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Got a burning question for one (or more) of the LB Cast? Here's your chance to ask them! The first three commenters will have their questions answered (in drawn form) at the end of Chapter 6!

I have so much fun doing them,Β  I thought it'd be fun to have a few more to reply to come the end of chapter :D. So ask away!

8 thoughts on “CH6P63

  1. BOY OH BOY. Riley’s panic and maneuvering with Blaire is so familiar. It’s interesting how anyone who becomes gender critical has to revert to the patterns of being closeted around the rest of the community. I don’t know if that was what you intended, but it’s what this update reminds me of.
    I also noticed while paging through the chapter that Jaden yanks her hand up to cover her fast so fast it fluffs Riley’s hair! That panel was already great, but it’s even more hilarious now.
    Something lighter for any of the cast who want to answer (Goddess knows they deserve a break): what are some of your happiest memories? And, perhaps related, have any of you ever been to a women’s festival?

    1. The parrallels between the closet and being gender critical (particularly when lots of us are gay and have experienced the closet) are both very real and very sad. I definitely intended to capture that through Riley – even if she isn’t quite gender critical yet. Gender-wary, maybe, lol! Poor baby just hates confrontation.
      And aah! Yes, the hair lmao! I was trying to make the panel a little cartoony for levity – so I’m glad that came across lol.

      Thank you for the question also! Really looking forward to getting all the answers out come the end of Ch6!

  2. I’M SO SCARED LOL POOR RILEY YOU’RE DOING THE AVOIDANCE DANCE she doesn’t want any confrontation!

    I wish she could just be like “hey Jaden don’t mention Trance Women around Blair just don’t okay there’s a lot of weird baggage around it”… Like I know Riley doesn’t want to be in the position to EXPLAIN a Trance Women to Jaden but I feel like Jaden would just be like “oh ok” she’s respectful she doesn’t need to pry she doesn’t need the whole explanation

    but like what really gets me about Riley and Jaden is they JUST MET. Just met. just now met. so it makes everything so much more hard and awkward. New roommates, don’t wanna scare each other off, and a person could Feel that with their prior conversation about Jaden’s wounds. You seriously wrote it so well, it’s amazing how rapid pace you improve in everything art and writing both.

    All of this just makes a perfect storm. If this Incident had waited a bit longer it wouldn’t be so awkward. Jaden and Riley could just talk to one another as friends. But no oh no… it’s just gotta happen right now and these poor people who are trying to adjust to one another are thrown right into the fire

    It really is to bad Blair can’t be one of those genderists who just….. hasn’t questioned things properly, and it’s so wild how with some of them they will agree with gender critical ideas if you don’t use the words they’ve associated with evil. There are so many people who won’t behave poorly IRL even though they’re demons online. but like writing Blair this way is important. I’ve talked so much about how your story is Important, and yourself know what you’re doing. It’s important to see how going to war for men damages women. Blair isn’t going to GET anything for being willing to burn down all her bridges with food people who are true friends for her. The Trance Wommins she loves so much would NEVER put themselves on the line, never break up with their girlfriends for Blair’s well-being. it’s just like sad. Blair is going to alienate herself away from people who genuinely care. Even if this doesn’t happen in the Lease Boud story I wonder like how long until Blair accidentally messes up and gets cast aside for not being Woke Enough and then she has no one. and after the damage she will do to Riley it’s not Riley’s job to rush in like ~I forgive you Blair~ like.. come on. this current movement doesn’t like women. It’s only a matter of time until Blair experiences that. and I hope she wakes up instead of being like the sad women who hurt my heart, who just let themselves be hurt and stepped on for the Cause. for the Poor Trance Women…. being the rug they wipe their feet on forever. Blair that could be you if you’re not careful πŸ™

    It’s just so sad all the levels this movement hurts women. and like. I’m just really looking forward to your story showing that. The medium of a comic touches the issue so deeply that other mediums can’t.

    I hope one day these chapters of Lease Bound are like something Ruth keeps on her wall to look at and go “sheesh remember when we had to deal with that one? at least the trance women are gone now” i dare to dream

    (also i’m sure u can tell but Trance Women still cracks me up so much. thank you Jaden)

    As always thank you for your story. I can see this going in so many different ways and I’m excited to see what you do. I’m also like. Excited for moments we can take a break from this heavy plot and see cute fun fluffy times. I remember you said you planned there being a cook out at some point? LET RILEY AND JADEN GET TO KNOW EACH OTHER AND HAVING PRECIOUS MOMENTS! I’m so excited for that kind of thing too.

    It’s been many years since I liked a webcomic so much. heck maybe this is my fav webcomic I ever read period lol

    1. Oh man you got me, this is exactly why this confrontation is happening now! Originally, Riley wasn’t going to have such a strong reaction, and it was going to be a much slower build to what you can imagine the inevitable fallout will be – but I decided that it would be more compelling to read to amp up the tension.

      You’ve totally got Blaire spot on too, oh man! Your reading of her character is just. So spot on! I’m legit really impressed and love it so much. It gives me a lot of confidence that I’m giving enough set up and clues so far!

      You can expect her to have a very rude awakening re: her loyalty and what it truly amounts to, as WELL as her agreeing with gender critical thought as long as it’s obscured with the right words.

      I absolutely adore the imagery of LB being something anywhere close to the memorobelia on Ruth’s wall. I often think about that, and how it will read in a context post-trans nonesense. I’m optomistically hopeful LB will be like a M*A*S*H situation, where the fiction lasted longer than the actual event it’s commenting on.

      I love that people love ‘trance women’ – amazingly it was originally just a censorship thing to keep my pages from getting removed from Tumblr. Both any mention of ‘trans’ and trans flag visuals have been removed from the tumblr version. And when making the page that Jaden mentions them, I thought it would be really funny to keep it for the actual version as a way to show that trans nonesense is like, the last on the tier of importance for Jaden, lmao.

      Thank YOU for your lovely, lon and thoughtful comments. I enjoy reading them with my wife whenever they come in, and they truly help keep me motivated <3 There is a camping trip, a house warming party (With a murder mystery theme~), and even a wedding to look forward to – definitely lots of fluffy happy stuff to come!

      Thank you again <333

  3. ReadingComprehensionWho

    How many hours of you life have you spent illustrating these poorly written and /tedious/ conversations wedged between cartoonish Evil Tr*nny fanfiction? It took you six chapters to get through four scenes.

    1. Pick one: either you hate when criticisms of trans stuff are present, or you hate it when the attention isn’t on trans stuff. You can’t have both.

  4. Wow thank you so much for this..I just stopped by because just a few minutes ago i was feeling really down bc of the”transwomen are the same as women, they experience sexism and harassment the same as ciswomen, femininity is materially imposed on them just as it is for ciswomen, TERF ideology is inconsistent and reactionary, transwomen are valid, etc etc” spiel. it just made me feel really bad and sad so i came here for encouragement and made me happy to see you’d updated it again. I hadn’t known about the latest update, so being able to read the new pages today was really soothing. So I just wanted to thank you for this webcomic. :’)

    It is so horrible that I feel like I cannot even acknowledge the material experience of my reality as a female body without paying due homage to males, in this case in the form of transwomen. It feels like not being allowed to say the entirety of what I feel and think, so that I don’t offend the males. It feels like hiding and submission. It just feels weirdly like a new iteration of me being forced to accommodate male bodies through–if not actual physical submission–incessant, constant lip service. The patriarchy forces women to not be honest. btw I am saying “a new iteration” because I grew up in an intensely conservative, fundamentalist and dogmatic christian sub-culture with very little contact to other beliefs, and the abuses of females inside that culture led me to walk away from it. i discovered feminism and lgbt+ acceptance and that helped me immensely but unfortunately i’ve found that the campus liberal feminists and academic queer theoreticians that once inspired me so much also diminish female experience and subordinate it to men through systematic silencing. i really feel like understanding radical feminism/embracing myself and my own personal experiences could be saving my life, anyway thank you for making this comic it is really helpful for me.
    (ps sorry for rambling.)

    (pps Also, I am sorry if this is a bad thing to say but I relate to an insanely high degree with you character Riley, the way she is reluctant to hurt anyone’s feelings and is very sensitive and easily confused/overwhelmed, her mannerisms and love for cats, too. I also look a lot like her, haha; it’s as if you’re drawing me! i don’t know if riley is meant to be autistic, but i relate to her a lot on that level too if she is and it makes me sympathize with her a lot for how difficult it is to navigate people’s conflicting messages and handle conflict as an autistic person. (i’m sorry if that’s offensive though, i just really like your characters!..also jaden is hot.))

    1. Please don’t apologize for rambling! I’m do flattered to hear that LB is soothing for you against all this gender/trans nonsense. It truly is an awful, isolating experience ?

      And I find your connection to Riley interesting! I know several readers who really relate to her but I’ve never had someone read her as autistic! It wasn’t intentional on my part so I don’t want to take credit for being ~woke~, but a lot of Riley’s mannerisms and character traits are based on my wife – who is autistic. So there you go! That’s not offensive at all to me.

      And yes agreed. Jaden is hot ?

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