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Oh.. Um.. Maybe Riley hasn't got this.. 😢

Thank you again to friend of the site and resident Blaire Enjoyer, Arbustorum.
Here are the lovely sketches she provided for the page.

Also another friend (and Blaire UnEnjoyer), Miss Kory, introduced me to this song, which she thinks encapsulatesΒ  how Riley views Blaire. Consider it a soundtrack to this page, cuz I LOVE it!

51 thoughts on “CH11P25

  1. I’m glad you’ve finally shown the “Riley is too pure to fuck” anon once and for all

    1. #RileyFUCKS😀😀😀😀

  2. Kory, the Riley Enjoyer and Blaire Unenjoyer


    1. Your eloquence is a treat as always, Miss Kory.

  3. OMG, Blaire got bush??? Very pleasantly surprised lmao.

    Also amazed at how Riley is so nervous to bring up genderism to Blaire but confident enough to get it on with her in a parked car 😳 girl what if the customers see

    Also I feel so bad because you can tell Riley truly loves Blaire hence why this whole predicament is torture to her, if Blaire was more straightforwardly shitty it would be easy to detach herself but she’d so sincere about wanting the best for Riley and others even if it is misguided.

    Thank you for another beautiful page Rusty!

    1. I figured she already stands out with shaved legs/armpits. I think media has enough hairless vulva’s, period too. Perhaps she did shave before she got together with Riley, but Riley gave her the confidence not to / expressed a preference for her to not look like a prepubescent child. πŸ€·β€β™€οΈ

      Re: Riley’s confidence. It was very fun to introduce a new side to her. The big difference is the amount of conflict involved. Bringing up questions in Blaire’s gendie logic? Lotta conflict there, plus it’s basically uncharted territory. Making Blaire feel good intimately? No conflict, lots of experience 😎

      If you ever re-read you may also notice Riley’s confidence spike in Chapter 7: Ready To Run when on the bike with Jaden. She’s doing a Tour Guide bit, smiling, cracking jokes. Same environment: low likelihood for conflict. Very familiar with the area she’s showing Jaden.

      And yes, Riley would likely say, if asked about her relationship, that there’s some bumps, but that her and Blaire “love eachother very much and we get along where it counts”. 😞😞

  4. Blaire, the evil seductress…

    1. Is she really the one seducing here? Riley is a very willing participant πŸ˜…πŸ˜³

      1. Of course the seductress comment was in jest. It appears to me that Blaire used sex as a way to distract or smooth over the problem. I don’t get the impression it’s a deeply calculated move on her part, more like… a pattern that works and feels good at the same time. “All the hard questions go away.” But I could be misunderstanding your intentions wrt characterization for both of them. Maybe it’s not that deep? Lol

        1. i was also trying to jest πŸ˜‚
          But yeah the takeaway should be “this couple is poorly matched, but good sex keeps them together”.

          i was just wink wink nudge nudging that Riley is a *very* willing participant. She could have stopped that kiss… But alas, she is a horny lesbian first πŸ˜”πŸ˜”

          I’m creating a new category of hubris (lesbians only). Horny Hubris

  5. lesbian who really likes this page a lot

    holy shit

  6. EYYYY YOOOOOOOO Thank you lord, thank you. Now this is what the comic needed Rusty, you finally came through.
    For reals though, now we can see Riley is a real one. Stocky Toppy, they call her.

    (also does blaire got a bmw? I been suspecting for a while she got that money money)

    1. I knew your comment wouldn’t disappoint 🀣
      I know jackshit about cars – but Blaire does come from a well-off family, yes.


    1. Oh she’s getting her fucking head alrightπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
      Getting her head in Blaire’s game as well!πŸ˜›πŸ˜›


    1. Many thanks !


    1. (Gone sexual) βœŒοΈπŸ’¦πŸŒ·

  10. I understand completely. I don’t blame Riley at all.

  11. Thank you for including sex scenes, it’s so rare to see f/f sex drawn out like this anywhere but p*rn comics, and even rarer those comic artists are lesbians. This also feels like the perfect way to end the gendie chapter full of straights pretending to be gay when they’d never dream of fucking a same-sex partner like this πŸ‘

    1. Your local tortoiseshell cat

      Yes! Also, seeing this page honestly gave me a bit more self-acceptance regarding my own attraction to women, and I didn’t realize how impactful it would be until after I saw it. It’s unfortunate to see how rare it is to find depictions that provide that sense of acceptance, but I am hopeful for progress, thanks in part to Rusty.

    2. You are most welcome! I tried my best to balance keeping it tasteful but also clear whats going on. Obviously it’s made for lesbians to enjoy, but we don’t see as much as the characters are seeing, sorta thing.

      That and I feel like regular old finger stuff gets overshadowed by other stuff.

      It isn’t the end of the chapter just yet, also! Still a few more twists and turns to come 😎 (but I appreciate the sentiment)

  12. Please stop making Blaire so hot. I don’t want to like her 😳

    1. Sorry ma’am, Riley’s orders. πŸ˜”

  13. I’ve been meaning to comment for a long time but kept putting it off, but now I can’t anymore! I was rabidly refreshing last week’s page as they’re my reprieve from studying.

    Omg, Rusty, when I tell you I was in no way prepared for this page 🫣 I think my entire being short circuited. Thank you for this meal, I will cherish it 😍 Riley got game, and I’m all about it. Her expressions are so incredible, Riley pls look at me like that, I won’t begender you promy πŸ’•πŸ’•.

    I love how she can make Blaire melt into her very capable hands, and also loving the pay off to the comment Blaire made from a few chapters ago about Riley being a top heheh 😏 (ngl I was also surprised Blaire has a full bush, at least she isn’t that far gone.)

    This page is so beautiful, you’ve really outdone yourself its incredible. The colors and the lighting, it gives me a mix of cotton candy and summer days coming to a close vibes. It’s so warm and soothing.

    It’s so easy to see why Riley is having such a hard time speaking up and is feeling so conflicted. She really loves Blaire, and Blaire loves her. This is going to hurt down the road, but for right now, it’s nice to enjoy the ride while it lasts πŸ’•πŸ’•

    1. Thank you so much for commenting (and reading)! It brings me true delight to know Lease Bound has become part of readers’ weekly routines. Also best of luck with the studying πŸ₯°

      So, so happy with the reception Confident!Riley has received, I know many women find her cautious side relatable – but I feel this reveal may have earned her a few more fans 🀣🀣
      She really does deserve a girlfriend who will not begender her πŸ˜₯πŸ˜₯

      When Blaire made the bunkbed joke I was actually trying to make a reference to tribbing 😭 That’s why Blaire says “*on* top suits you”. I know the terms top has gravitated towards meaning “assertive” to many, but I try to avoid the association and let them remain code terms used by gay men to mean penetrator/penetratee. But! Certainly does tie back to how wink wink nudge nudge Blaire was with the dirty jokes. Riley absolutely doesn’t leave her wanting for anything 😎

      RE: Blaire bush. I just KNEW it was gonna turn heads 🀣🀣 On a meta level I just don’t wanna draw hairless vulva, but I feel like it would be totally conceivable that Riley could have convinced her she prefers natural pubes to hairless and child-like. Since it’s not something out in the open, it’s a little different to the pressures of leg and armpit shaving.

      I’m so pleased with this colour pallete and will definitely be using it again! I love the way you described it!

      And I agree, enjoy the ride while it lasts- it WILL be getting bumpy >:3c

  14. I dig the license plate lel

    1. Well spotted B) You can ride in the boobie-mobile

  15. Genuinely surprised that Blaire got a bush. But I guess that’s got do more with Rusty’s police to never draw a woman unshaven hehe. Thank godess for Rusty

  16. Anf suddenly I remember the “Riley is ase- [DENIED]” Tumblr post lol

  17. The smart lesbian in me is once again screaming β€œRILEY NOOOOO DAMN IT NOOOO RUN USE YOUR BRAIN TO THINK, NOT YOUR PUSSY!!!” But the stupid idiot horny lesbian in me says β€œI understand πŸ˜”β€

    1. Bahahaha!!! No thoughts for Riley here. She can totally boink her way out of this πŸ™‚πŸ™‚

      (Also sorry to see your tumblr go, you were one of my fave misandrists to followπŸ’•)

  18. The palette really shows how much Riley loves Blair, without words. Rusty!! I’m so proud of your level of improvement!!

  19. my brain short circuited 😭 riley you CHAD!!! πŸ’¦πŸ˜ŽπŸ˜ŽπŸ˜› we’ve seen so much of riley being reticent and insecure…. i didn’t realize it would be so fun (and HOT) to see her in her confident sexy element!!! blaire u lucky mf!!!!!

  20. I absolutely 100% believe the reason Blaire has bush is because Riley likes it and gave her the confidence to grow it out. Doesn’t work for the other body hair because (without consciously acknowledging this to herself and insisting it’s her own empowering choice) Blaire can’t handle other people’s reactions to it.

    1. Yes!! Yes!!

  21. I would tell Riley to use her brain, but it would be hypocritical ngl
    Thank u Rusty for blessing us with this page πŸ™πŸ˜

    1. You are very welcome πŸ₯°πŸ₯°

  22. Antiyourwokehomophobia2

    Lmaoooooo, oh, bestie! I don’t comment on these pages, ever, but I’ve got to now!

    I’m sad you left Tumblr because I really enjoyed interacting with you. Not the point though. This page shook me to my fucking core. I actually said “what???” out loud. I’ve never been expecting something less.

    Holy SHIT, bro. Holy fuck. You really hit us with this out of nowhere, huh?? I love the details. Blaire clutching Riley’s shirt. I love how intimate it feels. I had to quadruple check to make sure the bush belonged to Blaire because WOW, didn’t think she’d let the girl grow.

    I just… Love how the passion and desire comes through in these pages. Nice job!

    1. It’s a pleasure to have you in my comment section! Unfortunately I didn’t leave tumblr by choice -every attempt I’ve made to come back since my terming last year has been short-lived. I keep finding my tumblrs terminated the moment I mention Lease Bound πŸ˜…

      So glad you enjoyed the page tho! The reception has been incredibly entertaining πŸ₯°πŸ₯°


  24. riley’s face in the second to last panel 😳🫑❣️

  25. I thought Brand was a clothing brand, I am shook tha they also make cars. Or do they primarily make cars, and the Brand clothing is for, like, Brand car fans? What other businesses do they own?

    1. In the LB universe it’s a giant multi company product conglomerate 🀣 Cars (here and CH1P2), motorbikes (Riley’s scooter bike), shirts, laptops (again CH1. Riley’s laptop in the flashback), bandaids.. “Brandages” (Ch10). It’s like my favourite running visual gag. πŸ˜…

  26. finally good sex scenes that are done by actual lesbians,

  27. Thank u for this page

  28. πŸ‘€ I just binged all previous chapters a few days ago after discovering you and your work from a radical ramblings video.

    And this page!!!! WOOHOO!

    I love that Riley talks about the fact that how Blaire sounds is a huge part of the draw for so many reasons, partially because it’s a huge draw for me, and also it was another reminder that even as a younger person hearing women make certain sounds excited me a lot.

    Not to derail but that reminds me of how I also noticed early on that movies and tv shows always tried to make a woman in pain sound sexy or look sexy and it never worked for me and always put me off and upset me, just one of those misogynist things, I guess.

    Thank you for your work. I plan on coming back every upload date.

    1. Welcome aboard, thank you so much for reading! I hope you continue to enjoy updates every Monday πŸ’–

      Also oof, yeah always hated that-notice it a lot in video games. ://

  29. This page is so beautiful and sensual and yet so deeply ominous. The contrast between the genuine love being expressed and the undertone of “hey babe I’m uncomfortable with you questioning the beliefs of my deranged cult so how about we have sex instead”… it feels like something out of a psychological thriller and I love it.

    1. This is a huge compliment, thank you!!

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