Jaden...Β  Let her call the fucking ambulance. Β 

8 thoughts on “CH4P9

  1. i’d wanna the final battle, the bouncers versus those XY bastards, their asses deserve to be kicked and beat up
    men will never change

    1. Un/fortunately the AGPgang is unlikely to appear again in person.

  2. lmao get owned jaden

    1. What does this mean ??

  3. *hauls Jaden on her shoulder to bring her to the hospital immediately no matter how much she complains*

    1. Thank you for your service ma’am!

  4. Jaden confuses me – I am straight, but Jaden has all those qualities I would value in men if … men actually displayed them. Politeness. Protectiveness. Downplaying injuries (which isn’t exactly a clever thing to do, but kinda attractive in the “I wanna fuss over her and force her to go to the hospital” way )

    If something like women with male bodies actually existed, I think I might find it hot, but sadly, TIMs are males trapped in male bodies. Evidenced by the fact that instead of protecting women, they invade women’s spaces.

    1. Finding those traits attractive makes sense to me πŸ˜… I definitely wrote Jaden to be very appealing to readers.

      I intentionally chose an archetype I see male characters afforded a lot, this obvious heartthrob who’s just genuinely a good person but not without struggles. Whenever I saw them I’m like “when will someone make a female character like this?”, and I got sick of waiting so I did it myself.

      Fun extra fact: Jaden was originally created to be a romance-able character in a dating sim project I was working on.

      I think what you would find hot is men who act with the humanity they’re afforded in fiction – but good to see you recognise that’s not the case 🀣


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