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CH11Mini5 – Chore Chart

Just when you think you've got the perfect roommate situation U_U
Surprise! I never said the most voted for option was the winner of the poll. This week the least voted option coming in at 68 votes (as of writing) is the winner!

Cannot believe (As of writing) Pool Party and TMJ-2 were at a tie tho... dang..

Hope you all enjoy domestic #Jail tho!Β  (That's their ship name now, lmao. Because you gyns only ever get to view Riley/Jaden through the bars of a jail cell.)


To mix the polls up a little bit, I'm gonna let last weeks' votes determine the order the other 3 comics come out and give you something else to vote on in the comments. So:

(😳86)Gardener Woman - August 3rd (Bonus Page Thursday)

(😎135) Pool Party!  - August 7th

(πŸ™„136) TMJ-2 - August 14th

86 thoughts on “CH11Mini5 – Chore Chart

    EDIT: me rn

    1. Thank you Miss HorseBlaire, LMAO.

  2. Ask The Cast Poll

    Some comments last week got me thinking it’d be fun to do some direct Ask The Cast pages again – so if you’ve got a burning question for an LB cast member, reply with it below! (mobile uses will need to switch to desktop mode on their browser to do this)

    support other questions you like with πŸ‘ so I know who you wanna hear from most. I’ll be picking the 3 most voted for!

    Question Criteria

    When submitting a question for the LB Cast, keep in mind I’m aiming to answer the question in a singular page. So pleaae address one cast member only xvx.

    Also, treat the characters as they are in the current time in the comic – they can’t give you spoilers about what will happen in the future, or give full detailed backstories (many of those are already planned to make up full chapters).

    Apart from that, knock yourselves out!

    1. This is random, but I recently became obsessed with Who Framed Roger Rabbit, so I’d be interested to hear from any cast member who’s seen the film – and either really liked it or really disliked it.

      Does anyone have strong opinions on Jessica Rabbit? Positive or negative? I suspect Blaire would be into her because “She’s proof that you can be feminine and still be a good person!” or something like that.

      1. Ougghh I can definitely see Blaire defending characters like Jessica Rabbit like that 😱😱

        I’ve actually never seen the film myself though so I don’t have a good frame of refence.

        I also try to keep real-world media out of LB – for copyright reasons mostly, that and I think it’s fun to come up with workarounds that can reference multiple things at once.

        Like Star-Shifters not being about one specific cartoon show, or how instead of actual brand names things literally just say BRAND on them πŸ˜…

    2. Parniyas biggest fan

      How did Parniya and Shez meet?

      1. ❌️🀐 I’m afraid this is spoiler territory breastie! You can look forward to it during Parniya’s backstory tho! 🀐❌️

    3. Question for Faith: what is your favourite activity to do with your mom and/or with Ruth ?

      1. Excellent question!

    4. How much did Jaidens music taste change since she was a teen? What does she listens to now?

      1. Ooooh πŸ‘€βœοΈ

    5. Question for Muddles:
      Are you aware that you’re cute?

    6. Question for Muddles:
      Are you aware that you’re a horse?

      1. πŸ΄β‰οΈ

    7. For Riley and Jaden: What are your favorite colors? πŸ™‚

    8. Wait, actually
      Question for Ari:
      Are you free this weekend?

    9. Your local tortoiseshell cat

      Question for Ruth (if this isn’t covered in existing backstory plans – I wasn’t sure how much detail would be covered based on previous comments):
      When was the moment you knew you wanted to build Yonique?

    10. I have a question for Faith!: Imagine the employees at Yonique won an all-expenses paid group vacation to anywhere in the world, but Faith got to pick the destination. Where would she take everybody?

      1. Torn between something funny and sweet. Like “Oh a nice day at the beach together so eveeyone can relax because they work so hard !” Or something only a 10 year old would choose like “we all go to McDonalds!!” 🀣🀣

    11. OMG RUSTYYY R U KIDDING ME- THE NEW PAGE IS SO *CHEF’S KISS* AHHHH MY LESBIAN HEART’S MELTING qwq anyway! this might come off as a lil controversial buuuut- Blaire! what’s your opinion on dΠ΅Π°th Ρ€Π΅nalty?

      1. Breastie I laughed so hard I scared my wife and one of our cats when I read this. You are a funny woman, and I am doing this answer no matter what.


      Parniya, what ACTUALLY went down with the AGP gang when you chased them down after they jumped Jaden??? πŸ‘€

      1. OOOOOOOOOOH πŸ‘‚πŸ‘€πŸ‘€πŸ‘€πŸ‘€πŸ‘πŸ‘€πŸ‘πŸ‘€πŸ‘€πŸ‘€πŸ‘€πŸ‘€πŸ‘€πŸ‘€πŸ‘πŸ‘€πŸ‘€πŸ‘€πŸ‘πŸ‘€πŸ‘

    13. Q for Parniya from an avid charity shop goer: what’s your favourite bit of furniture you have and/or what’s the best deal you’ve got from a secondhand place? :]

      1. Ooooh! πŸ‘€πŸ‘€

  3. Look at them being so cute and compatible ;_;
    At least they donnt bother to iron the laundry which is smart !

    1. Ain’t nobody got time for ironing x-x


    1. A woman imprisoned (happy about it) πŸ˜…πŸ˜…
      I wanted to try and get some more domestic/roomate-y type stuff in here since I haven’t had a lot of time to focus on it in the mainstory- so glad you enjoyed !

      1. You def hit the marker :D!

        Ngl its a nice reprive from the mild irritation (that would be irl- your writing of them is fantastic) of the gendie gang.

        also ngl this page compared to the last one has amazing contrast qualities!

        Tif’s misogyny along with her toxic(? Potentially? we dont see much of either them which thank you so much i can only handle so much idiocy- but their friendship seems very,,, not good :D!) relationship with MJ is just *chefs kiss* stood back to back with Riley and Jaden’s friendship based off mutual trust, understanding and compatibility!!

        1. Awww! I didn’t even think about the contrasting friendship!!
          Thank you πŸ₯°πŸ₯°

  5. i have a few questions for kai: why does your β€œcis bitches” protocol of not talking to cis people only apply to women and not men? and how do you distinguish β€œcis bitches” from trans women and nonbinary people?

    surely eli and any other QT members who look like women (but totally definitely aren’t) find it a bit uncomfortable. i know the β€œOMG KAI ASSUME GENDRR IDENTITY ! PROBLEMATIC LOL” joke has been played to death but id still be curious to hear a justification, even knowing it’d likely be an incredibly sexist one.

    i feel like kai would ignore this question if it seemed like it was coming from a β€œcis bitch” so id just like to declare that im agender in the TRANS way, totally not in the i-don’t-have-a-gender-identity way

    1. God damn it I was part way through reading your reply, thinking I was so slick: “hehe Tiffany will simply not reply because Miss QuestionForKai is a woman”.

      But then you pulled out your agender trap card… so you win this round. Already begun drafting this page, hehehe.

      1. 1) I look so forward to this

        (2) Follow up: What makes cis women fundamentally different from trans women, Ti—er, Kai?
        Since obviously there must be some intrinsic quality or experience they ALL share, and that NO trans woman has, for you to exclude ALL of them but not trans women too.
        Very curious, since, as we know, there is no one thing—be it mental, social, or even physical!– that all cis women have that all trans women don’t, or vice versa.

        Sounds supiciously TERFy and I need to know if you’re safe to be around, for me, a trans woman!

        Which I definitely am, btw. Yes, my round face, high voice, small shoulders, short height, wide hips, low hairline, and small wrists/hands/feet are all things that a trans woman CAN have, and that not ALL cis women do, remember! There are lots of cis women who are tall or have broad shoulders and so on!
        And lots of cis men who don’t! And the fact I have a period? Trans women totally get those!

        If you think I’m lying, please re-examine your very transpohobic, sexist, racist, imperialist, colonizer, biological essentialist, binary about sex and what it “looks like”!
        (I don’t expect her to actually answer this but I had to type it XD)

      2. Mx QuestionForKai

        LMAO RUSTY, i foresaw this and knew you were going to go >:3 mode and kai was going to go 😐 mode unless i was careful. id have been SEETHING if i got the “cis bitch” treatment

        my only fear now is that hearing the real answer and justification is going to be even more frustrating than being ignored would be (ㆆ _ ㆆ)

        1. You asked for this breastie :3
          Made your bed, now you gotta lay in it. 😈😈

  6. Aw, cute! Fan of the slow-burning but I also can’t wait to see their relationship develop

    For ask the cast, I would like to ask Clancy if she is okay πŸ₯²

    1. πŸ˜ŠπŸ˜‡ all the little moments will add up~

      Oh Clancy 😞😞

  7. Smh… Imagine not liking laundry which is by far the most fun and relaxing chore. You get to make all your clothes clean again, you get to have a nice laundry pod to laundry sauce combination and you get nice smelling clean clothes…
    And I have a question for MJ, what’s your type in a romantic sense?

    1. Laundry is rewarding once it’s one but.. Breastie.. also consider: having to DO the laundry to achieve this.

      Endless folding and putting away.. πŸ’€πŸ’€

    2. I get those freezing ass Midwestern winters and lake effect snow and from November to like Mid-March my favorite chore is laundry. Warm good smelling clothes to fold in a warm room. Also I like to at night throw my blanket in the dryer on a short cycle just long enough to get it nice and warm before bed.

  8. DasFeministMermaid

    For Riley and Jaden: (or everyone!) What’s their ideal date?

  9. Always so cute <3 And ooohh this one HITS HOME. Sheets are my nightmare, I never want to get started with them ;__; But once I do, the relief is huge lmao

    (Who wants to bet that not liking the obvious chore for the woman gender is a part of Blaire's man diagnosis,,,😭😭)

    1. took me out with that last part, breastie. not gonna lie x-x

  10. this is ADORABLE i love the jaden & riley fluff pages so so much!!

    1. So glad to hear it πŸ₯°πŸ₯°πŸ₯°

  11. Omg they were roommates

  12. normalcore ordinarypilled

    It’s insane how normal Jaden and Riley are.. especially after that last page. It feels like whiplash! They’re really out here just maintaining their little household together!!

  13. Thank you for the Jail fooooood!!

    Question for Riley: What’s the best thing about being short?

    1. Bon apetite! πŸ₯°πŸ₯°
      Love your question too 🀣

  14. 1) i know you saw my tumble posts already rusty thank you for my life πŸ™
    2) can the questions be for ANY cast member? πŸ‘€

    1. Yep! As long as it’s just one knock yourself out. πŸ₯°

  15. I know Rusty asked for questions to be aimed at one character but I’m curious. We know that Parniya has a flair for interior design and Faith loves books and video games and Ari is a music buff, what are some other favorite hobbies of the main cast +Yonique crew?

    1. I know Rusty asked for questions to be aimed at one character but

  16. I am disgusted and appalled that Jaden and Riley both enjoy doing the dishes more than laundry. And to think I found them relatable up until now!!! SO disappointing. >:(

    Also I know it’s probably a t-shirt but for a second I thought Jaden was wearing a crop top in the second panel lmao. And I initially misread “BRAND” as “BRAINS”. So a crop top that says BRAINS. (Zombie fashion?)

    (Question for literally any QT collective member: What are your thoughts on yaoi?)

    1. I bet most of them will say “It made me discover I was a man all along”.

    2. Not jaden in a crop top πŸ’€πŸ˜±πŸ’€πŸ˜±πŸ’€ (I am a hater of crop tops).

  17. loving how colorful these bonus pages are ☺️
    hmm.. questions.. β€˜eli’, what was the worst part of your β€˜terf phase’ and/or what finally β€˜woke you up’ to your β€˜β€™internalized transphobia’’ (totally because i want the evil warning signs and not because i want a laugh)

    1. For your second question, Elissa spoke about it on CH11P5, got me thinking about that first part tho! πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€”

  18. Finally, some eye balm after the last page.

    And a question for Riley: Capybara, Tasmanian devil or Thylacine?

    1. Has Riley not been through enough?! You’re gonna make her choose between three cuties (one she can’t even pet without a time machine!!)?

      For anyone curious:

      Tasmanian Devil:

      Thylacine (Tasmanian Tiger):

      1. We all know Riley will say “all of them and more!”.

        1. You are correct πŸ˜”πŸ˜”

  19. question for riley and jaden:
    Do either of them like video games and if so whats their favourite genre?

      1. Riley’s backstory chapters are going to be quite interesting. I both want to meet and Not want to meet her mom and your exploration of such strict (i assume also religious) upbringing πŸ’€

        1. Oh boooyyy. It’s gonna be an ordeal, that’s for sure 😬😬

  20. I don’t feel this merits an actual drawing response, so pls don’t do one for it (I’d rather it go to someone else’s much better question!) but I’ve been meaning to ask, did “Brick” choose her trans moniker after the legendary First Brick Thrown At Stonewall?

    Which was, of course, thrown by Our Lady of Kweerness Marsha P. Johnson, who definitely did that and was definitely there at that time and was definitely a trans woman and who definitely gave us all our rights?

    And if you doubt this easily disproven narrative, you will be sent to hell er I mean be problematic for all eternity?

    Seems like the kind of thing she’d do to “pay homage to our queer elders and to remind us of the debt we all owe TRANS WOMEN FOREVER” but also I can see it just being coincedence bc gendie girls pick the most rando shit.

    1. 🀭🀣🀣 loved reading this- you’re not the first woman to make the connection!

      But yeah, it’s coincidental. I saw a pro-gendie post joking about the kind of names “enbies” give themselves, and brick was the most suggested.

      I didn’t even have a concrete idea for Brick as a character yet, I just knew Blaire was going to have a gendie friend who was even more extreme than her. And I couldn’t pass up on a name as perfect as Brick πŸ˜…

  21. For Parniya, from someone Riley-sized: How does it feel to be so tall? Is it nice? Does it ever bother you?
    What’s it like up there in the clouds, queen?

    1. Oooooh! I’m actually doing a comic already that touches on Parniya’s feelings about her height. Hope you enjoy it when it comes out!

  22. For Faith: what do you want to be when you grow up?

    1. πŸ₯°πŸ₯°

  23. It’s mentioned that MJ had a strict upbringing and if I’m reading her bio correctly moved quite a bit of distance away from her family? Basically, MJ, what’s your life story? I’m the #1 MJ fan btw

    1. I love your enthusiasm breastie, but..

      1. give MJ’s full detailed backstory NOW

      2. Ok, then….MJ, what’s your favorite song?

  24. To “Babygirl” Hecox: how did you realise you were actually a brave and stunning lady?

      1. ugh his sudden appearance feels like I need to go bleach my eyes now
        thanks Rusty

  25. For Jaden, what do you think would be a deal breaker even if the girl was otherwise a ten?

    Also, did you know that I don’t have whatever you’re about to say? Bbygrl

  26. are any of the leasebound cast a fan of horror movies? πŸ‘»

  27. Q for Shez: What does it feel like to be the best of the world? ILYSM I can’t breathe 😭 😭

    OK not that one, not that one, sorry.

    I am aware you said to just pick 1 but I am unable because all the cast is too darned vibrant and magnetic. It is way too hard, therefore if you feel like doing any of these at all, you select which 1 in the end ‡

    Q for Clancy: as you play in The BallKickers, do you have any favourite or most-admired team mate?? (i’d like the answer to reflect why she likes that woman even if you cant say who, not just a yes or no kind of deal)


    Q for Ari: What is something a woman can do to impress you?


    Q for Faith: what do you like the most and the least about your mom?

    That aside, if it’s allowed, also Qs for Author:

    1.- Have you ever considered making Horny Hubris the name of a band (maybe even Yonique performers) and a fave of Riley as a running gag?

    2.- is TMJ also a play on words? in this case on how witnessing their dynamic can be painful, desperating and cause jaw clenching or just coincidence?

    3.- Will we get to meet that mysterious freckled tomboy in chapter 12 along with more Shez or will it have to be in 2024?? At this point, IDEC if you make that unnamed character asexual or some evil mastermind, i am about to steal Kai’s sweater because the Yearning and intrigue is eviscerating me

    Regarding the mini chapter, I will just say thank you author for the entertainment, and that laundry is simply the devil incarnate. It just is. Those two know whats up.

    1. Thank you for all the lovely questions! I’ll answer the ones for me here:

      1) I can’t say it’s something I’ve considered no, but I do think it would make a funny band name! I had a whole list of funny band names on my old lesbihonest-art tumblr. But alas, it has been lost to time πŸ˜”

      2)Yes TMJ is the exact play on words you’re thinking of. For those unaware, TMJ is an abbreviation of Tempromandibular Joint. The TMJ is the sliding hinge of your jaw bone and your skull, often an area of pain/disorder due to stress caused by teeth clenching and grinding (which is exactly what the ship TMJ are designed to cause 🀣).

      3) are you talking about the redhead, backwards cap freckled tomboy? That’s Murphy! She won’t be appearing in chapter 12, but possibly chapter 13.
      If you’d like to see her early tho, Murphy’s bio is up on Lease Bound’s Boosty, along with other characters who have yet to appear in-comic!

      And finally, thank you for leaving such a thoughtful comment! I hope you continue to enjoy reading leasebound.
      PS – your laundry opinions are very true and correct.

      1. Thank you so much for the answers! Shame i cant draw decent or i’d bombard you with fanarts πŸ˜‚ maybe it’s for the best for the sake of your spam inbox

        Re: 2) TMJ… Maybe I’m wrong in terms of author concept intent but the way i see their dynamic is like… It’s not just a friendship to me, it represents the experience of a silent unrequited crush thanks to differing orientations.

        The kind you won’t outright say as its pointless but part of you refuses to completely let go so its expressed trhough behaviour, with favoritism and extra compliance. And how for same-sex attracted individuals it can be really cursed because of how the dating pool is literally way smaller plus all the intense societal baggage attached to homo and bisexuality worldwide.

        But also how for many SSA individuals said kind of crush may make them behave overly yielding or ‘puplike’ to a fault because all the teaching of “men are meant to go with women and women go with men, penis goes with vagina, it’s law of attraction, pink and blue, lock and key” results in lacking a certain basic sense of entitlement to targets of attraction that many heterosexual people develop, bc its tied to a deep and aching learned awareness that the kind of desire that emerges for the SSA person is not supposed to be, not meant to lead anywhere, bad and lesser.

        Like obligatory #NotAllHets and #NotAllSSAFolks right but, I feel for a straight person (and more so for males, sorrynotsorry) it’s more common to have that attitude of [ Try to get the unrequited crush to change their mind and give me a chance ] even when sexual orientation is a barrier. Like I do not envision MJ ever crossing that line with Kai, being all “but why can’t you just love me?!? am i not good enough?” but I do see Kai trying it at least once with some homosexual dude even if Kai didn’t identify as a transman.

        Like there is more resignation on the SSA side regardless of identity. Makes sense??

        But I don’t think it’s entirely one sided. Because MJ serves Kai as safe company and a channel to not talk to cis women, but Kai also provides the satisfaction of company and steady gender validation to MJ, otherwise Kai wouldn’t be talking to MJ and would’ve chosen somebody else.

        For Kai to not do that, MJ’s trans identity would have to be outright invalidated, right? which would make Kai transphobic and a newfound target for ingroup queer backlash.

        But Kai still won’t date MJ even if she were to break up with her current BF as Kai is 100% heterosexual and deep down both know MJ is not male but cannot comfortably say it out loud as its triggering for everyone.

        With MJ’s background in her mini Bio, i wonder if this focusing on Kai is perhaps a manifestation of lingering or subconscious internalized homophobia for MJ, like that sort of, yknow that sort “We’re not a couple but still I’m her super special intimate friend always by her side till the end of time” is like being at the edge of the cliff but never actually falling into the dark side and crashing (consumating an actual same-sex relationship and facing the monster head on), similar to people who fixate on same sex celebrities, married people, or 3D characters, all unatainable to keep themselves safe and “pure”, not tainted.

        Tho tbh maybe I am just reading wayyyyy too much into it and MJ has already dated other females before and is fine with it (as long as the bridge of gender and pronoun aknowledgement isnt burned) just that we as readers don’t know it yet bc her character is very newπŸ’€

        aaaaaa idk idk everything with them is just so so TENSE looking from the outside. It’s like those museum security scenes with the thousand laser beams tied to alarms we see on TV. The littlest uncalculated movement results in trouble.

        PS. Sorry for the silly rambling, usually I don’t comment or start intending to be short and not annoying but as i go typing I start elaborating and thinking further then end up with an elder scroll the moment I’m about to click send 😭 😭 bad habit of mine.

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