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You better believe Sheepie heard everything πŸ‘€

9 thoughts on “CH10P52

  1. Please tell me they don’t get walked in on and Lex gets shipped away? πŸ™

    1. They’re at Jaden’s house (that’s why Sheepie is there). They’re not silly enough to get steamy at Alexis’ place after that confrontation with Maria, I promise <3

  2. I’m glad they won’t be walked in on. It’s like a cheap, easy way to make the characters feel shame and fear (as women and as lesbians) and put them through conflicts to move the plot along but it’s too predictable. That’s just how I feel, I’m sure there’s plenty of incidences of it being a good or sensible way for the story to proceed but personally I’m tired of things like that

    1. Yeah, I definitely meant this scene to be a sweet, tender moment. A small victory, and a bonding experience after going through something so tense.
      I feel like ‘walking in on someone’ works best in comedy, personally.

  3. man,too bad they aren’t still together πŸ™
    also thank goddess they’re at Jaden’s place /let’s say I know a certain comic that had that “parents accidentally found out” clichΓ© and boy was it cringey/

    1. I feel like it’s a very common trope, lol! So I don’t know which webcomic you’re referring to.

  4. awwww i love lex’s dream office! jaden continues to win the gf of the year award. i’m dreading when their relationship falls apart, they’re so cute!

  5. I’m referring to “blue is the warmest color”
    I mean I know people do stupid stuff more than often,but def not as stupid as that trope was executed there

    1. Oh I see. I haven’t read it myself but I’ll take your word on it. ❀

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