A big special thank you to @arbustorum on tumblr who is 100% responsible for how good Jaden's arms look on this page. She showed me a trick that's basically improved my ability to draw them 10 fold imo.
She was also INCREDIBLY generous and gifted me Clip Studio Paint - which I've been using to expand the perspectives in panels I'm able to do.

Many thanks also for all your patience and kind words during my hiatus. Moving forward I'm going to be uploading one page a week on a Monday night (Australian Central Standard Time). I think this will be a more manageable schedule for me.

7 thoughts on “CH9P10

  1. Oooh I was so excited to see a page update! I hope everything is going alright for you ? also clip studio is awesome!! That’s a really cool gift!
    I love the angry concerned mom expression and Jaden’s defensive but scolded child look, the family dynamics are really visibly fleshed out

  2. Okay…I gotta say it… Jaden’s Grandma is best character. She is so sweet looking

  3. Congrats on CSP! Can’t wait to see what you’ll do with it!
    re: Jaden’s arms: I’m looking ??

  4. nanas little β€œoi” when she sits oh my goddd reminds me of my grandma ?❀️

    1. Aww that’s so cute! The Oi actually belongs to Jaden off screen though (perhaps she learned it from her Nana?

  5. I like how the family dynamic is written so clear from the start! When Jaden isn’t telling her mother what happened, I wondered why. Then when Jaden reluctantly tells her it was work-related, I immediately understood.

    Her mother is worried about her, doesn’t like her daughter having a job that could potentially be dangerous, and probably didn’t want her to get that job in the first place! They’ve fought about it before and now they’re fighting again. Jaden’s brother knows they’re rehashing the same arguments from the past and since he can probably see both sides or he knows he’s unable to help in this situation, he stays quiet and lets them fight.

    You’re really good at saying so much about characters and relationships without having them outright explain it to the audience. It’s so cool and makes me, the audience, feel interested being able to guess or pick up on so many things happening at once between the lines!

    1. Thank you so much! It was actually a lot easier to write than say, Jaden and Riley interacting – because Jadens family had all this off screen history that I can draw from and allude to. All their dialogue came so naturally.

      So glad a clear dynamic is coming across.

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