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Indeed Jaden is not your father, small mystery child! EDIT: Thank you every gyn who drew this comparison and also introduced me to this vine.

12 thoughts on “CH9P1

  1. *tap tap tap tap tap* โ€œdaddy?โ€, โ€œdo I look like?!โ€

  2. Jadenสนs bewilderment is so cute!!! My poor heart

  3. (Stares at Jadenโ€™s biceps) I am looking respectively…

    1. Lesbians have my permission to look disrespectfully ๐Ÿ˜š

  4. Please find this poor child’s father! I feel so bad for em!

    1. He’s gonna be alright, not to worry!

      1. is this a boy?

        1. nice, i like when characters are gnc

  5. first of all i love this comic so much you have no idea!! secondly, i loveeee the way jaden’s drawn here. hairy women <3333333

  6. But WHAT is Jaden listening to is the real question (along with Who Is This Child)

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