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Jaden: I can't be caught off guard if I'm prepared for absolutely every possibility at all times forever.

What do you think Shez will suggest?
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31 thoughts on “CH12P2

  1. kissing

    1. They will NOT be kissing >:O

      1. fucking

        1. NO >:O

  2. fancyfeast-rangerover

    a female fight club?

  3. Shez has had like 5 sentences of dialogue that I’ve seen and I already find her so so likeable

    1. That makes me so happy 🥰🥰

  4. Shez is gonna teach Jaden the ultimate nutcracker technique 😎

    1. Ohohohohoho!! I think you’re going to love this chapter a lot Miss Jay >:3c

      1. Don’t tease me! 🤩

        AGP’s *Eric André style*: LET ME IN
        Jaden 2.0: 💥💥🦵
        Jaden 2.0 *puts on sunglasses*: Threat 𝘯𝘦𝘶𝘵𝘦𝘳alised
        *CSI Miami theme song plays*

  5. I love this little detail of Jaden wearing her dad’s cap like a comforting token.

    It wouldn’t be the most convenient thing to wear during a self-defense session and yet, here she is, wearing it, as if she needed the reminder that she “failed” to save her father just like she “failed” to protect Alexis from her homophobic family, and like she “failed” to subdue the agpgang…

    Jaden, wearing her so misplaced shame of not saving and fixing the world all by herself right on top of her head v_v

    This is a heavy rock on Jaden’s chest that she clings unto, but hopefully with Shez’s help, and the other women who are now in her life, Jaden will learn to realize that rock doesn’t belong there and she will not be a horrible person for letting it go and live her own life for herself.

    On a completely shallow and horny side: PLEASE PUT ME IN THAT SANDWICH !!!!

    1. Me putting the cap on Jaden this chapter: damn she looks so cute with it on backwards. I’m keeping it!

      Me after you kicked down my door to add fitting symbolism: 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭!!!

      You’ve earned your sandwich Miss Kory 🩷🩷

      1. Kory (the symbolizer)

        I’m always there to kick your door to add more symbolism !!!

        1. You’re always welcome in my home 🩷

  6. Lifting a bunch of heavy things! Because if you’re physically strong and have lots of endurance, that prepares you for a lot of problems!

    Definitely not because I wanna see Shez and Jaden flex more 😍😍😍🥰🥰🥰

    Even if it’s not that, I bet we’ll get more “emotional strength mentoring” from Shez on the way to her backstory. It’s nice to see her getting screentime again.

    1. That is definitely something Shez would emphasise in her self-defence classes. “Look, you don’t have to be built like a brick-shithouse,” she gestures to herself with a grin, “But it helps.”

      So happy to have Shez back on screen too🥰🥰

    2. i volunteer to be the heavy object

  7. I think… hmm… I think Shez will suggest [ 1 ] practicing with multiple women (since Jade was outnumbered that time of the incident) and that’s where the cameo women will appear 🤔🤔 or

    [ 2 ] She’s gonna do that psych thing where trainers insult or demean you to get you mega pissed off and pumped to prove them wrong and then go hug and congratulate you after the fact and apologize for the previous words since they didn’t really mean it.

    Or [ 3 ]: She’s gonna blindfold+tie Riley and miss sheep plushie to a track then put up an oversized curved moustache and call Parniya to speed up her train. Ari will be grinning at the background playing ominous music in a xilophone, all sweaty and with abandon.

    “Tick tock tick tock… Time is running, love” Shez says to Jaden wiggling her brows and twirling her stache (we see her swole bicep fully flexed in the scene, glistening with machiavelian prepotency).

    BTW, somebody told me to forward you this https://lisaselindavis.substack.com/p/announcements-announcements-announcements/ The post says is looking for different angles and voices in the gender debate, including those deemed “heretics”. I did a minimal skimming and she seems to be nonpartisan and pro GNC , but still, first time i know of this woman existence so I believe its better if you (or any other reader interested) do your own inspection and analysis.

    Gia in case you’re still lurking here, there! message delivered <3

    Thank you author for the new page once again 🤗

  8. Punching/kicking a sand bag. You never know how relaxing is after punch it and kick it.
    Probably Shez even would tease her with “Be stronger!”.

    1. Bully!Shez ??? 😭😭😭😭😱😱😱😱

  9. Kory (gently cradled in Shez's soft and strong arms)

    I’m putting my foot down ! Why is everyone imagining Shez is going to be mean or “tough love” on Jaden when she has done nothing but have nice and comforting word to her since we first saw her ToT
    Stop doing my wif… I mean Shez wrong like that !

  10. i’m also normal about this page

    (i was not normal about either page)

    1. Tell us more, breastie. The extent of your normality 🥰

  11. Parniya’s biggest fan

    Idk whether to be excited or to comment “uh oh” but it’s Shez so I trust her ❤️

  12. I was reading these pages thinking “shez is a shorty” and then I read that she’s 161cm. thought WAIT SHE’s TALLER THAN ME. 161 is actually the tiniest bit taller than the average height of Malaysian women! Jaden’s so tall I gotta recalibrate my mental scale

    1. Yes 🤣🤣 Jaden is 185cm, so she ends up making a lot of women look short!

  13. Absolutely unfair how sad and lonely and forlorn Jaden looks in that first panel, with her dad’s hat and her apologies and still thinking she did something wrong. Devastating. More of that, please. (But also I really hope she’ll get better.)

    As for what Shez will suggest… No idea! I think self-confidence training would be good (we used to start with yelling practice, first just AAAAAAA and then NO), or maybe playing out scenarios that could happen so she can respond to them and feel like she has a solution for everything that could happen?

    1. Are you from Yonique’s staff??? 😮 No seriously the yelling practice is such a brilliant idea!!! like, even outside the comic how many women and girls become afraid, ashamed, downright ‘unexplainably’ uncomfortable with using the natural lower register of their voice or with being too loud and ‘unladylike’ even in moments of deep joy and distress??

      How many find it hard to firmly say No, and unthinkable to yell it?? Even when they may need to? It sounds so basic yet can be so so meaningful. Like You don’t even have to pay to use your voice, it’s just there for you to unlock and explore.

      Brilliant technique for getting in touch with oneself and our boundaries. ILY. Consider yourself hugged.

  14. Crypty (who is usamerican)

    Shez about to teach Jaden about the ancient defense technique of Gun.

    1. See that would be more Ruth’s style. Though obtaining a firearm in Australia is a long, difficult process, but I could see her suggesting something like brass knuckles 🤣

  15. Shez is such a misunderstood little ray of sunshine 😭😭 She would never be mean to a woman!

    I absolutely love her little stool hehe. I love seeing this buff and tatted up lady being the kindest person ever. Shez is perfection.

    I cannot wait for the next few pages!

    And CONGRATS on reaching the boosty goal!! That means two pages!! 🥰🥰🥰

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