. but like are lesbians supposed to be upset atp? homophobes are predictable 🤷

        1. “They’re women too!” then date them!
          “but I’m a gay soft boy!” Straight, you’re straight.

      2. Not mention also “oh everybody are lesbian for some reason, even the cat!” like… DON’T YOU WANT MORE LGB STORIES WHERE HOMOSEXUALITY IS SEEMS AS NORMAL? There you have it!
        And “is not normal for a kid to be a lesbian at such young age”, but right, they’re not young to be trance, right? And straight kids are fine.
        I swear this is what happens when you read a comic that you’re not the focus public: You cannot enjoy it because you cannot relate to it.

  5. If Shez needs an alibi, I’m here for her. Pretty sure Jaden is, too, by that smile.


  7. Shez, you have my sword, and my Bow, and my Axe if Chris dare to get oxygen in this comic.

    1. (❤️) to give Shez an axe
      (💔) to give Shez a bigger axe

  8. Oh no Shez please be careful.

    Love the colours on this page Rusty.

    1. Thank you 🥰🥰

  9. Maybe it’s the horror fan in me but the more homicidal Shez is/sounds the more I love her 😭😭😭💚💚💚🔥😳😳 hmmm I guess the random flame emoji is chris body when shes done with him!

    And man I feel for Rissa 🙁 so far the one I’d say is most like the response I’d have. The Just Wanna Move On take, even if she doesnt quite understand her mom’s rule. Baby girl should NOT be with a frickin doctor rn tho she should LITERALLY be at the club. Or learning to use one.

    1. YESSSSSSSSS!!!!!

      How it felt reading your comment

      (but also Shez in a Post-Chris world)

      (❤️) to get Rissa to the club.
      (💔) to teach Rissa how to swing one.

  10. That pure unadulterated rage in Shez’s eyes is so delicious.
    YES Ma’am! He better prays you don’t find him!!

    And Jaden’s supportive smile 😭She gets it!

  11. Lesbians for Shez

    Chris’s whole world is gonna be a horror movie once he gets out. I’m all here for Shez hunting Chris down like he’s a walking target. All she needs now is an axe!

    Thankfully, Rissa has someone who would be willing to hunt someone down if anyone dares to hurt her family. If that boyfriend does anything shady, it won’t be fun for him lol.

  12. Watch out Chris, even if you get out Shamzey’s gonn–Wait a minute…. W-what crackshipper bribed you?? this page looks like they’re about to activate BIG SUCC and tonguetickle each other’s uvulas next, very sus. Noooo Parni gonna be so sick u giving her heartburn with these fanservice frames 😭💔 Justice for Parni she did nothing wrong

    Yayyy Chapter 13 incomiiiing, hoping it switches to Riley and not back to the QT Club but I’ll read regardless. Processing the bio reveal… Her personality does fit what the other commenter predicted! i can imagine her smiling with a victory fist as she read hehehhehe. Probably all of us have met this kind of straight woman more than once irl, very nice very darling.

    If in some alt dimension I were a storymaker I think I’d leave the development as “her BF gets over it but stays with her and no more headbutting from her, peace and love in the family” (him still outside the frame, just a blank slot of “decent man” that people know but wont see not even knowing what he looks like, at most getting a phone call/text dialogue crumb) cause after all they can meet at his house or some public setting for reunions family parties etc its not the end of the world right??

    buuuuut since you like spiking cortisol and seeing our temples recede IF there’s ever a Rissa conflict Arc down the line, what you be crafting would be quite different. It won’t go as far as like Rissa dead/trafficked after moving out with him but still put part of the cast (and us readers) in tension and make everyone beg for relief lol

    1. The Shaden doodle was actually drawn after these pages 🤣 – for your beloved horseblaire who is a big fan of the ship! No cheating ahead, I swear!

      You can rest assured there will be no QT girlies in CH13 (sans Blaire of course) nor in the upcoming 8-part CH12 Epilogue. Gonna be spending a bit more time with the Meriam family, expanding on some of their dynamics before we head into CH13 proper 🥰

  13. Parniya’s biggest fan

    I love this page, women stick with women… especially when they’re being homicidal against men 🙂

  14. Rissa, your mom and sister aren’t judging *you*. They dont want you to get hurt. Shes so young and her life has the shadow of a trauma she may not really remember, so I understand her mentality to move on. But its in itself baked with insecurity and wanting to prove that shes ok.

    And if shes dating a doctor he has to be what at least 27 at minimum. They’re both adults but the gap in experience and the power difference with him being a doctor and her a receptionist at the same office is too much.

    Even if they didn’t want men in the house most families would be uncomfortable with that.

    1. Indeed, all very well said.

      Victimhood is often a cycle doomed to repeat, and Rissa is no exception to the pattern. She’s putting the cart before horse in trying to not “let” her trauma define her, rather than ever truly looking at or addressing it.

      This is only made more difficult by the other victims around her carrying their own scars as a constant, blatant reminder of everying Rissa wants to leave behind.

      Meriam’s rigid caution. Rocky’s 18 years of silence. Shez’s damaged eye. In the face of all of that, a boyfriend who lets her forget and “proves them wrong” is a great comfort to Rissa. And for him? It is conveniently lucrative to play the part.

      He’s late 20’s at least too, for sure.

  15. I have been mulling over the teasers around the lack of Blaire redemption, and I had a thought on what you might be planning based on my own experiences, so, given that “Babygirl” has a crush on her, and there’s a trend of trans women bragging about “converting” people away from a relationship with a same sex or cis partner, my guess is Blaire is there will be a conflict that sparks a relationship between Blaire and “babygirl”, many thoughts many thoughts.

    Also I only JUST realized when looking over the bios of everyone original names, TIF-fany and TIM-othy, it marks them as the head honchos, doesn’t it? 🤣

    1. Damn, I don’t like Blaire, but wishing her that fate? whew, let’s not be cruel with our girl now I think Rusty mentioned that type of thing never happening in her comic anyways.

      1. Yeah, no unnecessary heterosexual pairings, no cheating, no partner for Timothy.

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