We interrupt your regularly scheduled #accidental child acquisition to bring you an update on how Riley's doin'.

18 thoughts on “CH9P2

  1. Oh no…. however, I’ve never been more keen for the next update! I’ve never been able to get into webcomics or really comics at all. But your work makes me think I just never found the right one until now. Keep up the amazing work!

    1. This is such a huge compliment thank you!! I hope LB continues to be the exception for you ??

  2. Omg, comments that cause physical pain ? Like? Under any circumstances, that’s just inappropriate to ask about someone! And yet!! Gender fans do this all the time.

    1. Amazingly they’ve been headcannoning Jaden as trans for years ?

  3. Blaire my sweet… idk if you heard… but women are allowed to wear pants now.

    1. Hmmm sounds suspiciously terfy ???

  4. This page is so colorful and charming! I like how the items on the shelves say “Product”, “Buy”, or just blatantly name what it is like “Ball” haha!

    Is there a reason the store is named “Jo Blo’s”? I feel like there might be a hidden joke in the name. I googled the name and Jo Blo’s is apparently a restaurant in Canada!
    Also, I’m just now realizing that if Riley and Blaire’s relationship starts to get rocky, it’ll affect Riley’s job at the store. Multiple parts of her life would become more difficult! I feel for the position she’s in. πŸ™

    1. Thank you so much, I’m really happy with it! It took some.fiddling to get a handle on but I’m very happy with the result. The background product names are always fun.

      As for Jo-Blos it’s sort of like Joe-Schmo. Your everyguy. Didn’t know it was an actual thing IRL ? the more you know! Someone actually showed me that BRAND is a real brand too!

      And yes Rileys relationship has tangled it’s way into several parts of her life ???

  5. fjjdjd that last line on this page made me do a double take! can’t wait to see what poor riley’s response is to that ?

    1. Riley really cannot catch a break can she ?

  6. (Nicki Minaj β€˜only’ plays in the background)

  7. it’s rude to gossip about people’s private business in a public place like this while also at work, gender nonsense aside. blaire’s lack of boundaries is her worst quality

    1. You are absolutely right!

  8. First of all, a bit confused as to why the comments are showing posts from months in the future, but that’s besides the point! I’m just here because I was last here when we wrapped up the last chapter. But BLAIRE. NOT COOL. At the same time, though, I have to admit that I have also been guilty of speculating about the “gender” of people that I didn’t know or who I was related to back when I was a TRA. I’m so glad that I’ve moved past those restrictive thoughts. It wasn’t fair of me to be assuming things of other people like that, especially based just on looks or on the fact that maybe they liked using “men’s” scented products rather than women’s.

    1. Ah! The dates are in Australian time. We date things Day/Month/Year – which might explain why things are months in the future!
      And the main thing is that you recognize it was a shitty thing to do. Lots of us have come from being in the TRA gender sauce, and done things we now regret, best we can do is work to be better now and move on from it <3

  9. Jesus christ, I’ve been on the receiving end of those speculations so many times it physically hurt to read that. Blaiiiire nooo

    1. Blaire yes >:3

  10. what the fck kind of question ohhhh blaire don’t piss me off


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