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And they're off! Thank you for all the lovely messages over on tumblr about these new pages! See you again on December 1st!

7 thoughts on “CH7P2

  1. She should’ve held her waist. Smh.

    1. They did just meet eachother a day ago ? give it time!

  2. omg that last frame is to die for! I kinda want it as a phone wallpaper tbh.

    thank you for keeping this comic running and i hope you settled into your new place ok.

    Can’t wait to see the rest. <3

    1. You’re more that welcome to use it as a wallpaper ! I’d be flattered ??

      We are well settled now too, Thank you!


  4. Riley is so cute in this omg

    1. Thank you! This chapter is all about cute comic relief tbh!

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