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And THAT is a wrap on Jaden's backstory, ladies!

Thank you all so, so much for reading this far, and thank you to the MVP of the site, breastie behemoth, hettie beloved, @arbustorum on tumblr <3. LB would not look the same without your patience, guidance and overall support. <3

Wishing you all a relaxing, safe holiday season and I'll catch you all in the New Year.

Chapter 11 will start dropping, January 2nd, so start looking!

6 thoughts on “CH10P62

  1. shez is so hot here ngl πŸ™ˆ happy holidays to u too, hope it goes well for you πŸ™Œ

    1. Thank you <333 Hope you've had a restful holiday as well <33

  2. Very excited for chapter 11!!

  3. Her eye is awesome

  4. I want to know so badly how Shez and Priyanka met and got together. Not sure if it’s somewhere on the new site but the sketch of Shez in climbing gear cracked me up so much.

    1. It sure is, gotcha covered bestie: she’s still right here.
      And Shez and Parniya’s meeting is absolutely planned and in the works <3

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