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This a game my brother and I came up with one school holidays, in an attempt to share the joys of Mario Party with our mother, without her having to navigate the N64 controller, lmao.
It never quite came to fruition but I I still think about it from time to time. Seemed like a fun thing to bring to life in LB. Really proud of the fourth panel of this page in particular! :D

6 thoughts on “CH8P9

  1. the third panel with jaden and blaire circling around riley looks like foreshadowing for something bigger than a party game i feel anxious for riley already rip

    1. Riley’s imagination really ran away with her ?? love your sense of suspicion!

  2. On board with the previous comment, I am also anxious for what’s to happen. And, well, from the title of the chapter, I am still tense for the storm to come

  3. The little drawings of the characters on the top as the game is explained are so cute!

    I also love that center panel where they’re sitting on the couch. The angle on it and the characters is really interesting and highlights Riley looking down and hiding her expression from the audience, giving us the sense that she’s also hiding a lot from the other characters as well.

    Then the bottom two panels from Riley looking over at Jaden, then looking over at Blaire gives the sense that she’s feeling anxious between the two of them, looking to her right and left. I get the sense wants to please them both and she wants everyone to get along, but she feels powerless to do anything about it. “I’d hate to ruin the fun.” She is scared!! And the last panel on the page really highlights that!

    1. The three of them on the couch is my absolute favourite part of this page and I’m so proud of how it turned out! I thought it was really important to have all three of them in the same panel to show the true contrast of their comfort levels/reactions to the conversation.

      And like you said, yeah! I wanted Riley to come across as very torn and kinda stuck between Jaden and Blaire.

      Thank you!! Loving your analysis.

  4. Idk why but I think jaden and blaire would make really fun rivals in a light hearted/friendly way from this. Like I want to see them get playfully competitive over monopoly lol

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