CH11Mini7 – Pool Party!

What if the LB cast enjoyed a day at the pool? It'd look something like this.
Yes it would be sex-segregated.
Never waste fun-time painting your faces and struggling into stupid swimsuits, girlies <3


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    (19👍) How much has Jaden’s music taste changed since she was a teen? What does she listens to now?
    (23👍) Kai, why do you only call women “Cis B*tches” and not men? And how do you distinguish “cis B*tches” from transwomen and nonbinary people?

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  3. i’m normal about pool party and also Vioden

    1. VIODEN!!👀👀.. You’re right Jalet sounds to weird 🤣

      Happy to be celebrating pool party with you, breastie!

  4. tmj is so real

    1. They sure are standing next to eachother, breastie! 😅😅

  5. the pronouns on babygirls bikini bra 💀

    1. There could be nothing more womanly!! 😤😤 if you wouldn’t wanna do this then um… maybe you’re not a woman! 🤔

    2. the maleness on the guyss shorts 🤣

      1. Hope you enjoy the juxtaposition, Miss Girl!

        One is a visual gag placed by me, the author, stating an already obvious fact. Two male characters wearing swim trunks that say GUY and MALE♂️
        The joke is only for the audience, a character would never comment on it, much like how they wouldn’t ask about why Jaden’s shirts have said BRAND or LOCATION.


        A male character expecting other people to refer to him with female pronouns and pretend he is a woman, because he is displaying said pronouns on his clothing.

        This is something characters in-universe are meant to see, and obey. Timothy wants people compelled by law (and probably threats of violence) to obey his demands, and be punished under the law (and probably violence) for disobeying.

        It’s inclusion here IS also meant to be funny! But it’s Gallow’s Humour, because holy shit this is ridiculous but also is happened to and being expected of us in REAL life! Like damn! Women are losing their jobs, their positions in sports, their right to sex-speficic intimate medical care, their ability to to discuss sex-based oppression over this!
        Gotta laugh so you don’t cry 🤣

        1. Oh ok cool that sucks ass. What do you thingk about universal basic income?

        2. Can feel the empathy for your fellow women rolling off you, Miss Girl. Truly touched 😥🫶

          Re: UBI I think it’s one way to ensure the basic needs (food, shelter, medical) of general populations are met. Don’t know if it would be enough on its own though, unless the payment amount rose with other costs. Or things like medical were made completely free, and rent was permanently lowered and capped.

          Australia has had bulk-billed medical for years and years (so free to go to the general doctor, free to see specialists if they refer you, even stuff like MRIs are free when referred), but with banks calling the shots, rent prices have soared. Medical clinics now have to charge patients a gap to cover the costs.
          So patients who can’t afford it are instead going and waiting hours in the emergency room, clogging up space, because it’s free.

          So UBI would help, but yeah. It’d need to raise with the spiking prices of basic needs, or those basic needs would need to be capped.

  6. Is it normal to wear clothes to the pool in Australia? 😅

    1. Decently common yes! We have very high rates of skincancer (iirc the state of Queensland has the highest in the world).
      I still to this day remember the SLIP! SLOP! SLAP! jingle they had us sing as kids which was part of the campaign to lower skincancer rates.

      Swim rashies (swimsuit fabric but a shirt) were a requirement for swimming lessons at school – and if not that, a regular shirt.

      That’s why I changed it up a bit between different characters. Who would own a proper swim rashie, who’d forgo sunsafety and who would wear a regular shirt?
      (The idea of MJ and Ari wearing button downs because that’s what they wear normally just seemed funny to me lol.)

      Life guards are the same:

      Even outside the swimming pool, sun safety was a major part of many Aussie kids upbringing. Primary schools (and the highschools I went to) implimented a “no hat; no play” policy, which required a broad brimmed hat to be worn to be allowed to play in unshaded areas during lunch break.

      It was the WORST when you forgot your hat and either had to dig one out of the lost and found (ew head lice), or be stuck sitting under shelter while your friends played.
      Pretty sure it’s still the same today, 20 odd years later.

      Obviously there’s still people who wear dumb little skimpy numbers and get burnt to all hell – but I’m also coming from a feminist angle here lol. If I’m gonna show a stupid bikini, it’s gonna be to make a point about the constraints of femininity.

      Like the fact everyone else is well into enjoying the water, meanwhile Blaire, Elissa and Brick are still getting ready because of their insistence on wearing make up and wearing stupid swimwear.


  7. Tyler the Ferret is the only danger noodle I wanna see at a pool.

    1. LMAO.
      Even he isn’t keen on getting in that paddling pool with that particular foursome occupying it 🤣


    and Elisa.. wtf is your swimsuit, why are you wearing sexy lingerie at the pool that cannot be practical.. how can you actually swim in that…

    Rusty I don’t understand how you don’t get whiplash from drawing such cute wholesome scenes and then transitioning to the horror that is the agp gang 😭

    1. Nana is a powerful woman in her own right.. but she could have never prepared for this 😔😔

      Umm what if she LIKES not being able to swim without fear one of those straps will come loose or slip out. Some women feel empowered by a bathing suit that makes them feel like they’re a beautiful mermaid…caught in a fishing net! 😤😤

      I actually found her swimsuit by searching for “Gothic bikini” believe it or not ☠️ (the image link is just on a mannequin. Idk if it would even fit a human woman).

      And lmao! Re: whiplash. Worry not, I have a very strong neck. 🤣

  9. Me: Why are they all wearing shirts at the pool?


    Can’t wait to see the Tiffany answer! The answer may shock all of us!

    Calling it, she can tell who’s a cis bitch by them looking normal.

    1. The more ya know 😎🇦🇺 it honestly didn’t even cross my mind re: the swimsuits 🤣

      I hope you all enjoy the response Tiffany gives. Guess-bet placing is welcome 🤣

      1. Is it normal over there to wear sunscreen even on cloudy days as well? 🤔 like not necessarily at the pool, but outside in general?

        Q aside, as a reader honestly it was nice to know other swimsuit styles seen as normal around the world. Now i can show my niece she doesn’t have to “proudly show off her family assets” (she’s just entering her teens ffs, why do ppl say things like this to young girls? Gag) nor follow the herd if she’s not comfortable in a bikini, be it not comfy right now or not comfy ever.

        I’m not a pool–river–beach type person but Its so irritating to hear when her mom and other women tell her she can’t go shirtless yet can’t wear loose pieces or more coverage because “she’s not a boy and she’ll look like one. Not gonna happen!!” like its so unhealthy, but they do gift her stuff like lipstick and temporary press on nails, like they care more about fitting a stupid pink cookiecutter thing than her own comfort 😖😭

        She’s not even as tomboyish as someone like Faith, yet i can’t help but feel it’s ‘fortunate’ because i can only imagine it’d be torture for her at her home if she was to that extent or more. The whole Compulsive Gender Compliance Syndrome rots too many brains, it’s heartbreaking.

        1. Hmm, definitely not as common for people to wear it when cloudy – the extra vigilant do – because cloud cover does not mean sun protection x-x.

          I am frustrated right here with you about your niece! God it’s so disgusting the way girls are treated. I hate it, hate it, hate it!

  10. DasFeministMermaid

    Violeeeeeeeet 🤫 I know what you’re uuuup to!
    And I love Nana 😍

    1. Violet using the oldest woman-flirting tactics in the book 😎

      Someone get Nana a new ice-block 😩

  11. Crypty (Temporary Afflicted by Eli, -2 HP per turn)

    1. Love learnign new things about Australia from your posts! I was sitting here thinking “not even an A shirt? Or a sports bra?”
    2. Ruth having a dedicated Swimming Button Up tracks as far as I’m concerned and I love her
    3. Violet living our dreams for us
    4. God Forgive Me but Elissa would have me acting so unwise irl likeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

    1. 1. Happy to share!

      Here’s another related 🇦🇺fact: swimsuits are called vastly different slang depending where you are. In South Australia (where LB is set), people call them “bathers”, as in, bathing suits. But in Queensland (worst skincancer)? Nah, those are “togs”.

      I grew up in a “bathers” family, but lived in QLD so when I started school and we had our first swimming lessons, and the teacher said: “okay everyone, make sure you to pack your togs in your port(school bag) for the pewl!(pool)” 5 year old me was VERY confused! 🤣🤣

      The rest of the states call them “swimmers” iirc, lmfao. Shares a fate with “thongs”(flip flop shoes) and “rubbers” (erasers).

      Will never forget the shock of American friends when using both of those.🤣🤣

      Me: nah I hate thongs. They hurt my feet.
      Americans: your.. feet?!?!

      Me: got in trouble because I lost my rubber at school 🙁
      Americans: WHY did you have that at school?!?!

      2. Excellent! I was actually meaning for hers to just be a t shirt, but it kinda looks like the plaid button up she wore, doesn’t it? 😅. By the power vested in me, it’s now cannon!

      3. Alexis and Violet making brave flirting attempts on Jaden 🤝🤝

      4. You are NOT forgiven, I am spraying you with the hose as we speak! Are you attracted to ridiculousness?!?! >:O

  12. Crypty (Temporary Afflicted by Eli, -2 HP per turn)


  13. Violet acting sly af 😂

  14. 1. Eyeing Blaire’s thigh tattoo respectfully 👀
    2. Why does Parniya look sad 🙁 love Shez and Ari partying it up and don’t get me started on Vioden, the ship that shall never be.

    1. 1. You are welcome to look disrespectfully uwu

      2. Parniya is at the deepest point in the pool sooo 🤣

  15. Any particular reason you drew a shirtless minor?

    1. What particular assumption did your mind jump to when you 𝘴𝘢𝘸 a shirtless minor?🤨

    2. so close! muddles is a cat

    3. Bro, he’s about to get in a pool. No shirt and swim trunks is what like 99% of men and boys wear when they swim. If you think that’s “sus”, I don’t really know what to tell you

  16. Honestly LOVE all these details! Ari’s dynamism, Nana glancing the yaoi, Violet totally getting proven wrong by Jaden which was absolutely NOT her intention, Faith on Ruth’s shoulders, Riley’s lil floaties, MUDDLES ON HER FLOAT AAAH…

    And over on Moid Island, the AGPs having the “lesbian pool party” that they deserve with their fellow stunning and brave sexy ladies! So happy for them! Weird their thought balloon suggests they don’t realize other women are there though?

    Also love Nichola’s dad keeping him safe and away from them lol good move. And the “guy” and “dude” on the shorts….AND THE SHE/HER ON THE BIKINI TOP I CANT!

    I must say though, I am REALLY shocked at Blaire sharing a changing room with two NON women! Either she or they are TERRIBLY overstepping some boundaries and must be VERY uncomfortable right now for sure, how awful!

    In all seriousness, love Elissa’s getup for the sheer fact it highlights how the women claiming to be gay men are always MORE gender-conforming to an almost comical degree than just normie het women.

    Best part though? Ferret!! Love how even it looks confused and appalled at TiMs

    1. I had so much fun adding all the little details to this scene, so I’m glad you enjoyed them! Reading through your reactions was incredibly entertaining 🥰🥰

      Also fuck you got me on the changing rooms – I didn’t even think of that 🤣 uhh err.. well since this is a what-if scenario, the staff member at the entrance collecting payment, directed each group based on observable sex, therefore no need for “transphobic” signals. And since the pool is sex-segregated there’d only be one change room needed either side. Phew!

  17. The Guy and Man swim trunks were a very nice touch, hope Mr Babygirl was very uncomfortable

    1. I couldn’t rely on my ability to draw men alone 🤣🤣

  18. This is so cute! I want to teach Riley to swim, the pool seems shallow enough that even she can stand so there’s no danger, haha. Her little floaties are so adorable. And yes, I, too, would like to be Violet in this one. Please and thank you.

    Is Parniya sad that the water only goes to around her knees, or is that her usual exhaustion?

    This page reminds me of the one time I ended my swimming later than usual and ran into the old ladies who come there for water gymnastics in the showers. Three of them were chatting about how weird and unnecessary it is to dress up or put on makeup to go swimming and accidentally giving me amazing life advice. To this day when I’m unhappy with my appearance I softly say “eh, so long as it all still works, right?” to myself.

    1. where I live one has to undress completely and shower before going into the pool. The changing and shower areas are therefore full of naked women. I use it as an opportunity to show that women don’t necessarily have to shave their bodies 🙂 also my swimsuit is an epitome of modesty compared to what the hell has been going on among the young women recently. Those thongs don’t look comfortable.

      1. Thongs aka buttfloss always make my head spin. I cannot fathom why you would want to wear one – particularly for swimming! They’re so sinister in design, not just for framing women to be ogled, but also they require being fully hairless and idk the ability to suck in your labia so it doesn’t fall out either side.
        I think the same could be said about women’s underwear in general (why the fuck can’t they make an underwear that covers ass cheeks?!?!).

        Don’t even get me started on gd thong “period pads”. May as well free bleed at that point!!

        Also major props to you showing off your natural body hair! Even if you don’t get to see the fruits of your bravery, I just know you’re making a difference for women and girls.
        I do the same thing 💪💪


          shaving to wear a bikini is weaksause the lingerie bathing suit look with natural body hair is lierally such a serve

        2. I raise you one better, Miss Girl. Wearing bikinis is weaksauce.
          Like I said above, they’re literally not designed for the female vody, they’re designed for mannequins. Aka unmoving, hard plastic that cannot cause wedgies by bending or stretching, do not have any fat to speak of to cut into, nor labia to struggle to cover.

          I’d rather see a woman’s happy trail peaking out from a comfortable set of swimming shorts/boardies that she can easily move around in tbh.

    2. You’re on the money with Parniya! She’s disappointed by the lack of depth in the pool 🤣

      Those older women sound AWESOME! I’m glad you were able to come across them. Hope they had a nice water aerobics class too!

  19. Parniyas biggest fan

    I have many comments about this one
    Parniya is here so this page is an automatic 10/10.

    LOVE that this is a woman-only swim event, Ari is so cute I also only wear button-ups in the pool, and DEAR GOD YES KEEP NICHOLAS AWAYYY FROM THOSE MEN-

    I… I am not comfortable with that haha and i’m sure his dads are not either

    1. Haha yes!!! I knew you’d enjoy this page because Parniya was on it 🤣🤣

      And yeah, Nicholas’ dad’s probably took him home shortly after with promises of getting him his own blow up pool instead.

      1. Can I just say I absolutely love the way you drew Nicolas in this comic? He looks like he’d make a squeaky toy noise if you squeezed him lol

        1. I can hear it now XD

  20. I got sad for Blaire and Elisa. They truly have internalized the idea that they are objects to be gazed upon 😭drop that shit ladies, get into practical clothes and go enjoy yourselves.

    1. All the time adjusting straps, avoiding “weird tan lines” and applying face paint could have been spent having fun!!
      The amount of time women waste applying make up, shaving and donning ridiculous outfits is criminal.


  22. Nana can’t remember the date sometimes…but she sure remembers her top 5 sasunaru doujinshis (DONT LIKE DONT READ)

    1. Nana, assigned sasunaru shipper at comment section 😔

  23. Does Blaire’s tattoo having any meaning or did she just like how it looked?

    1. There’s a meaning behind *why* she got it, and where she got it, but the design itself is purely aesthetic.

  24. Kory who wishes she could lift Violet to seduce her v_v

    Nobody is commenting on it, cause we’re too blinded by the wonderfulness of Violet’s smooth flirting but… Riley is looking very respectfully at Jaden’s very surprising and not at all expected beautiful fit of strength.
    She’s being so respectful and darling. Not at all thinking of maybe going into the water and ask Jaden if she can help her stay afloat and teach her how to swim.

    1. 👀👀👀👀 very interesting observations, Miss Kory. There’s some developments in the future I think you are going to like a lot 🙂

  25. HAPPY (belated in australia) BIRTHDAY BRICK!!!

    1. Yooo! Good on you for remembering! I completely forget about most of their birthdays 🤣

  26. Awwwww Muddles on her little float!!! AND YAY ANOTHER GLIMPSE OF ARI!!!! 😀

    I see what you did there Violet. (IDK who I’m more jealous of – Violet for getting picked up by Jaden, or Jaden for getting to pick up Violet!)

    …Elissa why are you wearing lingerie to a pool party, what the hell.

    1. 🥰🥰 absolutely loving the reception to Pool Party! I feel like there’s a little something for everyone – including the shared anguish over Elissa’s choice in swimsuit 🤣

  27. A pity Clancy isn’t at the pool party, I could imagine she would have had a blast there.
    I was personally apalled at the idea of putting make-up for swimming, like I’ve never seen that kinda thing in person… but then I remember the women in the self-defense course who would wear make-up and long fake nails and now the idea of make-up for swimming seems less wild sadly.

    1. It’s possible! I didn’t really have any ideas for what to have Clancy doing, plus she’s not super in the QT friend group as of yet since she’s such a fresh member. That was my reasoning.

      I hear you on swimming in make up. The way it’s treated as if it’s a natural facet of womanhood makes me feel insane in the head.

  28. Pool Party Sequel confirmed?! 🤯 But jokes aside, I guess I forgot Clancy is still a new kid, haha.

    Being mostly asocial IRL and spending time in radfem-circles online makes it easy for me to forget just how COMMON self-hatred and bodily insecurity is among women, every time I encouter instances of it it hits me like truck. 😓

    (Imho the double standard is so ridiculous, women are mammals too not reptiles, I’d rather spend my time and money in something more fulfilling)
    Ruth and Faith have my heart ;;
    Nicholas (and any kid for that matter) must be protected from AGP gang🤢
    Oh, and bonus Jacob is so cute too

    1. Re: shaving, you and me both, breastie!! My current pet peeve is seeing all these advertisements for laser/waxing that use ‘don’t want to deal with the hassle of shaving, buy our product instead!’. OOOOOR???? YOU COULD JUST NOT REMOVE YOUR NATURALLY GROWING BODY HAIR!!!

      Same with those ‘Sick of owning so many make up products, what if we told you our product had a whole routine in one overpriced bottle, save so much time on your morning routine!’ OOOOOOOR?? YOU COULD LEAVE YOUR FACE BARE AND LET YOUR DAMN PORES BREATH!!!’ It’s just so damn slimey!!

      Looking forward to developing Ruth and Faith’s relationship more! <3

      1. Teenage Mutant Ninja Bisexual

        The only hair I trim is my pubic hair because if I don’t, I get period blood in my hair and it’s incredibly annoying to clean up. But I don’t shave it anymore. One of the best decisions I’ve ever made.

        1. That’s awesome you’ve been able to give up shaving!
          I feel like lots of women even, who do don’t shave, do do a trim after/during a period for the same reason.

  30. This comment isn´t about this page, but I was rereading parts of LB and just remembered the feelings I wanted to express, but didn´t have time back then.

    I can really relate to Jaden because I´m also a med school dropout (not a doctor, though). The decision to go there also was born from a childhood wish misinterpreted by adults in my life, slowly convincing me to choose a career path I wouldn´t even consider otherwise.

    Medical school is brutal, I remember at some point it feels like you stop sleeping, just fade in and out of consciousness, which was one of the many factors that brought out many other latent problems, common for Gifted Children™.

    And it took years after the drop-out to finally feel like I was on some kind of track. And it´s just so refreshing and motivating to read about two women, navigating life off the trodden path, and to see myself in a bright lovely story, I just wanted to express my gratitude to you for creating it.

    1. Thank you so much for sharing this in the comments section. I truly hope you’re on a more fulfilling career path now – med school truly does sound like a nightmare, and should definitely only be pursued by people who have a genuine passion for medicine.

      I’m glad you didn’t continue to destroy yourself over something you never wanted for yourself. And also that you see yourself in Jaden and Riley’s stories 🩷

      Jaden in particular, has been a character I’ve used to explore what-if scenarios I didn’t take myself. When I was first writing LB I was living with family, and feeling crushed under the weight of being the eldest daughter.

      I wanted to move out, but didn’t think I could. So I explored the idea through Jaden, to imagine what things would be like between me and my family if I could bypass that guilt.

      The doctor plotline was similar- though I didn’t go to medical school, I did a lot of study I didn’t enjoy or want to do, and worked in a field I enjoyed maybe 20% of.

      I wanted to give it up and try something new, but once again feared what my family would say and thing. I knew it would be along the lines of the sunk-cost fallacy, asking me how I could throw everything away.

      Funnily enough, by the time I was creating Chapter 10: Her Burden, I had actually managed to move out (at 24, same age as Jaden) AND leave the career I had no passion for to focus more on creating LB.

      So yeah. It’s always gratifying to know when other women relate to my characters – especially Jaden. 1) because it makes me feel good as a writer, but 2) because it fills me with a sense or belonging/connection to so many women.

      Thank YOU (again), for such a lovely comment.

  31. Jacob: These dudes doing a tik tok challenge…?

    Tāne: This is like that horrible drag show all over again.

    1. LMAO. Love this. Cannon thoughts they are having for sure.

  32. Unrelated to the page but last night I dreamed Rusty sent me a message on WhatsApp asking me to send her Leasebound fanart. A sign from the Universe perhaps???

    Also she spoke fluent Portuguese for some reason lmao

    1. Eu amo isso, obrigado por compartilhar! Este foi um excelente sonho. Por favor, envie-me fanart! Espero que este tradutor não diga nada de terrível.
      (me if I spoke Portuguese)
      Thank you for sharing, tho, seriously! Always flattered to hear I (or LB) is featuring in readers’ dreams XD

  33. Lmfao gross and creepy moids will be shoved into the tiny pool to atone for their sins.

    Also I love everything about the top half of the page!! ♡

  34. Teenage Mutant Ninja Bisexual

    Reading instead of swimming is such a vibe though. (but yaoi? uh, no.)

  35. Omg how come Riley being born and raised in Australia cant swim?? Isn’t it life threatening to not know how to swim there??

    1. It’s definitely uncommon to not know how to swim – considering swimming lessons occur in summer in public schools. Riley didn’t exactly have a normal upbringing tho, so 🙁

  36. Do the AGP gang and Timothy know eachother?

    1. No, lol.
      It’s like how Riley hasn’t met any of the Yonique staff (other than Violet), nor Jaden met any of the QT’s, nor Jacob the AGPs or Tāne and his son, etc.
      This page is just a funny What-If scenario.

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