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Riley's hair will NOT be contained by a single headband >:(

Cannot tell you how many lesbians I know (myself included) who don't do dairy XD

This page was quite a doozy. I remember all the way back when I was still just writing scripts back in 2017 I was dreading drawing them in a grocery store. I'm really happy with how it turned out tho! Hope you're all having a safe, stress-free holiday season <3

10 thoughts on “CH7P8

  1. Butch in Silent Hill

    Almond ftw! I love when grocery stores are in comics/shows and I love how yours came out!

    1. Bah, you’re blocked for liking almond milk >:/
      Thank you though! Very happy with it πŸ˜€

  2. I just read everything up to here in two days, this is amazing. Also, soy for life.

    1. Welcome aboard, and thank you so much for reading <3
      Completely agree, love me some soy!

  3. The colors are great, but I would suggest a more subtle blush for Riley. Since darker skin is harder to blush through and all
    AAh I just noticed the hands, I love that you took the time to add such detail

    1. I’m very confused about your comment on Rileys blush…? Rileys not blushing on this page, and she doesn’t have dark skin at all?

      Unless you meant Jaden.. in the header image? I did try my best to match her skin tone with the blush while still making it cartoonishly visible. I think any more subtle and it wouldn’t really show up. It’s meant to be a little exaggerated much like Rileys.

      I did think I was over due to make Jadens palms (and soles) more accurate tho!

  4. There’s some serious chemistry and tension in that last panel ??? I love it

  5. Are she okay to smile?yo know, her lip and stuff. or it healed or smth?

    1. Smiling definitely still hurts for her (Its literally the same day). But Jaden did say she couldn’t really help it in the last chapter. ” Its a losing battle” trying not to smile so she’d just deal. That’s why she’s getting paw paw cream. To make it feel easier on her lip.

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