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Father, Son and Tyler the Ferret: reunited.

Jaden: re-affirms that she definitely does not want children of her own some day.

10 thoughts on “CH9P5

  1. BRAND

    1. Everyone’s wearing it!

  2. Careful, Jaden. This is the kind of thing that makes small children like you!

  3. Father and son have the same pink hairpin! Awww!
    I especially love that first panel. Nicholas’s expression is adorable and Jaden’s expression is hilarious and relatable. It made me smell that garbage stewing on a hot summer day!

    1. Thank you so much!
      I had a lot of fun designing Nicholas and his dad, I love adding cute little stuff like that. I figure it was a nice way to show that his dad supports that he’s GNC.
      Also glad the stank of the garbage came across lol, it was an interesting balancing act with all the bright colours I usually use!

  4. Finally caught up! Really glad they found the ferret and that Jaden was able to help with both that and helping Nicholas find his dad. A happy ending for everyone involved!!

    Also, just wanted to say that even though I’m not a guy, I still really appreciate the fact that you included a gnc boy in the comic! Even though this comic isn’t exactly widespread, I still think it’s so important that gnc characters are allowed to exist without gender stereotypes being forced onto them by their parents and society at large. We should definitely encourage our kids to be themselves without having to feel like they must fit in one box or the other, you know?

    1. Hope you enjoyed getting caught up!
      And I completely agree with what you’ve said about positive gnc rep. I’ve made a habbit of not including male characters to keep the focus on the largely female cast, but I like to give nods to my gay brothers on occasion, to show my support. That was the idea behind having Nicholas be gnc, and his dad be supportive of it πŸ™‚

  5. So happy they found the ferret!! I occasionally take care of one and it’s SO hard to keep track of.
    I really love Nicholas’s outfit–the shirt and jeans under the dress are cute and really emphasize how revealing and inconvenient feminine clothes are, I’m happy he gets to wear pretty clothes without the worrying about showing your underwear that usually comes with it.

  6. Love the representation of “woman who doesn’t want or even particularly like kids, but who will help them because they’re just a tiny small humans who don’t know anything and need help”

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