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  1. What a nightmare. At the same time, it’s almost kinda funny how spot on and realistic these designs are. Even though the reality isn’t funny at all. Would it be weird to say that I like how you lit the scene? Good colours.

    1. Not weird at all! I think the colour pallette really helps make these guys a little easier on the eyes (if possible) lmao! Glad youre enjoying their designs. I really wanted the realism to provide a sense of catharsis for women who read Lease Bound, especially lesbians. Turning TIM-attrocities into characters creates a safe distance at which we can laugh (as a coping mechanism or not) at them.

  2. jesus fucking christ this is bad. i did not expect such blatant transphobia here, lol

    1. Did you mean: I care more about men in cat ears calling themselves women than actual women?

    2. Completely honest question: do you really think a man who puts on stockings and a cute headband has the full right to call himself a woman and have unrestricted access to womens-only spaces? Is that something you really think?

      Personally that doesn’t make any sense to me, and some things should have clear and sensible boundaries that don’t leave people confused. Male people not being allowed into a female-only space is one of those clear and sensible boundaries that makes sense to me.

  3. Jesus christ seems like the only ‘trans’people you saw were Jessica Yaniv and the gamestop guy(And yes they are guys,look at blaire white for a depiction of a real trans woman)

    1. You don’t get to decide who is and isn’t a real TIM. Yaniv, the game stop guy, Blaire white, contrapoints, the men who beat up a 60 year old at Speakers Corner? They’re all fucken men calling themselves transwomen.

  4. I really appreciate you painting TIMs like how they actually look, instead of the sickly kawaii avatars they like to put as their profile pics.

    1. Thank you! It is honestly insane how many look-alikes I have come across POST-creation. And how many of their defenders will tie themselves in knots trying to deny that they really do fucken look like this.

  5. Strawman Parrot

    we love using transphobic caricatures of trans woman to vilify and dehumanize trans people

    1. Why would you love that?
      These characters are also based on the actions and appearances of trans identified males to perpetuate lesbophobia and cotton cieling rhetoric. Is that not allowed to be critiqued because you’re unaware?

  6. anyways lesbians don’t owe men sex ❀️❀️❀️❀️❀️❀️

    1. Here here!

  7. i laughing so hard, this is great representation of those imposters, i’m glad that you decided to do this!!! also your comic is wonderful and adorable πŸ™‚

  8. dread-and-despair-dyke

    lmao at some ppl in the comments thinking a lesbian comic author wouldn’t touch on the subject of TIMs, who have rlly been causing issues for homosexual women in recent years with their regressive ideas

  9. A perfect representation of AGPs and their fetish.

  10. I feel you gotta white as shit to think these features only belong to males

  11. But then again terf ideology has white supremacist roots :/

  12. It's All True Though

    Omfg this is exactly what I’m confronted with on every dating app these days! Scarily accurate!

  13. I love it omg this is so funny. I hope Jaden will be no nonsense with these guys and kick em straight out

  14. none binary with left gender

    damn that’s crazy. stream 100 gecs

  15. LMAO this took me out!! their faces im crying πŸ˜€ this is such a relief seeing them how they look lololol.

  16. I think I wrote this to convey my feelings? Lol idk.

    I dunno if I’ll get a reply here, but I’ll my comment by noting that I understand the why of this, and frankly this form of representation is something that was probably earned… most likely meaning that it really is up those who’d be decent people to change such interpretations if it really bothers them… but seeing stuff like this can be so frustrating…

    I guess I’m a gnc gay guy, and saw this comic somewhere else and thought it looked cool, and I feel it’s really unfortunate that this has pretty much become THE IMAGE for any gender-nomconformity that pops up in one’s mind with males… and I know, a different perspective would very obviously peg guys like what would be depicted here a VERY gender conforming in their attitudes towards women, but considering that many people aren’t quite as nuanced on the subject stuff like this is always difficult to see… this rant aside, I honestly am not even condemning this…

    it really is up to me and others like me to set things right if we have such a negative perspective… perhaps this is the particular Karma we’ve earned by, albeit unwanted, association with these people…

    1. Heyo thanks for the comment.

      Yeah, there is no probably about it. This representation was earned, and was designed specifically to be both accurate and cathartic to female (especially lesbian) readers.

      This is our reality. Be it on dating sites meant for same sex attracted women, sporting competitions women weren’t afforded until recently, bathrooms that didn’t exist in the public sphere for women until women fought for them, etc. Etc.

      However I want the distinction to be quite clear: this is not intended GNC male representation. If you did read further you’d see these men are far from it. They inherited the name AGP for a reason. Autogynophiles. They think that feminine clothing and wearing make up makes them women. They violently threaten and then attack a woman for denying them entry to a woman only club, because she recognizes they aren’t women despite their fashion choices.

      They’re also straight men. Calling themselves women (and lesbians). None of them experience same sex attraction.

      This is predatory, homophobic straight male representation. There’s a reason in several pages from now they look disgusted at the idea of being redirected to a male gay bar.

      Their outfit choices were also very deliberate. It’s not just, adult man wearing clothes from the women’s section because he likes it, it’s men who are trying to dress as teenage girls (notice they also refer to themselves as girls more often than women) and one is literally a a basement dwelling anime watcher modelling himself after fictional animated women (pigtails).

      I understand not everyone’s gonna see the nuance, for sure. I get a little exhausted by all the people who only seem interested in seeing these guys again (while ignoring my deliberate efforts to bring female characters into the spotlight) and who think the mockery ends at their silly appearances.

      While not necessary I have taken steps to create a deliberate distinction between the AGPgang and GNC gay men. Because they are wholly different in my mind. Gay men are not without their own misogyny, but they aren’t the main perpetrators of make up + dress = woman.

      I made this distinction by including gay male side characters. In chapter 9 specifically there’s a little boy living with two dad who happily runs around in a princess dress and hair clips (Also puts hair clips in his dad’s hair). And it’s never questioned or even discussed.

      I’m interested to know if you feel the distinction too and look forward to any future comments.


      1. I think I wrote this to convey my feelings? Lol idk.

        Thank you for the reply! Although, makes me feel silly for typing out nonsense rather than choosing a name xD… I understand this distinction you speak of, and honestly I’m very aware of the AGP crowd, as in my trying to figure myself out I considered “being trans” myself… although it never got very far… I had a tendency of looking at stuff I didn’t like on the internet… not necessarily “hate-reading”… more… wanting to confirm the hateful things I thoughts about myself via others? Tl;dr: BAD coping mechanisms, and in doing so I realized by listening to mostly women who were against this stuff, probably perspectives you’re familiar with that they were not only justified in their perspective, but overall correct in my own opinion…

        You really can ignore the next paragraph… I’m bad with rambling online, sorry…

        So after that I just had to figure out WHY I was wrong, which did take awhile… the feelings I had mostly revolved around being disgusted by my own GNC which I had pretty much tried to supress since I was a kid… and my own being gay which I actually figured out in the middle of this whole mess, even though it was obvious in hindsight.

        But long story short, I don’t see myself as too different from someone who might identify as trans in my head… actually in some ways, I don’t want to think that I’m different from many of them in terms of gender non-conformity, and while the AGP side of things can keep their rather unappealing brand of porn-sick fantasia to themselves, I think some guys pull off certain manners of clothing or styles initially designed for women gorgeously… and honestly, much in the same vein I still like to experiment with what I think could work with myself… so I guess to some extent seeing stuff like this just made me uncomfortable and I kinda pushed it back without being too thoughtful, and I apologize for that. I honestly have a tendency of associating myself with people like them whether we actually are similar or not, just because I feel that’s the way people around me might see it. Online turmoil is bred from insecurity… what’s new? Regardless, sorry for the long and probably unnecessary exposition, I tend to type a lot.

  17. the funniest comment I've had in a while

    What makes Miku a fictional woman?
    Her (non-existent) chromosomes?
    Her (non-existent) womb?
    Looking like a woman?
    Sounding like a woman?
    Where does an android get a womb from?
    Where does an android keep their chromosomes?
    Some terfs (like one I could link to right now) say being “designed” to have a womb, (as if nature is sapient and not just a force that can create oddities in humans, like being intersex) is enough (those who even bother including the CTF (close to female) ones, I.E a woman with everything (a “small stature” (since it’s ok for women to have big builds but the second intersex or trans ones do it it’s proof they’re men) a vagina, primarily estrogen-based puberty but no womb.

    1. Idk how to break this to you but Miku Hatsune is not real..

  18. womb = woman?? transmahogany blood on this woman's hands smh..

    That’s irrelevant.
    And she is technically real. As a hologram at concerts in Japan. So you still haven’t answered my question.
    What makes Hatsune Miku a woman?
    She is at most a hologram. No womb or design for a womb.

  19. What makes hatsune miku a woman tho?

  20. it's my website and I'll delete what I want to 🎢 (your comments have to be approved by me before they go public, miss)

    Stop deleting my comments and answer me. What makes hatsune miku (a literal hologram celebrity) a woman?

    1. What makes Miku hatsune human?? Shee doesn’t have a heart, or lungs, or a brain😱😱

      What makes any fictional character trans?

      What makes a fictional animal the animal it represents??

      How come they’re called hotwheels CARS when they’re made of plastic and there’s no engine, no radiator, no windscreen wipers?

      How can gummy worms be called worms?

      Is she really a barbie GIRL in a barbie world?

      How could the devil turn the blue sky black?

      How many babies born will never reach their dreams?

      And how could someone call another person whack?! 😭😭

  21. empty brain girl

    Yes, but you said that [she] was imitating a fictional woman (derogatory). [[Citation needed]]
    1. They are called hot wheels and gummy worms, because they are modeled after cars and worms despite not having the proper parts.
    2. What makes a character cis? If it hasn’t been confirmed or heavily implied or almost outright stated they very well could be trans.
    3. A fictional character is trans because they were confirmed trans or heavily implied (i.e showing a picture of someone younger presenting as the opposite gender and or having the creator confirm they were trans)
    They could also be trans in someone’s subjective headcanon. Which isn’t canon but is still just a way of projecting or just expanding on themes in the source material by assigning a trait in your idea of the characterization or lore of a character.
    3. And whack is slang, metaphorically. And has no actual relevance in this conversation.
    Although, I do have to ask, if Miku can be a woman without being designed to have the proper parts, why can’t trans women?
    So I suppose you did answer my question, (although I suppose you wouldn’t like it if someone deleted your comments about your “terf truth”.

    1. First of all, i think that it’s whack, to call someone whack! I am not whack no matter what you say!

      They are called [name of real thing], because they are modeled after [real thing].

      If hot wheels cars are modelled after real cars then why can’t I take them to the 2ndhand dealership to cash in?? >:U
      Why won’t they let me take my drivers test with one???

      Why doesn’t the vet advise againdt feeding my pet chickens gummy worms, but REAL worms are okay?? >:/

      I identify as a transwoman now,btw!

  22. Piss On The Poor Reading Comp + Reasoning Skills

    Then what do you think they’re modeled after?
    A toy car is literally modeled after a car that’s why they’re called toy cars.
    Also you might wanna tone down the mocking. Even IF we were wrong, you outright admitted they (trans people (at least the afabs) and supportive women) were products of society in your eyes. And yet you degrade them and insult trans people and their (supposedly just harmed and brainwashed) female allies instead of getting them the help you think they need. How are you supposed to connect with these supposedly harmed women unless you show them kindness? How are you supposed to make them trust you?
    You can’t. Because if a women was taught to think something was normal when it wasn’t insulting them for believing how they were taught and told their whole life is going to make them clam up more and go back to the situation.
    So i suppose you should answer the question, assuming you had the good faith not to skip.
    What makes Miku a woman?

      1. cool, a non-answer meant to condescend me because you couldn’t come up with anything better! πŸ™‚
        at least I answered you with words and not google image GIFs! πŸ™‚

        1. Wait is this GIF an insult?
          It just looks like a man writing notes.
          you writing down notes for your comic or what?

        2. Girlie doesnt' need me to particpate, she's a one woman show

          Wait is this GIF an insult?
          It just looks like a man writing notes.
          you writing down notes for your comic or what?
          So anyway, what do you suggest if not being nice and trying to help women out of their bonds of patriarchy by being nice and showing them kindness and trust?
          And where in there did I make a fallacy?
          Toy cars are modeled after cars.
          You should be nice to women and
          Degrading hurt women is wrong, surely you agree?
          Where’s the lie? πŸ™‚

  23. Girl Out Here Talking To Herself

    Where’s the fallacy the if you’re so smug?
    Toy cars are modeled after cars.
    You literally say you should be nice to and respect women and
    degrading hurt women (like how you see trans men and female trans allies) is wrong, surely you agree?
    Are you out of arguments?
    Where’s the lie? πŸ™‚

  24. ya know
    looking back at this “accidentally” antisemitic jewish caricature is so fucked
    especially when you see nazis supporting GC’s at their rallies. this comment is probably not gonna show because op is an aussie coward but still


    1. hahaha you’re so right bro. hey i’m taking the blunt back i think you had a little too much tonight

    2. 2
      1. someone didn’t look at all the tw who openly admit to being nazis link… also coming back? wyd at the devils sacrament, rereading terfy texts…. kind of terfy of YOU πŸ‘€


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