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Jaden to the rescue!!


Riley: God I wish we could be having any other conversation

Mrs Hazel: hey


6 thoughts on “CH8P10

  1. Oh no, she’s crying! My heart!!

    Poor Riley, the poor woman has been going through so much stress these last few pages.

    1. There’s only so much stress one small lesbian can take ?

  2. riley baby!!! don’t cry, it’ll make me cry ;-;

    1. ????

  3. THE COLORS ON THIS PAGE!! <3 The expressions are really nice, too! Also, the panel where Jaden is carrying the cat stuff looks so good! The way it flows from one panel of Blaire looking at Jaden into the next panel of Jaden looking back, allowing the readers to see each character's expression facing us while still giving the sense they are facing each other instead of the audience was SO good!!!

    1. Thank you!!
      This page was a real big headache to plan out but I’m really happy with how it turned out.

      It’s great to hear such positive feedback. I really wish I could look at the pages for the first time the same way readers do ?

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