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3 thoughts on “CH3P13

  1. I’ve never understood why it’s okay, from their perspective, to “misgender” women who disagree with them, but also turn around and say that misgendering is violence that inspires violence in return. I know why I think that’s stupid, but if you really believe that misgendering can cause suicides why would you think you’re a good person for considering that an acceptable possibility with someone you dislike? How does that not feel like massive cognitive dissonance?

    1. It’s amazing how many hate-readers simply did NOT buy the hypocrisy. Seeing all the different ways they tried to aeticulate their dislike of LB showed off just how truly fractured transender ideology is.

      From people claiming that “no one would ever say that”, to people criticizing me for drawing Jaden “like a man”, or people straight up also saying she “deserved to be called it” for one reason or another.

      Truly amazing really. Glad the hypocrisy came across to you!

  2. “Love” how they misgender her, it reeks of misogyny and racism… so, realistic for their lot :/


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