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25 thoughts on “CH12P36

    1. Is this the physical copy of Vol.2 or a digital one? πŸ‘€

      1. Physical, hence the “Print” copy!
        Digital shelves as in, it’s online. I’ll make that clearer πŸ˜…

        1. DiscountSmirnoff

          Ah, my bad, just wanted to be double sure. I’m so excited for the second volume!!! πŸ₯³

        2. Don’t sweat it πŸ₯°πŸ₯°

  1. MERIUM GO AWF! Merium delivering the best down isn’t what I expected but I’m 100 here for, ngl I’m still plaged with anxiety tho…..

  2. The callback to Shez getting between Chris and Miriam, shouting DONT TOUCH MY MOM and Meriam now returning the favor in kind… I’m so emotional.

    They love each other so much 😭😭😭😭😭

  3. Knowing Shez and Meriam and all the girls live through this is such a reassurance right now, because I am all here for seeing them team up and turn Chris into a piΓ±ata.

  4. So that explains why the gynkidama didn’t work on Shez, it worked on Meriam!

    Go, Meriam! Go!

    1. Meriam charging the Gynkidama for the last few pages:

  5. A MAMA BEAR PROTECTS HER CUBS!!! (And hopefully kill the threat hehehe)

  6. Kill him Meriam!!!!

  7. 😭❀️

  8. YEEES!

    Honestly, no matter the consequences, I imagine it must bo SO satisfying to Meriam finally being able to openly stand up to Chris and defend Shez. I think there was nothing worse for her than not being able to help Shez before.

    1. Absolutely agree!

  9. TifHater (Meriam Lover)


  10. πŸ”Š It's going down, We yelling kill hiiim, you better move, you better prance πŸ’ΏπŸŽΆ


    (That vol 2 cover looking gorgeous! love that Blaire is in there too, RiRi anxiously adorable as always)

    1. Thank you, I’m incredibly happy with the cover.


  12. ;_;

    This storyline is by far my favorite out of the comic so far. Love how it’s all about a mother and daughter relationship that, in spite of going through absolute hell, is unbreakable and mutually beneficial.

    God, Meriam even calling Shez her ‘baby’ in spite of treating her as more of a peer with regards to helping escape Chris, she never really stopped thinking of her as her little girl or wanting to protect her.

    Knowing this story ends with Shez buying her a house… god, I love this family.

    1. Thank you!! It feels amazing to finally share it after so long of it sitting in my head!l, carefully planning it our, and bringing it all together.

      I actually shared the finished chapter with my own mum recently, and while she doesn’t generally get the whole “comic” thing, she was engaged in this chapter.

      I was a mix of impressed, but also saddened at how many cues and implications she picked up on. Like, even without knowing anything about Shez or her family, the first page Chris appeared she said, “Meriam’s going to get stuck with more kids.”

      Or her solemn nodding as Meriam said “there is nothing worse than you getting hurt again.”

      It was an experience to say the least. And I’m glad I shared it with her, and am sharing it with everyone here. I absolutely adore all the commentary ❀️

  13. I just noticed today your Instagram is gone again!!! Thankfully I remembered to check here for updates and I’m adding myself to the mailing list now. Another fantastic page and I’m glad I didn’t miss it!

    1. Sorry about the insta, good idea with the mailing list! Thanks so much for staying tuned <3

  14. Love this! I think Rizzy and Rocky should get a hit in too!!! Go for his ankles with knives or something!

    1. Figurative AND literal ankle-biters XD

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