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Moving out of home, and into her first apartment, doesn’t quite go as Jaden had expected it to.

*** Please bare with me one the older chapters, especially the prologue! These pages were drawn in mid-2017, so there's a bit of a quality discrepancy.Β  During the first two chapters I was also hand-drawing, and then scanning in my lineart, so. Yeah. Not the best quality, but equally as much heart!

44 thoughts on “PROLOGUE 1

  1. I think it looks great already! Don’t beat yourself up. πŸ˜‰

  2. I recently started reading! I’m all caught up but decided to comment on a lot of pages because I couldn’t stop thinking about some things. Sorry for commenting in backwards order haha! I still can’t get over how much you’ve improved in your art in such a short amount of time! I sent you a Tumblr anon about this, but I just had to say it again here.

    1. Please don’t apologize! It’s always exciting to find comments on the site. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed reading them ??

  3. Kill yourself you disgusting untalented piece of shit

  4. This looks cute! Im just starting out on it and excited to see where it goes πŸ™‚ love me some masc lesbians. Terven pride! <3

  5. Woman with the audacity to ask a boatload of stupid shit and she can't even read the webcomic. Definitely came from some other woman's callout post. Cannot think for herself.

    if you do read this here’s a argument against your arguments:
    – people can just go into any bathroom they want (although with some will consider this odd if you are or look like a guy)
    – but some trans people will avoid bathrooms because they are afraid of transphobes (if you don’t believe me i have pictures of trans ppl talking about it)
    – transgender/”transsexuals” (outdated term) have existed in ancient times such as the ganna priestesses who would castrate themselves and engage in homosexuality and dress in lavious feminine clothing (look it up if you don’t believe me) and a queen who was amab but insisted upon feminine pronouns and promised to make any doctor who could give her a sex change rich. As well as several ancient deities being patrons of trans people such as dionysus and the ancient greeks thinking that the gods just put trans people in the wrong body bc they were drunk.
    i will post more if you wish to listen and not be rude.

    1. Do you think lesbians have the capacity to like dick, yes or no?

  6. Brainless apparently lol (what else do you call someone who thinks a woman is a "feminized" man with soft skin and self-induced erectile dysfunction?)

    Straight to the point are we? Well, okay then.
    Sexuality is a weird concept, an odd concept.
    It is not visible nor tangible and you must trust people when they tell you about it because there is no material sexuality to look at and determine for yourself.
    Therefore, as i have said before, trans people have always existed and ingrained themselves into a society that didn’t want them, which means in the past trans pepple have both dated trans lesbians and lesbians, and there will always be trans and lesbian and trans lesbian couples. It is not the same as liking a man, many people who have sex with trans women have said trans women have a different “smell” (hormonally based), softer skin and often more feminized looks as well as non-functional penises, i.e unable to get it up since they have more estrogen than testostrone. There is an article about a straight man having sex with a trans women, exclusively woman attracted straight man, and how he describes it, that i read. He was clearly not attracted to other men based on his reaction to her genitals, but he still was attracted to her.

    1. Homophobic and a misogynist.
      Got it πŸ‘Œ

  7. Brainless apparently (lol) (stop it breastie you've already proved how fucking stupid you are!! We know!! We know!!)

    How is it misogynistic? If a lesbian wants to have a trans woman because they’ve been in a relationship and want to make the angle work it’s her choice. In fact, usually trans women don’t always trust their partner due to trans panic, although the risk is lesser with lesbians because they weren’t subject to toxic masculinity that often causes trans panic when a man assumes he’s gay for having sex with a trans woman. And it’s not homophobic if gay people choose to have sex with trans people as an experiment or to make each other happy intimately as bonding, which is often the goal during intercourse.

    1. Yes I’m sure you would be very happy if gay people had intercourse with the opposite sex. Your church thanks you for your service πŸ™πŸ™

  8. Aspiring Westboro Baptist Church Member

    Also if your wondering why we consider trans women are different than cis men when it comes to unsafeness and socialization
    it’s because toxic masculinity affects cis men more than it does post-transition trans women because they come out and often shed gender norms (aside from the few self-hating ones but gay people can be like that too see: “ex gays” and gay people who think it’s a lifestyle or a choice or encourage other gay people to “stop” being gay) because they don’t fit into them anyway being a trans woman and all, meaning they often adopt more liberal opinions and sympathize more with other queer people and other women.
    Generally, trans people tend to shed some of the toxic norms they were taught as kids because they know they’ll never fit now that they’ve transitioned because society will automatically deem them “different” than the norm.
    it is because we are fucking stupid homophobes who think gay people are attracted to stereotypes associated with their sex. I hope no gay people or women have the displeasure of being in my company until I recover from this brainrot. Pray for meπŸ₯ΊπŸ₯Ί

  9. Woman doesn't know what a woman is, what a homosexual is, and now admits she doesn't know what an atheist is. More at 11.

    I’m so atheist and i don’t even go to church i just ocassionally ask god for favors (that he never does for me πŸ™ )

  10. just turn the other cheek ( just walk into the ocean and don't come back until you can conduct yourself around gay people)

    Fine then, agnostic i guess. I don’t actively worship anyway and i don’t see myself as christian in the sense of consistant faith and trust in the powers that be. And i hate fundamentalists so idk why you’re calling me one (even if i was homophobic not all homophobes are religious)
    Either way, you haven’t rebutted any of my claims that many trans women with a partner just want to live their lives with said partner so why are you going out of your way to comment on their relationships when these “feminized men” who just want to live out their lives as women because they feel uncomfortable as men and often don’t try to put themselves in dangerous situations? They clearly often suffer for it (trans panic, queer smearing, being equated with gay men and being called slurs for being effeminate, partners being harrassed for supposed gayness) and they don’t want to be in situations where a trans panic could occur. Even if you don’t like their hair color, if you don’t like the “wrong” way they present, or the wrong sexuality they say they are, i see no reason to not just look the opposite way and let them continue as long as they aren’t bothering you and are dating someone else like that trans woman was with that dude and as many lesbian couples (whether or not you believe they are, once again, if they’re not dating you don’t look) are.

    1. What’s the difference between a feminine man with soft skin and erectile dysfunction and a trans”woman”?

  11. A civil [sic] person (homophobe)

    She[sic] believes herself[sic] to be a woman and presents as one but he doesn’t and is comfortable being a man and doesn’t suffer from gender dysphoria or a desire to be a woman.

    1. So which part of that makes him not a man?

  12. homophobic woman just keeps digging!

    Biologically, while you can’t change chromosomes, she[sic] can get surgery to alter herself[sic] willingly to be more feminine (although there are reasons not to, like if she[sic] can’t go into surgery for medical reasons or otherwise doesn’t want to despite having rejected anything male about her[sic] body and possible dysphoria from her[sic] decision) and will go through hoops socially to change her[sic] name, and become almost[sic] indistinguishable[sic] (depending on her finance (i’m pretty sure hrt is free in some areas) and whether she[sic] went through male puberty) from cis[sic] women and reject the maleness of her[sic] body.

    1. So you admit that his body is male, and the surgery he undergoes is to make him feminine, not female.
      What part makes him not a man tho?

  13. you really think people would just go on the internet and lie?.jpeg 🐰

    This is all a perfect feminine trans woman scenario, if we’re talking butches a masculine man once again wouldn’t feel consistently uncomfortable being a masculine man and their brain wouldn’t tell them something is wrong with them being a man unless of course they didn’t want to be one.
    Also as for the feminine man again a feminine man may take hrt while still wanting to be a man as a form of gender non-conformity (and some people blur the lines between gnc and transness deliberately as part of the way they present or are both at the same time)
    It depends on whether he’s doing it to become a woman or just to be more like the way he wants to look (although trans women also take it to look the way they want to look.)
    And even if these people were “wrong” most trans people are in avid support of gnc or are gnc and lgbt in general and partake in pride, so even if you thought they were “wrong” they aren’t really hurting anyone by existing a certain way even if they have consensual surgery and take pills that make them look different, since they just want to look a certain way.
    Also what about my statements is homophobic?
    Trans people can be gay too, they have since ancient times. Once again, the priestesses is an example (although i got the name of them wrong there’s a whole article on wikipedia about them) who used to willingly castrate themselves and pray to a patron god as women and preform homosexual acts on eachother (since back then the definition of celibate meant not dating not not screwing) and the modern and i believe ancient as well Aphrodite as a trans woman worship thing.

    1. What makes him not a man anymore tho?
      It’s a very simple question.

  14. fantastic reference for gendie thinking. thank you I will be putting your brainrot to use to shape the gendie characters uwu

    I answered. It’s that she’s serious (she can still joke about it, i mean serious like this is what she wants and she knows it) about transitioning and just wants to be a woman.
    Also the priestesses *were* trans and it’s been evidenced that the Gala who worshipped Inanna were trans and the Galli who worshipped the Greek gods were as well by historians.
    (Also: Doesn’t the whole castration and praying to female god as women thing sound a bit extreme for someone who is just a gnc man?)

    1. So a man is a woman because he believes he is and no man ever lies. Got it.

      Does this apply to height/weight/eye colour/ race/ ability/allergies too?
      Is attraction also based on the object of affection’s self-perception too?

  15. woman who thinks lesbians can like dick

    If you want proof[sic] here’s several articles about the history:
    And even if trans women are men, you seem to not argue when i point out a trans woman in that situation wouldn’t be doing anything wrong. Why keep focusing on why they’re not men when it wouldn’t matter because they mean no harm regardless and where the trans woman is happy and clearly better off with eased dysphoria and in a happy relationship.
    Like i said they are just trying to live their lives. they aren’t doing anything but existing like in all these articles where historical trans people are just living the life they want to live?

    1. You said lesbians can like dick because men who call themselves transwomen aren’t the same as men. Still waiting to hear how they aren’t men, breastie.
      Anytime you’re ready πŸ™‚

  16. How is this brainrot when i'm making good [sic] points could you at least listen

    It’s more about secondary sex characteristics that are considered desirable before someone even gets into another person’s pants. And no, nobody has ever seriously identified with a different race and while some claim to they are clearly still privileged and can stop their clown show at any time and are mocked by actual trans and queer people for being kinda stupid (oli london is an example). And unless you mean BID, where someone has a brain-body error and think a certain part should not be there. (which many trans people would sympathize with seeing as neither of us chose this distress.) then nobody has seriously identified with a disability they didn’t have.
    No transracial people have existed in history, either unlike trans people

    1. So there are secondary sex characteristics that dictate attraction, but primary ones like a penis are interchangeable between men and women and lesbians can like penis as long as the man it belongs to truly genuinely believes is a woman?

      What marker of disingenuine-ness are you using to determine every brave and stunning transrace and transabled person is faking?

      Follow up, is there a way we can use it to determine which men are faking being women to force their dicks on lesbians, and which men genuinely believe they’re women and also expect lesbians to suck their dicks?

  17. ⬇️Loser Speech Below⬇️

    Wow looking back at this thread it is painfully clear you lost arguments half way through and kept repeating the same argument over and over again without answering why your questions were so important and refused to justify your insults towards me because you had nothing to justify them with. I let you walk all over me to try to convince you to stop being stupid and now i realize i shouldn’t have been so lenient with your ass. So you put the l in lgb and are very sad for a grown woman, and clearly unable to back yourself with anything more than accusations, which once again, you refuse to back up when asked and even when you do refuse to acknowledge the proof of my counterargument. So, if you ever come at me again without insults to back up your stupid ideas, you’ll see who’s right.

  18. Waffling Woman Who Thinks Lesbians Can Like Dick Won't Get Off My Lawn

    Too afraid to fight because you know you’ll lose? C’mon, show the comments what a coward you are by hiding behind comment editing.

  19. Lesbian Hater Thinks She's Owed My Full Attention When She Unbashedly Believes Gay People Can Be Attracted To The Opposite Sex

    See terfs? She has no arguments. Honestly for someone who’s been a terf for 5 years you’dthink she’d have more arguments than just the ones she kept repeating. But i supposed nobody’s called her on her bluff of having facts and logic on her side. It’s a shame but kind of funny too that i was the one who she won’t come down from her editor seat to fight.
    Guess all those trans people you so cleverly replied to just didn’t want to deal with your nonsense.
    You’ve basically exposed yourself unless you chose to come fight again and bring new arguments.

  20. Just When You Think She Can't Keep Digging, Ladies!!

    Pff. I don’t think that. Lesbians and gay men have said that they can be attracted to trans people. Also, if they couldn’t, then why do so many terfs say that “butches” are ruining their body and becoming less attractive to them, could it be that them claiming they’re not women and using hrt to become more masculine (once again, scent, it seems odd but it might be important when you’re getting all up on your partner. as well as other masculinizations that go beyond what most butches on hrt do) is making you less attracted to them?

  21. Expected Assumption From Local Dumbass Who Thinks a Woman = Man with Errectile Dysfunction

    I’m assuming that you’re the puppy

  22. Woman Props Up New Strawmen To Argue With Herself About At Record Speeds

    Also why do so many terfs say trans men are ruining their bodies and becoming less attractive? Could it be that their masculization and saying that they’re a man are unattractive? hmm?

  23. This Is A One Clown Circus, Breastie

    How is it a strawman? There’s lots of evidence of terfs cimplaining about trans men not being sexually available to them. And i didn’t argue about it with myself so why would you say that? πŸ™‚

  24. πŸ€‘πŸ“£

    Ok then, insult me. That only proves my point that you don’t have any good arguments. If you did, you would’ve at least changed my name to one of your “clever” comments. Go get a life, bestie πŸ™‚ or you can expect many more people to comment like this on your shit because it’s clearly bullshit πŸ™‚ best wishes for your brainworms.

  25. πŸ’’πŸ€‘πŸ“£

    every time you insult me you clearly have nothing to say πŸ™‚
    also, hun, we can play this game until we die. just admit your wrong πŸ™‚ there’s no shame in it.
    maybe people will even forgive you if you’ll stop being such an asshole πŸ™‚
    With love, someone concerned about your brainworms πŸ™‚

    1. πŸ‘πŸ‘woolπŸ‘πŸ‘


  26. πŸ€‘πŸ˜­πŸ’©

    πŸ™‚ your insults are so cute and it’s silly you think theres anything funny about them

  27. Me when ppl think men can become women or lesbians can like dick:

    silly and funny you’re so silly and funny πŸ™‚ u were so funny for thinking of that so silly such a silly billy πŸ™‚

  28. Lol going from detailed, defined Jaden to teeny simple Jaden always give me a giggle.

    1. You’re in luck- I still do this frequently on current pages 🀣

  29. Hi I’m a happily married 34 lesbian – I’ve seen people mention β€˜lease bound’ but never knew exactly what it was until today. I’m so happy to begin reading your web comic! Thank you for having the heart & the guts to draw a hard line in the sand & create something centering US βš’β™‘

    1. Congratulations on the happy marriage! Wishing you and your wife many more years of marital bliss together πŸ₯°πŸ₯° thank you so much for your supportπŸ’–πŸ§‘πŸ’›πŸ’šπŸ’™πŸ’œ

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