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This week's lineartist is: the absolutely darling Miss Sunny!

The thumbnail I gave her: [here]

My favourite thing about this page: I absolutely adore the way Sunny does lips, and admire her commitment to all the little details, like Blaire's softer tummy as she leans over, and the stitching in Brick's overalls.

Mushy Stuff: I have known Sunny a little under a year, but she has quickly become one of my dearest friends. Her name fits her well as she is both warm (of heart) and bright (of mind). I admire her compassion, and her strength to speak her mind, and I hope that I'll get to be by her side for many years to come.

Shout Out:  Sunny is currently working on a lesbian Vampire x Human webcomic! Interest in a project goes a long way so make sure to send yours to her 🥰🥰

41 thoughts on “CH11.5P4

  1. It was an absolute joy to make this page! Thank you so much for the opportunity to be part of this wonderful collab <3

    One year ago I would've never thought I would guest star in my favorite webcomic. Now here we are! Rusty, you've blessed my life in ways you don't even know and gave me the confidence I needed to start my own project. I don't think I could ever thank you enough for that.

    Now consider this comment section blessed with sunny weather 😀


    1. 🥰☀️🥰☀️🥰☀️🥰☀️🥰☀️🥰☀️🥰☀️🥰☀️🥰

  2. Oh I absolutely agree with you on Sunny’s art! The details in texture and the buttons and even Blaire’s necklace are *chef’s kiss*. I also really like how she does mouths and big anime eyes! Def gonna follow her insta but I hop she posts to tumblr as well!

    Also lolllllll not the shattered fake pride pins 😭😭😭 Riley got her shook to her CORE. Looking forward to how else Riley will just obliterate Brick with simple questions like this lol

    1. Thank you so much!! Yeah, she was shook to be questioned at ALL lol
      I made a Tumblr rn just bc of you! It’s sunnysart <3

  3. OMG THE PINS BREAKING TOO! I am dead, Sunny you’ve killed me 💀

  4. Giving me major flashbacks to when I was somewhere in my late teens / early 20’s, and not interested in casual sex with men, and my “friends” at the time were always hounding me about that telling me that I was repressing myself and a major prude and generally un-feminist and un-liberated for not being open to having casual sex with men.

    Anyway one day they sat me down and informed me that they had found my sexuality for me and that I was actually demisexual, and it played out quite a lot like this page.

    I regret that I actually did adopt the label for some time but only because it was the only way people would stop hounding me and calling me a repressed prude for not being open to casual sex with men.

  5. I’m upset. This is upsetting. God, they really can’t leave this poor lesbian alone, can they? At least the art is gorgeous!

    Poor Riley… it’s so disorienting when people gang up on you and start saying things with total confidence that don’t make any sense??? But when you ask for clarification you either get reprimanded or the answer just makes the confusion worse.

    Especially for someone like her, who is self conscious of not going to uni, this is such an awful, toxic situation to be in.

    I appreciate Brick & Blaire as characters, but in some sense I can’t stop seeing them as manifestations of patriarchy, buzzing hatefully around this gnc lesbian. I actually look a bit similar to Rikey – no pretty freckles on my end, unfortunately 😔 – and I’ve been in comparable situations. I’m rooting for her!

  6. This page is amazingly emotive, great work, Sunny. I also appreciate, for realism’s sake, the baseless arrogance of Brick in defining others, but floundering when asked the obvious questions in response. I’ve known people like that.
    Hang in there, Riley. Keep your head on straight, you got this. Listen to your discomfort, your gut is telling you something is wrong because it is.

    No deep thoughts this time, I’m sick and I’ve got a hell-week ahead. But I just gotta make it until the next page. 🙂

  7. Ahh this art is really nice and expressive, I really like the small details Sunny added as well it’s a really well done page!

    I really feel for Riley, it’s horrible to be ganged up on and made to feel like you can’t say anything otherwise you’re being uneducated or something, the way you can tell she’s still so confused breaks my heart

    1. I feel that is a common tactic they use among allies. Get you so confused you’re too scared to speak, just agree and nod along with whatever is being said. It doesn’t make sense because YOU’RE not a good enough ally.

  8. Lmao not the cringe in the comments hahahaha 🤣 ok so this is what nonbineries say by shattering your knees lol.

    In any case, I was curious to see how that interaction between brick and Riley had planned out. This was the moment when she actually asked her to explain herself and brick acts like she comitted a hate crime or something right?

    1. So true, I’ve noticed whenether Brick is expected to explain herself (and has a lil breakdown) she never actually does! It’s always someone else interjecting with her stuttering “uh… y-yes that’s it!” how she got elected “queer elder” baffles me.

      Rusty getting it to a T how female gendies really be as usual, scared to speak out of line and conditioned to attack each other over the slightest disagreement so they just parrot, when Mr. Milkers is in the room they probably don’t speak about gender ideology at all, just nod along with whatever he says 😐

      I don’t know about you gyns but I can’t wait for the QT drama when Riley peaks 🥳 Bring on the storm Rusty!

      1. I think they just gather once a year and decide to do something like this. Is like christmas for the gender afflicted.

        But yes, like Brick is obviously supposed to represent those who hoist this ideology as thinkers and spokespeople. They know their principles but cannot explain them to others outside their circle and can barely understand them.

        Brick is the result of adhering to postmodernism as your method of thinking, and integrating said method as part of your identity. This is what results in the line of thought that anyone not applying this method is purposely commiting violence against you.

        If my person, the concept of -me- only exists in the realm of ideas and therefore in reality as a concept subjected to each existing individual perspective; then a person who believes in a material world; that is independent of people’s interpretations of it; is therefore denying my existence and that of others who also have invented themselves in their pocket universes.

        1. You describe it so succinctly 🤩.

          I can’t stand postmodernism; I notice the pushback against classification specifically only ever pertains to women, men’s issues and views are never subject to this individualist scrutiny 🤨 Trans people are allowed to have class awareness, even when it’s hypocritically applied e.g., sex =/= gender but somehow transwomen get to adopt years of female sex oppression.

          Exhausting levels of narcissism and apathy frankly, instead of seeing the world as it is with all its black and white 𝘢𝘯𝘥 grey areas, they simply declare that everything is fallible so they warp it to fit whatever narrative they wish, which of course lends itself back to the ones with the most authority getting to define reality, and boom the carousel of pointless navel gazing does another lap 🤡

          It’s up there with egalitarianism as an ideology that sounds good on paper but results in the most useless and harmful application.

    2. You are spot on like always, Ms Clicker. This is the very same scene: CH9P6

      Love your thorough understanding and break down of Brick and gendie thinking in general.

  9. The devil works hard, but unemployed teenagers throwing a temper tantrum work even harder and faster! lol

  10. I’m sorry Rusty/Sunny, you did a great job on this panel and this tirade of sexual harrassment and spam is simply pathetic, try to take pride in the fact that your work ignites so much passion (even if some people channel that passion very strangely) Leasebound is such a powerful comic, sending you guys some love from down here in the TRA trenches 💜

    1. Thank you! The pushback just proves that Leasebound is doing SOMETHING right. This is just their reaction to having to question their beliefs (And they do NOT like that).
      Thank you for your nice comments! ☀️🥰

  11. Cath (Wants to put Brick into a metaphorical microwave)

    Amazing job to both Sunny for this absolutely delicious page and Rusty for this whole segment!

    Its wonderful seeing other women do pages and how their art styles differ and whatnot!

    (And, a little good news to help boost the mood- I got my first ever job! Been rereading LB during my lunch breaks and its been pretty fun even though im the only female stocker at my place of employment)

    1. Huge congrats on the Job Cath! 🤗 Glad to see I’m not the only one binging LB at work, was listening to the lastest Radical Ramblings + Rusty livestream at work a few weeks ago and people kept asking me why I was laughing, pretty sure I’d be fired if I showed them such evil tervery!

      I highly recommend checking the streams out if you haven’t and you like listening to things at work, they’re not all about Leasebound but Rusty’s sense of humor is just as cutting irl as the comic, it’s nice to have some sanity while having to placate gendie customers 😅

      Maybe don’t Brick in a microwave tho, she’s radioactive enough 😱

      1. Always makes me so happy to know there’s women who re-read LB <3 <3 <3 Glad you enjoy our streams, they are always a lot of fun to partake in!

    2. Thank you Ms Cath!
      And congratulations on the new job, I hope you’ve got a nice boss and co-workers <3

    3. Congratulations on your new job! Hope the place treats you well 😊

  12. Love this panel! Cracked up at the glasses/pride pins shattering.

    1. Thank you! Sunny and I were just talking last night about how we couldn’t remember who came up with that gag between us XD.

  13. I have to admit these collabs are so fun to look at! They’re doing an amazing job for this comic and is also refreshing! Not that I don’t love your art style, but seeing the comic with other styles is interesting to.

    1. I couldn’t agree more. It has been such a treat to see my characters drawn in different styles. I would definitely like to have guest artists again in the future 🥰

  14. HEY HEY HEY… sorry I’ve not been leaving thoughtful comments like usual, it’s been a Low Brain Power Time for me.

    But, I am SO proud of you and all the women who are collabing with you right now. i need to write them all gushy comments. i am so fried right now lol.

    but it is SO inspiring to see women working and creating together. Rusty, you have done such a magnificent thing with LeaseBound. you change lives, you help women grow as artists, and these women drawing and collabing with you are SOO TALENTED OMMFG I’m SOOO thrilled they were willing to do this collab with you. IT IS SO COOL.

    Seriously seriously one of these days i will comment on everything more thoroughly because you do So Much for me and other women by making this glorious comic.

    so many of us love you and love you work <3

  15. The art style of this page is amazing. Rusty you have very talented line artists. I can’t wait to see her comic come to life. You should have her feature randomly more.

    1. Thank you so much, I am blushing and giggling bc of your comment ☀️🥰

  16. Parniya’s biggest fan

    Gosh the emojis up in here.. someone’s going a bit crazy 😅

    Marcie is just so… by her definition I am also nonbinary because I don’t feel like a man or a woman… I know I am a woman because I just am one lmfao. But that possibly be true right? I MUST be trans if I don’t feel like a woman and it’s DEFINITELY not misogyny if I am judged for not loving EVERY. SINGLE. ASPECT. And part of being a woman. (Sarcasm) Hopefully there is some goodness underneath all that Brick 😔

    1. Chances are she’s at least to some degree well-intentioned and thinks she’s doing good, she’s just so self-righteous and obnoxious about it that it’s much harder to tell than with Blaire…

  17. Man… I really like how Brick is clearly not confident (or competent) in her ability to explain herself, yet she still makes being a “queer elder” such a central part of her identity and tries to boss others around. It’s hilarious but also sad. Honey, you’re looking for validation and acceptance in all the wrong places… I feel the most sorry for people like Riley and Clancy who just get caught up in this crap, but I do grudgingly feel sorry for the gendies too because I don’t think it’s possible to get heavily into Gender unless you’re dealing with some sort of self-acceptance issue.

  18. Late to the party, but my favorite part of this page is Brick mentioning “trans vibes” and “I could’ve told you that as soon as you stepped in here.”

    I remember a flashback panel much earlier with Brick explaining to Riley, with a frowning Blaire in the background, that “you can’t tell who’s trans just by looking at them!” Well, maybe Riley can’t… but lucky for the QT Collective, Brick can! Just don’t ask her to explain how.

    This page made me laugh and cringe in all the right ways. Also, lovely and expressive lines from Miss Sunny.

    1. Oh you can ask her! But this is the answer you’re going to get:

      (From: Ch11p6)

  19. Oh god I’m getting flashbacks to college. When I told my friends that I (a woman with short hair who doesn’t wear makeup) didn’t “feel” like a woman or a man and that I was neutral about my body, they insisted I was agender. When my friend (a woman with long hair who loves makeup) said the exact same thing, they told her she was actually cis and the reason she didn’t “feel” gender was because she was too privileged and never had think about it before. Funny how that works.

    1. Omgggg, so transphobic! Enbies don’t owe anyone androgyny!!!

      Sorry, I had to. Absolute clown show.

    2. It’s whichever position suits the situation isn’t it ://

  20. I don’t wanna seem like I’m rushing you or anything, so please call me out if I’m seeming kinda pushy lol, but do you know when you’re gonna drop Shez’s backstory? Cuz I’m just really hyped to learn more about her! I just want a rough estimate of when Chapter 12 will be coming out if that’s okay!

    1. No worries 🥰
      Chapter 12 starts dropping November 6th!

  21. hi! I wanted to thank the artists involved in this amazing work and the comments of the wonderful readers too hehehe 🌟 you all have been making my process surviving through high school lesbophobia so much easier in this though time for women in rebranded hate liberal era 🌟

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