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Some sage closing words from Nana - until next time she appears!

20 thoughts on “CH9P14

  1. The contrast between how Jaden’s mom treats her vs. Jacob, who seems to be naturally gifted while she has to work so hard but still her mom doesn’t value her accomplishments, owww. At least Nana is fully supportive ?

    1. Oh man you’re eyes are wide open,loving these observations! ??

      Nana is holding it together honestly.

      1. Oh I didn’t catch that!! That’s a good observation and now I can’t unsee it! The way she beams at her son while Jaden is upset and being comforted by Nana! So much emotion! So much is going on! I love it!

  2. aaah jaden!! i want to give her a hug ? also love nana’s closing words! such an icon

    1. Jaden is long overdue for one I’d say!
      And Nana’s wisdom are something we could all stand to take on board ?

  3. I love elderly women for things like this.

    1. They know what they’re on about!

  4. Oouuuuch, I really relate to Jaden here. I was the oldest kid and wasn’t much good at anything tbh, but my siblings were uber talented with sports and music very early on. It’s funny how to the wayside a (well-meaning) parent can make us feel.

  5. Old ladies are often a unique mix of sweetness and no time for nonsense and you nail it right on

  6. hi! i read this in one setting because i couldn’t stop haha so i couldn’t comment on pages separately, but i love the characters and your work with light and the clever little details you incorporate plus i mean, it’s so rare for lesbian comics to let women have hair, let alone talk about the pressure of trans being pushed on lesbians and the male invaders in our spaces but like the fact riley doesn’t have to be the most thin ever is very nice to me as a fat woman and makes me really happy. i can’t wait to follow this comic ? i’m frm bc i think jayden and riley are sooo cute and would be an adorable and ultra healthy couple but i don’t hate blaire either.

    1. That’s such a huge compliment-thank you! I think LB reads best in one sitting haha!

      Lease Bound largely came about because I’d couldn’t find lesbian stories I wanted to read. It makes me so happy it resonates with so many women ?

  7. is there a list or some way we can sign up to be notified of updates? i’m kind of forgetful and i only reslly use twitter regularly but i’d like to read updates while they come out πŸ™‚

    1. You’re so sweet thank you!
      I’ve never been able to work twitter out – but I have added a sign up notification directly for the website. Thanks so much for bringing it to my attention it’s something I’ve been meaning to implement.

  8. hahahaha I love nana so much! I just discovered your work yesterday, and I’ve been bingeing it since. I love your artwork and your color palettes! It’s so refreshing to read a lesbian story that addresses the pressures of gender ideology. Thank you for creating this!

    1. Thank YOU so much for taking the time to read it. Love love love how quickly everyone’s warmed to Nana πŸ₯°

  9. Nana is my queen and I will die protect her

    1. welcome to the Nana fan-club <3

  10. I am also in the Nana Lover Club she may be my actual favorite lol

    1. the biggest LB fanclub, I swear!

  11. older daughter syndrome

    I feel for Jaden re: being the older sister πŸ’€

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