15 2022


A big special thank you to the lovely gyns who provided names and references pictures of the four kitties you see here, they were absolutely my favourite part of this page to draw.

And that's 2 pages of wholesomeness for Riley's sake - incase anyone's keeping score.

((EDIT: I was recently informed that Claira's real life counterpart passed away at the impressive age of 18! Wishing her a peaceful rest <3 ))

15 thoughts on “CH9P16

  1. aaaaah who gave riley the right to be so adorable???? so much wholesomeness ??

  2. Pistachios EYES… ??

    1. I tried to evoke pistachios real life counter part as best as I could 🥰

  3. dammit blaire is getting cuter each update

    1. All according to plan >:)

  4. Oh my god… I would literally die for pistachio ???

    1. No, please *live* for pistachio ❤❤

  5. I’m loving this! Your art style is so good. I just read through the whole thing while making cookies lol. Looking forward to the next part!

    1. Wow thank you so much! Hope the cookies turned out well ❤️

  6. I love Riley so much I could die

    just read through the whole comic in one sitting! first and foremost, I LOVE where your art style has gone. It’s so bright and colorful now, and all the characters are so hugable…and those character designs ? I love the story and I can’t wait to see how everything turns out. it’s so refreshing to see lesbian media that’s actually about lesbians and none of them are Actually Men™️

    1. Thank you so much for reading! I have a lot of fun with the characters designs, I’m really happy with how far they’ve come too 🥰

      One of the big reasons I started lease bound was to make a lesbian story where there were no “actually this one’s a male” surprises to be had. Very happy to deliver !

  7. You can feel each cat’s personality just through their pictures. That’s so cool!

    1. Thank you! They were a delight to draw 🥰🥰

  8. just bought 100 cat bowties from Naaz

    nothing more relatable than two lesbian cat-moms bonding over their cats 😸 I know it’s too much to hope that ALL of Riley’s worries end this smoothly

    1. Nothing wrong with hoping ❤️

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