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Nana knows just what to say!

Very, very happy with how this page turned out! Once again a big thank you to @arbustorum & @hidetothink on tumblr, who both provided very helpful guidance for Jaden's little brother's design.

I struggle to draw male characters (that aren't terrifying like AGPgang) lmao. Their man-loving expertise was instrumental to him being drawn competently.

6 thoughts on “CH9P11

  1. i love nana so much ? also love the way you drew jaden’s expressions on this page is great! your style is so expressive πŸ˜€

    1. Absolutely living for the Nana love πŸ₯° and thank you! It was great fun doing angry expressions πŸ₯°

  2. Nana is right and she should say it <3

  3. Nana is awesome!

  4. Oohhhh Jaden’s mom wants her to be a doctor! This is an argument about a long-term career for Jaden!
    If I was Jaden’s mom, I’d tell her, “Jaden! You just won an all-expenses-paid free-ride scholarship to a medical and/or engineering school of your choice!”
    Jaden: “I didn’t apply for any scholarships! Who’s the scholarship from?”

    Me: “From the ‘Your Mom Loves You Very Much, Jaden, and Is Worried That Men Are Getting Away With Assaulting You At Work’ Foundation.”

    Also, Nana made me laugh!

  5. I love the last panel so much, the expressions are brilliant!

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