The end of chapter is dedicated to eldest daughters specifically </3 U_U
(one more page to go!!)

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  1. Eldest daughters that shoulder the burden of broken dreams, disorder eating, emotional healing, holding a family together, striving for perfection to be noticed, neglecting their own needs and wants to serve the family, deserve better. Eldest daughters deserve better in a society that tries to hold them back, in families that hold them back, unfair standards and unfair lives.

    Love your comic sweety and hope to finish my fanart soon

    1. Story of my life. My younger brother was always encouraged to go for his dreams. I was browbeaten into becoming first a nurse’s aide and then a nurse because my mother had been a nurse. My family had very narrow ideas about the sorts of professions that were “appropriate” for girls. I hated working in healthcare and eventually ruined my own health by taking care of everyone else and never myself.

  2. Sudden deep feeling that the hat belonged to… someone else before Jaden… ?

  3. Idk if I’m gonna phrase this right, but I appreciate how much Blaire isn’t a caricature. She’s not a ‘mean girl’ and she isn’t stupid – she’s kind and funny and genuinely altruistic, even if that altruism is misplaced at times. You do a fantastic job of humanizing your characters!

    1. thank you so much, that’s a huge compliment! I figure it hurts much more to think about the relationship going south if readers care about Blaire. Even if she has her annoying qualities, I wanted to be sure to not just make her into an ‘obviously going to be the ex-girlfriend’ trope.

  4. Wait is that Jaden’s dad’s old hat?

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