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The ol' fake it till you make it strategy. What could possibly go wrong :D

3 thoughts on “CH8P14

  1. riley’s freckley arms make me happy hehe πŸ™‚ tbh, this whole comic makes me happy ☺️

  2. I love the way you write Riley! When first reading the comic, I immediate got an sense of what she was like based on body language and the way she spoke in that hesitant, cautious, but kind way. It’s like she’s constantly scared of inconveniencing anyone in the slightest. When she kept Muddles a secret from her landlord and didn’t mention her even when she had several chances to, I got the impression she was someone who was an avoidant person. Then I found out she’d rather be homeless with Muddles than be separated from her. I like how Riley was upset about Blaire and Jaden offering to lie about Muddles. “Fix one lie with another lie?”

    As someone who thinks honesty is the best policy, I felt for Riley here! She knows Blaire and Jaden are just trying to help and they have good intentions, but she doesn’t want to lie! That was a good character moment.

    1. Absolutely living for your commentary omg!! Yes!! Very glad Rileys character is coming across strong ? it’s all going somewhere I promise ?

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