Can't believe Violet can't see all the signs of clearly dormant gender in her daughter who likes to dress practically, smh 😀😀!!


That is a wrap on Chapter 11 though ladies, thank you SO much for being so engaged and leaving so many hilarious, thoughtful and kind comments. It's been an incredible boost to my morale and made me more motivated than ever to keep putting out LB.

Chapter 12 is in the works, but while I work on it I've got some extra/bonus mini comics coming your way to fill the space in the mean time. They'll be coming out as per the usual schedule, weekly on a Monday + one bonus page on the first Thursday of the month. So I'll see you all on the 6th of July!

70 thoughts on “CH11P32

  1. Congratulations to the Blue Dress Voters!
    In the same spirit, here’s another poll regarding the mini-comics to come.

    Would you like to see more Faith (😎) or more Gendie Shenanigans (πŸ€ͺ) on Thursday?

    1. Gendie shenanigans as in TMJ <:3c

    2. Oh yes, the choice between my favourite fictional goddaughter and another round of psychic damage. Gonna pick Faith on that one, chief. X’D

  2. Parniyas biggest fan

    And that was Blaire! We love to hate her <3 and OF COURSE she has pamphlets on standby, she keeps them in her purse because if she kept them in her pockets that'd make her a man 😝

    I can't with this woman she's so funny in a gendie way lmao, I hope people can understand my sarcasm, I got a few emojis that gave me a bit of the spook last page around 😳

    1. Blaire is always prepared when gender is concerned 😎😎 (why jaden threw her off so much by not understanding her pronoun question)

    Blaire, please, touching grass isn’t enough. She needs to go and live in a pond until she learns how to be normal.

    1. Maybe if she blended the grass into a smoothie and drank it πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€”

  4. VIOLET MOTHER OF THE YEAR! I applaud her for prioritising getting Faith home and not going awf on Blaire the turbo handmaiden. I love how she clearly asserted that Faith is a girl and her interests are perfectly normal, I really love Blaire as an antagonist but dear lord if I knew her in person it would be a much different story lmao

    1. I agree, Blaire is only enjoyable in fiction. Love Turbo-Handmaiden 🀣🀣

  5. So Violet isn’t a normie like Jaden and now knows Blaire is a gendie. She and Riley both know and are on opposite sides of confrontation with her. I wonder if Violet will be the one to call Riley out on her fence-sitting when the time comes, grabbing my popcorn πŸ˜‹

    Also there is a typo in the last sentence, the *with should be *will

    1. (Thanks for the typo heads up!)

      And yes, I’m very much looking forward to bringing in some genuinely gender critical characters. Jaden has been holding the gender front lines back on norminess alone, but she deserves reinforcements 😀😀


  7. Grrr… Blaire pushing medically assisted self-harm; grooooommerrrr… >:V

  8. Gender shenanigans! I wanna see more Brick!

    And good on Violet to do right by Faith. Standing by her girl!

  9. Didn’t I call this shit??? Didn’t I CALL THIS SHIT? Ms Clicker for the win once more!!

    Aight, so now we know that Violet knows and handles it like a champ. Also, Blaire continues to be as dense and well intentioned and brainwashed as usual. Don’t forget people, she thinks neutral pronouns are a helping hand in the right path and that puberty blockers are healthcare. There’s no dealing with a snake where there isn’t one, and Blaire still things herself to be the ally of LGBTQI2A++.

    Any confrontation isn’t going to make her think, it’s just going to kick her US vs THEM switch mentality and put her on the offensive/defensive. The same way you see her as prejudiced groomer; she too sees you as such when you deny s young child the opportunity to “”choose their body””.

    1. You just keep winning, queen

      1. Now that I have your attention though Rusty. May I, as a black woman, give you some advice on the next Violet-Blaire interaction?

        1. I’m all ears!

        2. …She should call her a cracker 😈

        3. LMFAOOO πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  10. DasFeministMermaid

    Violet is so classy! Efficient, priorities straight. ❀️
    Also, omg, Blaire keeps getting worse and worse.

    1. She simply will not be accepting any gender she is served up, not now, not ever ✌️

  11. VIOLET LOL i guess blaire isn’t as bad as some of the worst tras i’ve seen, a lot of them would take that as β€œTERFy passive aggression” πŸ˜‚ But Violet got tf up out of there while p much blowing off Blaire, hahahahaha. Good for you queen πŸ‘‘

  12. Violet handled that a lot more gracefully that I have in the past, hats off to her. Sadly the message she’s sending isn’t the one Blaire is receiving – though her response makes me wonder whether she thinks Violet just didn’t get it?

    If she understood that Violet just said “NO THANK YOU” to her ideology, she probably would be thinking of how to get Faith out of her “transphobic household” instead of trying to “help” Violet by drowning her in pharma pamphlets.

    Either way I’m pretty sure Violet can handle whatever Blaire throws at her, though. As can Faith, judging by the last couple pages!

    Only somewhat related: I really could see her reacting the way my mum did if Faith ever does identify as anything.

    “What do you think a girl is?” and then “I don’t wear makeup either, am I also not a woman then?” sure ended my teenaged attempt at nonbinary-ness in roughly three days, because I simply did not have an answer to that.

    1. Did you see my mask reply two pages back btw, Rusty? Not trying to push, just because you were looking for input. πŸ™‚

      1. Just replied 😎

    2. Wow, your mum sounds awesome!! I’m so glad she raised that line of questioning to you!

      And yeah! Blaire just thinks Violet doesn’t know about trans stuff and hasn’t recognised the signs that Faith is trans. That’s what she was tryna start a discussion about re: “but they’re not passionate about dresses and skirts, huh?”

  13. It seems Faith goth her Sudden Serious Shocked Zoomed In Face from her mother god bless. Violet a pro of Dodging That Bullshit 😊

  14. I also vote for more Faith! Look at her sleeping face she’s so adorable 😭 I wanna see her having a normal one! I know Violet would have more tact, but I’m imagining Faith waking up tomorrow with Violet giving a serious sit down conversation on The Dangers of Gender ala DARE anti-drug psas lol. Hell more Violet would also be amazing!

    1. God I can see that 🀣🀣
      Now sweetie, there’s stranger danger and then there’s gender stranger danger.

  15. GO OFF, VIOLET. Rusty, please, I’m begging you to leave Faith alone 😭

    1. She is soooo safe :3

  16. Okay so, I had to check the last panel, Blaire doesn’t have a bag and those shorts pockets do not look big enough for the pamphlet library she has.

    So my working theory is that she literally, and metaphorically, pulled them from her ass.

    1. A true soldier in the gender war must be ready to proselytise at a moments notice 😀😀

  17. I knew Blaire would take the answer as “oh no, she’s a terf” than “she’s right, she’s a girl and that’s ok”. Just smh.

    But Violet’s combo breaker was amazing, I guess is not the first time she had got comments about Faith being too tomboy-ish or “not girly enough”, even not from TRAs. Just let kids have fun and have hobbies, no anything has to be gendered!

    1. I don’t think she’s been put into the terf box yet, I suspect she thinks she’s like…in denial of her daughter’s transness or something like that. But yeah, I agree that this is definetly not her first time with the: “YOUR GIRL IS NOT NORMAL HAVE YOU NOTICED? πŸ™‚ “

      1. Ding ding ding! Miss Clicker is correct again.

        Blaire has not suspected Violet of ~tervery~, but thinks she’s unaware of the “signs of being trans” that Faith is “exhibiting”.

        1. Oh I know Blaire is not the kind of girl that scream “terf” at anybody (like probably the gendie band would), but you’re right on being “worried” that Violet doesn’t seem to worry that Faith is an egg.

  18. I’ve been reading this comic for a long time now, but I’ve never really commented before. Mostly I forget about it for months at a time and then binge the whole thing in one go once I remember it exists.

    Your art has improved so much over the years! And I’m so excited that we have gotten to meet so many of the characters by now. You really got me with this one, I was genuinely worried things might escalate in this situation… although looking back it’s obvious that it wouldn’t, because that would take too much tension out of the housewarming party.

    Blaire’s reaction at the end here…. oh, how I wish that girl would turn her brain on every once in a while. She causes me so so much anxiety, mostly because I know she won’t listen easily to anything reasonable anyone has to say but I so badly want her to peak…

    I’m not much of a Blaire apologist, but ever since we found out that Mister Babygirl is kind of fixated on Blaire I just can’t help but worry about her. She needs to get the hell out of dodge and she doesn’t even know

    1. Blaire is one of those TRAs who I’m simultaneously incredibly annoyed by and incredibly concerned for. Because she does do it out of what she views as good intentions.

      She genuinely cares about people and even though she’s very wrong she thinks what she’s doing is right and would make Jaden and Faith and Riley happier.

      And people like Mister Cox know that she’s doing it because she’s trying to be a good person and they take full advantage. And part of why I like to imagine Blaire eventually peaking before he can get his gross hands on her (after Blaire causes all of the chaos.

      I am above all, team chaos, I’m talking like in the 10 years later fic I’ll write when more happens and I learn to write) is because the opposite is just depressing.

    2. Welcome to the comic section – and thank you for your kind words πŸ₯°πŸ₯° it’s alwaysa treat to be reminded there are many women reading Lease Bound that I don’t know about.

      I think wherever anyone stands on the Blaire Redemption/Become Worse discussion, we ALL want her to get tf away from Mr. Babygirl πŸ˜…πŸ˜…

  19. I love how Violet reminds me more and more of my best friend who’s had to field similar nonsense about her daughters (she has twins who just turned 9) and explain that no, her kids are girls, they just like to wear clothes they can move around and play and get dirty in, and keep their hair short or at least out of the way, because they’re human beings not dolls. (Also almost word for word what Violet said about buying clothes and avoiding makeup and razors lmao). I might actually show her this comic at some point.

    1. Dang! Your friend sounds awesome!! It must be a nightmare raising children with all the gender shit going around.

  20. Hah, great page! I’ve done the exact same thing as Violet several times with my poor gf, short hair and loose t shirts (and lesbianism ig) gets her aggressively theythemmed even after a very clear introduction :l

    1. Thank you!
      You sound like an awesome girlfriend and I’m glad she’s got someone there to stick up for her. What a pain in the ass tho :///

  21. Blaire is genuinely so repulsive in this moment. 🀒 Not the genderbread person and PUBERTY BLOCKERS pamphlets, omg.

    1. ** Puberty Blocker Benefits :333

  22. This is not gonna end well… :O

  23. Great to hear Violet defuse this situation very quickly and without it affecting Faith! And oh God BLAIRE. What the heck. I hope all the pamphlets will be burned.

  24. “So Faith can choose what kind of body [she] wants” sexism aside, that’s such a weird way to think lol.

    Makes it sound like people are videogame characters whose bodies are avatars that can be fully customized, like you can literally pick out any kind of body you want like in character creation screen, with no consequences.

    Ties in nicely with that belief that puberty blockers are 100% safe and reversible. Idk if I’m making sense but yeah

    1. Don’t doubt yourself, breastie. You’re making complete sense!

      You hit the nail on the head even. This is exactly what Blaire has been told about puberty blockers.

      That “trans kids” need them so they don’t have to go through a puberty they don’t want. Gender affirming care so they don’t die at 35 (πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„).

      And if they change their minds they can totally reverse the damages I mean harmless changes!.

  25. This wasn’t an option in the poll but I miss Parniya and Shez. Also I’d possibly die for an Ari mini comic.

    I love Violet! Also Blaire’s huge Bambi eyes while holding those gross pamphlets are so cute, truly an exercise in contrasts.

    1. What if I told you Shez, Parniya AND Ari feature in the Faith mini-comic? πŸ’ͺ😎

      1. Then I run immediately to vote for the no brainer option!!!! Faith supremacy forever!!!!

        1. faster than a speeding bullet~

  26. dunno why i havent commented until now. would both love and hate a world where violet has shorter hair. she’d be hot but most likely they/them’d in this scene as well 😞
    (regarding the poll btw, i assume we’re still getting a gendie mini-comic AFTER the faith stuff/its about which we want first? need to know whether i should brace myself haha)

    1. I got you covered on what-if short haired violet right here. I did a whole bunch of hair-cut swapping among the LB ladies just for fun a couple years back <3

      And yes re: the poll. The mini comics have already been drawn up, so it's just a fun vote on which order they come out. You will absolutely have to brace yourself. All hands and feet inside the clowncar at all times, miss.

  27. I’m having a weird glitch (on both mobile and desktop) where I can only see comments after submitting a comment of my own. Any clue what’s up with that?

    1. I can only guess, but if you try using the navigation arrows to go back one page, then use them again to come back to this one, does it change the visibility of other comments?

      1. Well now the glitch has disappeared entirely (ie without me doing what you suggested, it’s just gone period) so idk

        1. Excellent! Maybe it heard us talking about it and decided to behave πŸ˜…

  28. hi, i’ve been reading this comic for a few days when i have time and i absolutely love it! it’s such a breath of fresh air to see comics with ACTUAL lesbians and gnc women.

    i’ve been avoiding shaving my legs/armpits for a while, and while it has helped steer me away from femininity, i’ve still been too self conscious to wear anything other than shirts with sleeves and pants/tights.

    but your comic, that shows body hair as such a normal thing that doesn’t get hidden, has helped me a lot in that. the other day, i was able to leave the house with a tank top and skirt, no leggings or tights required 😎 which probably isnt a huge deal to you lol but it was a big step for me. and its thanks to leasebound!!

    sorry if this comment is too long or weird, i just thought you should know the positive impact your work has had on someone. thank you so much for making this!!

    1. Your comment isn’t weird at all! Thank you so much for writing it πŸ₯°

      I wish I could give you a huge pat on the back for all your effort to stop shaving! It’s a hard habit to fight and you are putting in the hard yards.

      Focus on how far you’ve come. I’m sure a past version of yourself wouldn’t believe you can go out with your hair in tact- even if it is under shirts and pants at the moment. One day you will get to the point you don’t even think about it!

      It makes me so happy that Lease Bound could play a part in it someway. And I hope you continue to enjoy reading it πŸ₯°πŸ₯°

  29. Antiyourwokehomophobia2

    I don’t want this to happen at all but imagine the absolute angst and drama that would ensue if Blaire managed to influence faith into thinking she’s a trans boy. The anger from Violet. The confusion from Jaden because what’s going on? Riley caught in the completely awful middle. It’d be SO good, but I’d hate ever single second.

    1. 😈 .β€Ž .β€Ž .β€Ž πŸ‘€
      (Me looking at you)

  30. VIOLETtttt !!! i truly love her <333

  31. hi its the professional transgender back again, we do carry brochures on hormones around all the time, as well as a copy of paris is burning (on vcr). some reccomended but not mandatory accessorie are also a photo of estonia. guys did you know that they are going to legalizse gay marriage in estonia πŸ™‚

    1. Thank you for the info, Miss Girl. Blaire is not transgenner tho. Just an ally – unless… in your professional trans-pinion she is indeed also.. transgenner? :O.

      News about Estonia is fantastic. Hoping more Baltic countries follow suit with same-sex marriage legalisation πŸ₯°πŸ₯°

      1. sure shes trans. or cis. whatever. who care. i dont care for her much as a charactr so i’m not gonna devote my limited transgender time on earth to making up headcanons about her outside my scheduled “check this ass website” time.

        and YEAH the estonia nrews is great! im so fucking happy and hopeful <<<3333 yeah i hope more countries follow as well

        thought experiment. what if i said fuck it blaires a transgender girl now. whats your opinion. more hate?

        1. Trangenner time got a sensible chuckle outta me.

          More hate? Miss Girl we are being so silly rn. No hate.

          If you genuinely thought Blaire was a TIM – I assume that’s what you mean by “transgender girl” (one of my many gripes with the terminology, it seeks to obscure biosex) – then you wouldn’t be the first, so I wouldn’t feel surprised or anything.

          Even some earnest readers have assumed this.

          I’m always a little baffled at the idea when it comes from then in particular given the way I draw TIMs and male characters in general.

          Others ask why she hasn’t adopted she/they pronouns or some form of gender identity. But that more comes down to viewing her with a current-time lense, ya know. Cuz everyone and her mother is putting she/her in their profile.

          But LB is set in 2017 where that was less common. And as you’ve already pointing out, Blaire represents an ally who’s altruism is warped. She’s trying to be so “Helpful” while not actually regarding what others might want.

          This is only exacerbated by the the ideology she’s aligned herself having ever shifting goal-postd on what constitutes as bigotry and allyship.

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