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Once again a big thank you to Mare, who helped make Jaden's brother look male, and for giving me a penny-drop moment about drawing forearms.
She's also responsible for Jaden's sleeves being rolled up - I originally was going to go with a regular T shirt.


Also, sorry to leave youΒ  gyns on a cliffhanger but I'm going to be taking a short step back from LB for a week or two to get my mental health in order. I read and love every single one of your comments of support, you truly do keep me so motivated to do this project. Thank you <3

14 thoughts on “CH9P9

  1. The amount of fan service… I love it xD <333333

    1. One last hurrah for pride month!

  2. i love the transition from the last panel on the previous pg where riley thinks about her mom not talking to her anymore, and jaden’s family coming to visit her on this pg. it really highlights the major difference in their lives, a supportive family is so important, and i feel so bad for riley :((( i hope we see her surrounded by people who truly love her in the end

    1. I can definitely promise that ❀

  3. aah jaden’s little shirt bite in panel three!! i love her ? and pls take your time with the next update- this comic is the best but your own mental health/well-being is more important <3

    1. oh this family’s genes ?

  4. Just caught up with this and I really gotta say your style has improved so much. Not that it was bad but its like a good thing becoming even better!

    My heart feels for poor Riley rn and I just want to take all of them and hug them better!

    Please take some time for your mental health and we’ll come out stronger than before! πŸ˜€

  5. I love your comic! Take some time for self-care, will all still be here waiting, patiently. πŸ™‚

    1. Thank you, you’re very kind ❀

  6. I hope you’re enjoying your vacation!

    That must be Jaden’s grandmother who seems confused and can’t remember why she’s here. This struck me the most how she must have something like Alzheimer’s but she has such loving family by her side. Just as Jaden has loving family who is concerned and shocked when they see the cuts and bruises on her. I wish everyone had a loving family like that.

    1. You’re definitely right about her grandmother! And yes her memory is not what it once was. She does have dementia.

      And thank you! Taking a break is definitely what I needed ? Coming back this Monday !

  7. Fox in the forest

    hnnn jaden is so hot in this πŸ‘€πŸ‘€

    1. you’re most welcome <33

  8. Thank you for this blessing πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™
    I oddly headcanon Jaden’s brother as sounding like Lucio Overwatch

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