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Now returning you to the #accidental child acquisition plot-line, already in progress!

9 thoughts on “CH9P3

  1. I really want to be mad at you for leaving us on that cliffhanger, but that ferret is too cute and it’s really ruining the anger. Well-played.

    Jokes aside, your style has improved so much since you started, it’s incredible and I hope you’re super proud of yourself!

    1. Phew, saved by the ferret, this time!
      And thank you so much, I definitely am, I love looking back on my old pages and realizing how far I’ve come!

  2. Poor wee lad :'( This page is so cute, though <3

    1. thank you! Some cuteness before more anxiety!

  3. aaah poor baby!! jaden continues to be the best though ?

    1. She truly does <33

  4. You drew the facial expressions so well on this page! I feel the fear and distress in that poor kid’s face! #SAVETYLER

    1. ahhh thank you <33333 Drawing children is more difficult than I remembered!

  5. You’ve drawn both this lost child and ferret very cute I want to hug them both ;o;
    Tho I also wanna know WHAT this kid’s dads are taking to give them the energy to raise a child AND have a pet ferret, two earthlings known for having the hyperactivity levels of crack heads lol

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