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And now back to your regularly scheduled Blaire Asking Things She Probably Shouldn't.

10 thoughts on “CH9P17

  1. I think it’s so precious how Jaden addresses Riley’s anxiety before answering Blaire’s question. It’s little, but it’s one of those things that means the world to the person with anxiety

    1. I’ll be honest I didn’t even think about this! Though it is why I like Jaden and Riley’s interacting with eachother, they both have tactics to playcate, and minimize. Sometimes to their benefit and sometimes to their detriment.
      So glad this meant a lot to you <3

  2. gosh i love the art for this!! they all look so cute. jaden n riley r so precious ??? blaire is……. super nosy and not great at reading situations lmaooo makes me think she’s probably assigning gender woes to jaden’s pain lmao.

    1. Oh wow, you have issues with your mum? That’s so gender, Jaden! UwU

  3. blaire omg… so not the move ?‍♀️ also concerned riley is so cute- i rly do love her ??

    1. So good at picking up when someone is upset, or not looking after themselves, so bad at reading the room regarding how to act.

  4. omg Riley is such a spineless ninny, she’s getting annoying

    1. Riley’s going to have to learn the hard way that fence-sitting, or biting her tongue, has just as much chance of hurting people as speaking her mind.

  5. I’ve been noticing for a while now that Riley covers her chest by crossing her hands over them. At first, I thought maybe she had a very loose and casual crossed arms gesture, but after seeing it several times now, it always happens when she’s worried and it’s very obviously over her chest like she’s trying to soothe herself, hide herself, or give herself a hug. Who hurt you, Riley??

    And Jaden keeps hiding under that ballcap. I thought she was just trying to not worry the owner of the building on the previous pages, but now she’s still wearing the cap when the three of them are alone in the apartment!

    Also, I embarrassingly relate to Blaire on this page. “Oh no, someone is upset! Let’s ~Talk About It~! I want to help!! I want to help!! It’ll make them feel better, right?”

    1. Oh man! I’m glad the Riley self-soothing came across. We’ll be getting into why it’s such a habit for her, don’t worry!

      If you ever peruse chapter 6 again you’ll notice Jaden’s habbit of pulling down that ballcap as her own comfort-measure.

      And yes!! I’m definitely like blaire in this regard. I want to believe I’m not quite as.. tactless about it but ?

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