Jaden's got a gut of steal, tbh.

5 thoughts on “CH3P15

  1. I appreciate that you’ve softened the typical threats. I was already pretty sure you wouldn’t make them say anything too deeply disturbing like the bullshit I’ve seen transwomen and allies say online, but I was still getting a little nervous

    1. And here I was worried I’d gone too far! Though to be fair most of this dialogue was written in 2017 so ??

      1. Unfortunately that actually makes a lot of sense. I’m sure it might seem too far for people who aren’t paying attention but I’ve been on Tumblr since 2011 and I’ve definitely noticed the shift of acceptance for some truly blatant rape rhetoric in the last four years. It’s always ironic to me that women get in trouble for noticing how the trans identity is a get out of jail free card but when men notice it they change their pronouns and take advantage. And that’s just SO brave of them

  2. This scene of the male threatening Jaden is such an accurate representation of how TIMs look whenever appearing next to women in photos.

    Even the ones who don’t look obviously like men and more uncanny valley on their heavily edited selfies are so big and hulky if standing next to actual women that it is obvious.

    1. I’m glad that came across, 100Γ— yes!!

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