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Bonus Mini 1 – Big Sisters

Ruth said: I will NOT be the one to introduce this child to Catholicism.


Congratulations to the 99 voters (as of posting this) who chose Faith, hope you enjoy her pre-cutting cutting her hair to look like Jaden look.

Also! To those of you (59 as of posting) who voted for Gendie Shenanigans, those mini comics have already been made, the votes are just about deciding the order they come out for a bit of fun. I've left next Monday's poll in the comments below - this is fun XD <3


33 thoughts on “Bonus Mini 1 – Big Sisters

  1. For Next Week’s Mini Comic:
    Would you like to see “Chore Chart”(😊) or “Neighbourly Nuisance” (😁)?

  2. LMFAO i thought something similar to ruth, hahaha. Where did she get calling everyone sister from??

    1. Because she sees them as her big sisters;_;

  3. I love this little faith bit with all the women around her but like…What’s going on with parniya over there? Sis looks depleted 😭😭 She needs a good meal and a nap.

    1. Parniyas biggest fan

      I volunteer to fix her food βœ‹

    2. I was experimenting with translating her sleepy eyes to dot form 😭😭

  4. I love this kid so much. She’s so lucky to grow up around these cool women!

    But yes, aunt is a lot better. Talking about sisterhood is great but calling individual women “sister [name]” really does make me shudder from religion memories.

    1. Completely fair 🀣
      Please forgive Faith, she knows nothing of religion (despite her name 🀣).

      1. Nothing to forgive! She may not know of religion but she’s still a little angel.

        Also, obligatory “god I wish that were me”.

  5. I’m DYING for Ruth backstory…

    1. You’ll have to make do with little titbits I’m afraid πŸ˜”πŸ˜”

      1. I totally get it. LB isn’t Ruth’s story! But if you ever wanted to write a lesbian nun prequel, I’d be so here for it. Could call it Habit Forming… Maybe I’ll write the fanfic XD

        1. I’d be so keen to read a fanfic about a Ruth spin-off backstory!! Couldn’t encourage it more.

          The amount of detail I’d need to get her backstory satisfyingly accurate to the time she lived is just way too daunting a task for myself tbh. Outside of some very clear snapshots scenes of her past, and more stuff related to her late wife and building Yonique, I don’t have a lot fleshed out in detail for Ruth. So go nuts!

    2. same, she’s such an interesting character!

    3. in case you haven't seen these...

      There’s a little bit in these ‘Ask the Cast’ mini-inserts, (the Chapter 6 one speaks volumes in a few images and is very sweet; you even get to see her smile):

      1. Yes! I’ve read those and loved them. Definitely makes me want more from Ruth’s nun backstory!

  6. Me 🀝 Ruth: Protect the baby from catholicism at all costs

    1. πŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺ

  7. Parniyas biggest fan


    1. You’ve been deprived for so long, I’m so sorry queen. She’ll be showing up more mini comics tho 🩷🩷

      1. Parniyas biggest fan


  8. I got so excited after a sleepless night when I realised it’s now Thursday and we have a new page! Faith is adorbs πŸ’– so so glad she has so many cool sisters (or aunts)! Love her lil hat πŸ₯° I imagine it was handmade by someone from Yonique

    1. Awww that makes me so happy to read! Hope you got some catchup sleep since tho <3

      Re: Faith's hat, it's actually the same one she's wearing in Ch11. It's meant to merchandise of her favourite character Klein from the her favourite videogame HeartBeat.
        It was definitely a gift from someone at Yonique tho!

  9. When you’re in Canada it’s like a miracle to get a comic early.

    Goddess I love Ruth so much.

    1. πŸ₯°πŸ₯°

  10. Ari’s swag… hmm

    1. Thank you for your input Miss Horse Blaire

  11. Ari looks so chill, definitely the kind of woman I’d have some beers with and chill 😎 love a lady with a mullet

    1. A MULLET?!?!?!
      Ari.. assigned mullet at comment section 😭😭😭

  12. No one is safe from Faith’s powerful psychic attacks it seems lol

  13. JaneClareJonesIsGod

    hi, I didn’t intend any harm with my comment. I’m a long time fan of the comic and I was making a joke about faith biting a shoe because you talked about how you did that as a child on a video or livestream on YouTube and I thought it was a hilarious story. maybe it just wasn’t funny when I brought it up. didn’t mean to offend you. or if my comment wasn’t posted for some other reason please ignore this. peace and always looking forward to your new work.

    1. Heyo! Definitely not offended I love telling that story XD, but I don’t recall seeing a comment about Faith biting a shoe either x-x.

      I have very strong spam filters running on the comment section and sometimes even genuine comments get flagged by it. I did check my spam folders, but I can’t find another comment from you πŸ™

      1. JaneClareJonesIsGod

        thanks for taking the time to reply! looks like the comment just got lost somewhere, don’t mind me πŸ˜…
        keep being awesome 😎

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