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We may just make it out here without Blaire asking anyone for their pronouns, ladies! lets hope

8 thoughts on “CH9P13

  1. Haha you really got the old-lady-ness of Nana down well! That’s something my grandma’s would absolutely say

    1. Thank you! It is exactly what my grandmother said when she was looking through my art ?

  2. Ohhh? Why does Jaden’s mom look uncertain at first? Her “Hello..” seems stiff. She seems to warm up to Riley after being introduced, so it makes me wonder if she’s seen Blaire somewhere or knows about her somehow???

    Is her womanly intuition tingling? Is she studying Blaire and Riley because she’s thinking, “Jaden’s last girlfriend possibly influenced her to drop out of medical school. Are either of these girls going to be a bad influence on my baby, too???”
    The possibilities…!

    1. Always love seeing your theories! I was more just going for Josephine adjusting to two people she doesn’t know interrupting a rather tense situation/argument. So she’s getting her bearings ?

      1. That makes sense! I’m glad you like my theories! I love reading your comic!

  3. Ooooh!!! I can’t wait for the next update! Take care of yourselves!

    1. Thank you, will do!

  4. The comic is amazing. If you ever decide to release a printed version (via a Kickstarter campaign, perhaps?), I will definitely order a copy or two.

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