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Thank you to all the gyns who donated in support of a bonus page this week AND to all the lovely crowd-cameo ladies <3 As you may have guessed, next week we'll be starting on Shez's backstory - which brings me to my final surprise of the year:

For the duration of the backstory, you ladies are getting three pages a week, Sunday, Wednesday, Friday. (Starting next Sunday Nov 26th)

My original plan was one page every day, but my friends said that was too insane >:/ and whittled me down to three days a week U_U
But yeah, that's why I was doing all those mini-comics. I was working on Shez's backstory pages alongside releasing them, so you gyns wouldn't have a big gap of no content.
Thank you for all the support, I really appreciate all of you <3


71 thoughts on “CH12P3&4

  1. From experience, yes, a strike to the groin is really effective at incapacitating a guy for at least a few mins.
    Unfortunately I learnt this the hard way when my ex-partner accidently (i hope) dropped a wrench on me when I was looking under her car. (However she was a TIF so idk, maybe she was trying to castrate me into being a TIM)

    1. Damn! 🤣🤣

  2. Nooo not a cliff hanger like that! I don’t like waiting 😭 lol
    And yes, I’ve found dick strikes of any kind to be INCREDIBLY effective on guys – even a simple accidental tap from something will get to them. If a woman gets hit in the groin hard enough and from the right angle it can be very painful, for sure…but nothing like what it is for guys and their balls.

    1. Absolutely. And yeah a kick anywhere is gonna hurt but nothing quite as visceral as externally dangling, poorly protected organs 😅

      When I was younger I was thoroughly confused how men could even sit down or walk around without doubling over in pain because I thought male junk sat directly between the legs like the vaginal canal 🤣🤣🤣

  3. ough the gougrrrrrr 😋

  4. Shez backstory!! 🍴Shez backstory!!! 🍴
    Love the” spot on love”. I want to be looked at like that too u_u
    I’m so ready to see some action! I imagine a cutscene with 80’s music in the background and Jaden overcoming her fears among all these women Rocky Balboa style 😎
    But before….🍴Shez backstory!!🍴Shez backstory!!!🍴

    1. Yess!! Yess!! >:D

  5. SHEZ BACKSTORY TIME! and THREE updates a week?!?! I am literally frothing at the mouth right now, oh my god, you are spoiling us

    I really love the atmosphere you’ve created for this workshop. Everybody listening attentively, but the mood is light, they’re comfortable and joking with each other. It really shows they’ve done this before, they know each other, they know Shez, and she’s a good teacher…

    And then that last panel! The zoom in, and suddenly everything is so serious as we are reminded why it is that women need to take self defense classes. The contrast gave me chills.

    (Also, don’t mind me while I freak out because that’s ME, I’M IN THE CROWD, this makes me so happy)

    1. Consider it an early holiday-season gift from me to all of you 🥰🥰

      Thank you so much for making the cameo crowd possible btw!!

      So glad the everyone knowing eachother came across too. I really wanted it to feel like these ladies have been coming for a few weeks – and even if they didn’t all know eachother at the start of the course, some lifelong friendships will be forged before the end of it.

  6. Kory (being pointed at and called love)


  7. Shez is so much fun! She’s only had a few pages of focus but she’s well on her way to becoming my favorite, I think. I’m also a huge fan of the designs of the background characters – the girl with the cap is my favorite but they’re all great, and the two in front holding hands is a cute touch.

    I feel like things are going to take a turn for the dark, though… it makes sense, the cover page of this was so foreboding. Looking forward to it but god ;_; I bet we’re going to see exactly how Shez got that eye injury of hers…

    1. Omg that makes me so happy. I believe she’s gonna make it on a few people’s fave-list by the end of this chapter 🥰🥰 It’s been great being able to let her shine – her backstory was being written while I was releasing chapter 5, so my god you’ve got no idea how hard it’s been waiting to be at an appropriate point in the story to share it 😅😅

      I definitely intend to put a warning on the next page because yes. Dark themes ahead 💔

      Glad you like all the cameo designs too! You can thank all the donators who submitted their picrew designs to me for that 🥰🥰

  8. I don’t know how to thank you for all the bonus pages you’re gifting us, and for the ones that are yet to come! Reading them brightens my day!

    1. Leaving lovely comments like this is reward enough 🥰🥰

  9. Our reproductive organs are safely protected inside our body, while men’s are just out there dangling. It’s almost like men were designed by nature to be easily kicked in the nuts as a way to eliminate undesirable traits from our gene pool 😇 Excited for Shez’s backstory! My tears are ready.

    1. If they didn’t wanna be kicked why aren’t they wearing full body armour, hmm? Kinda seems like they’re asking for it 🤔🤔

      Be sure to buckle up and stay hydrated throughout the coming pages 🤣

  10. Out of curiosity, why are we getting Shez’s backstory before Riley’s?

    1. What do you think might be the reason? Any working theories or are you drawing a total blank? 😅
      Bit of a tricky question for me to answer without spoiling things!

      1. I’m guessing their backstories intertwine somehow? Otherwise I have no idea 😅

        1. Oooh, and interesting guess!

    2. My guess is that Jaden is the main character of the story. Jaden doesn’t know Riley very well right now and isn’t meant to know Riley very well yet. She has MUCH more familiarity with her co-workers though and is connecting and making friends with them before she starts making out intensely with Riley. I’m expecting we’re going to learn about Riley’s backstory when Jaden does….. maaaaybe……

      I definitely think your theory about Jaden and Shez’s backstory intertwining is a good one too. I bet Jaden will find Shez Relatable in some way. From the hints we know so far about Riley, I think Jaden will have a much harder time seeing herself in Riley’s position… Maaaayybbee.


  11. fancyfeast-rangerover

    I am already crying and I can’t wait to read the updated schedule!

    also I start a new job soon so I’ll be able to join the Boosty by the new year <3

    1. Me too!! Next week can not come soon enough >:D

      Congrats on the new job also – hope your boss and co-workers are treating you well. Thank you for even considering to financially support LB!

  12. Jaden’ shocked face I 😭😭😭 you got this sweetie dw!!!!
    I’m already loving all the bg characters! I wanna know who made Pussy Granny cause she’s my fave so far!

    1. 🤣🤣🤣 I can picture it so clearly!! Absolutely living for the reactions to the page surprise 🥰🥰

      Pussy Grandma is actually my design- I decided late in the page creation I needed one more woman in the crowd so I made one of my own🤣

  13. I could smell the DV backstory from a mile away when I saw that image of her getting her mom a house and talking about crumbling to tears when being shouted at by a male. Not bragging, just glad to be right. My radar is still on and working. And im also really curious why we’re going straight into Shez’ story, but I know Rusty is cooking up something so imma sit my black ass and listen

    1. Sharp as a tack as always Ms. Clicker 🩷 Hope you enjoy the ride 🤘

  14. Whoever the white-haired woman in the P*ssy shirt and shades is, how does it feel to be the coolest person in every room?

    1. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  15. The crowd ladies are so cute!!!
    Shez looks so strong i would love to attend her classes. 💜
    Can’t wait to see her story!

    1. Thank you! It was very fun working with all my cameo supporters to bring them to life!

      Hope you enjoy the Shez pages to come too 🥰🥰

  16. Parniya’s biggest fan

    I can already tell I’m going to relate a lot to Shez.. oh boy.

    I just hope no one has pulled the “you’re only a lesbian because you were abused by a man” thing on her since men seem to think lesbians don’t want to give the ‘good guys’ a try 🙄🙄🙄

    Much love to my wife’s wife 🙏

    1. You can rest assured that your wife’s wife is safe from that particular strain of homophobic thinking 🩷
      My deepest condolences for any of the following pages that you can relate to as well.


    1. You get it 😎

  18. Self-defence training AND Storytime from a beautiful beefcake? This isn’t fair! Why do I have to live in the real world 😭

    also Jaden’s face when Shez told the other ladies to ask her for help is killing me, don’t worry Jaden you could come up to me and start spouting absolute gobbledegook and I’d still be transfixed 😳

    So happy to see all the background characters, everyone looks so good! THE COLOURS 😍 (tho It is weird to see Mare at a normal height, I’m so used to you drawing her hobbit style 😅)

    1. Thank you, thank you, thank you! 🥰🥰
      It was a fun challenge to drawing a more normally proportioned Mare 🤣🤣 though I will always love drawing her chibi-style.

  19. Remember gyns if you’re short and can’t reach his face, hit him in the nuts or the solar plexus first and then when he doubles over you can sock him in the jaw 😊

    I’ve been away from the Internet a while then I come back and we’re getting the SHEZ BACKSTORY 😭😭 thank you Rusty thank youuu I’m HYPED

    I also love the collab pages so much! All of the artists involved are so talented 🥰

    1. I’m on the taller side and I think I’d always go straight for the groin. The great equaliser. (I’d get advise from actual self defence instructors of course tho – LB is not a replacement for that!)

      Also, welcome back!! So glad you enjoyed all the previous pages 🥰🥰

    2. As a martial artist I’ll add: If you’re afraid to punch your enemy in the face with your knuckles after the hit in the nuts due adrenaline, use your palm heel while you curve your fingers! Your fingers will be safe and the man will get hit. That’s the reason why in some kata/pomsae/form you’ll see the artist doing that movement: Is quite useful.

  20. Omg yess!!! I am extremely excited! Shez backstory lets gooo!!

  21. lynnline (owner of blue haired lady up front)

    Oh hell yeah, I get time to read again when my girl makes her appearance in the comic 😎
    All the cameos looks great, sooo hyped for the new update schedule and ready to see shez kick ass if that opener is anything to go off of

    1. Thank you, thank you, thank you! 🥰🥰🥰


      YOUR CHARACTER SINCERELY LOOKS SO COOL. I love her hair style, I love the bit of blue in it, I love her COLORS. Blue and black looks so good! I hope you love her and cherish her and more importantly are Proud of Her. She looks really awesome and intriguing and she really caught my eye.

  22. I love when you spoil us like that! And yeah, one page per day is not recommend at all.

    1. Yeah. My friends pointed out that 3 pages strikes a good balance of a special treat, while also giving enough time to appreciate each page.

  23. I love you Background Woman in Pussy Shirt.

    1. 😎 thank you, I designed that one 🤣

  24. Like everyone else, I’m so excited for a Shez backstory!

    And she’s so goddamn charming here ! Love the crowd too. That woman who answers Shez’s question looks like a Brick who grew up and got out of the gender cult and I’m so here for that.

    Love the design of the woman next to her laughing too! But most of all MARE IN HER DONG HOODIE LOL!!! Fantastic! Best cameo!

    1. The unanimous excitement has been incredibly motivating 🥰🥰 this is gonna be a really fun few months, I think!

      The woman answering Shez is actually a cameo submitted by Miss Kory who drew one of the collab pages 🤣🤣 she LOATHES Brick with a passion – but I can see why you made a connection. Round face, big glasses, Smug expression 😅😅

      Glad so many ladies recognise Miss Mare too 🤣

  25. Jaden’s goofy faces never fail to draw a smile on my face.

    Nice touch on the pit hair depiction. No big statement, but no shame either. It just is, and that’s okay. Wish it was more common IRL.

    (put leo dicaprio pointing meme here) That’s Arbust/Mare on the dong hoodie????

    Big fan of the blue streaks shorthaired woman and the old lady near her. And Kory blushing all cute lmao, lucky heeeer. Fanfic writers where are youuu?? Write about the cameo ladieees. Throw them all into an alternate dimension with ghosts and cryptids if you want.

    Pinch me 👀… Three pageeees??? omg author, we’re not worthy 😭

    Meeting the Queen’s family fast and furious, we will be. Gonna have to re-purchase some bandages and ice for the incoming gut punches. Maybe a cushion to put under my shirt too…

    1. Thank you! Yes, it’s not always as easy to depict armpit hair, as characters are more likely to have sleeves, and mightn’t be raised, but I do my best! I strive to show female characters with intact body hair as possible (unless deliberately demonstrating that a character participates in femininity practises).

      Seconding you on any kinda LB fanfiction. Talk about a teenage daydream (imagining your work getting fan participation 😊😊).

      I would definitely brace yourself for the coming pages 😔😔

      1. For sure! I think as the site and audience grows, eventually having a fic section like with the fanart would be really cool. So many interesting women to play with 🤓 Gardener lady for starters.

        BTW I just noticed the p4 background character’s hat is actually not ears but a LIL FROG FACE 😱 Whoever made it OMG IT’S TOO ADORABLEE I WANNA BITE IT 😍 now she’s my third fave from the crowd.

  26. Dude if I said a comment and then a badass lady like Shez said “spot on, love!” to me the amount of validation I’d feel in that moment could last my whole life.

    1. Exactly as planned – Shez aims to build women up 💪😎

  27. Jaden is regretting some choices in that top panel, haha. Great job on the expressions! I can tell Shez is a great instructor, these women are so lucky.

    Bracing myself for the backstory to come, though…

    1. Bahahaha yes! Really should have confirmed WHAT she was agreeing to before agreeing 🤣🤣

      Definitely buckle up, breastie >:3

  28. Rusty why are you so insane? I am glad your friends talked you down from posting a page every single day. Tho I have a good guess of why you’re so “insane”. you are passionate. you love your story. You’re eager to share. There’s nothing insane about that. Well maybe there is a little bit. It must be insane to hold all these details inside yourself for years and years, to have readers you really like and be eager to show them what you made.

    Thank you for spoiling us. We’re all really going to enjoy this.

    I really love this comic taking the time to teach more women about the Weakness of the Male Body. Shez is so right. This is such a huge social scam. Don’t like to us and make us think men are invulnerable. I find myself thinking about the Ball Kickers sports club from awhile back. They Get It. Shez is going to create even more Ball Kickers right here. GOOD. FOR. HER. Good for all the women who are here taking this class.

    REALLY excited to see Jaden connecting with a coworker and making more friends. They really want to be her friends. Women solidarity. Women connection. W O M E N. They just all love Jaden so much and I need Jaden to see it. Violet likes to hang out with you and go shopping Jaden come on understand how lush and vivid your life can become, open up your broken heart, let the love flow in!!!! She just seems so Surface Level with her friendships right now, and who can blame her when the last women who she got really deep with was taken away from her…… Also like… I love Josie but man Josie haha. Josie did not seem to have female friends either…. She taught Jaden so much about Self Reliance, which is important and valuable for women but also going too hard on I DON’T NEED NO ONE is bad too…..

    I love all the crowd background women…. i keep wondering if “DONG” is Mare…. mare you bring DONG into yonique? how could you do this to your fellow women…. just kidding just kidding. It’s just a hoodie, its funny, and it’s also like… what does it say about me that i’m like “woman in dong hoodie…. mare?” sorry mare if that’s not you. sorry so sorry

    1. You can rest easy, that is indeed Miss Mare 🤣🤣🤣

      And you hit the nail on the head, I am very passionate. Maybe insanely 😅 For me the greatest treat is seeing how you gyns are gonna react to the coming pages. I feel like I’m being spoiled as much as readers🥰🥰

      Re: physical differences between men and women. Nothing opened my eyes more than seeing radical feminists discuss the separation of women’s and men’s sports. Men’s control is so prevalent I had never even THOUGHT about the fact that they literally made up sporting events based on their strengths before.

      Of course they out perform women in so many areas, they WROTE the fucking rules and requirements for the events to favour fast-twitch muscles, bigger lungs, bones and hearts, brute strength – rather than balance, flexibility and endurance.

      It was even more glaringly obvious when it came to contact sports. Of course they’d make a rule where you can’t hit them in their dangling weakspot. They really gave themselves a handicap and all agreed that was objectively fair – because ya just don’t look as big and tough and scary when a kick to the nads can topple you.

      So yeah, I really wanted to incorporate that into Shez’s philosophy – while still maintaining the realism that avoiding fights and escaping is the best idea for women. Incapacitate and RUN.

      Love your assessment of Jaden too. Surface-Level is a great way to put it. She’s got a lot of walls up, and it’s gonna take the right set of hands to start dismantling them. Shez might just be the one for the job 😉

      Josie also indeed has not maintained any friends. Let alone female ones u-u. But that could also be a subject to change on the horizon 👀

      Glad you got a kick out of the women in the crowd. We haven’t seen the last of them just yet 🥰🥰

      1. HA you did a great job at making her look recognizable.

        I know just what you meeaaan… There ARE sports women are better at. I’ve seen like, comparisons of male and female gymnastics and like… wow. big difference. Women also do much better at competitive rock climbing. Barely anyone cares to watch the mens climbing, all the most views are towards the women.

        Better balance, better flexibility and more endurance mean women do better in a couple of sports! Imagine how much better women would be at ALL sports if most sports weren’t about male traits. Also always funny to see men act like them being in better at sports means they’re better in general. Quick, release the chimpanzee onto the field and see how well human male does! I think a lot about how there’s so much stuff like that. like that American Ninja Warrior show or whatever… women have to compete on the same obstacle courses even though we have like, shorter legs and stuff….

        “But that could also be a subject to change on the horizon 👀” HOLY CRAP I HOPE SO. I WANT JOSIE TO WIN.

        you do such a great job with these characters, like Josie is not an easy one to write. not at all. How do you make her like.. mess up so drastically and neglect her daughter but also balance and make her likable and lovable? I think any time anyone ever doubts your writing abilities, they just need to look at Josie. that was a Complex thing to do, and you succeeded. I’m not the only Josie fan here by far.

        ALSO: i forget if i mentioned this or not, but even if i am just repeating myself why not…. I STILL love the Shez redesign. It was such a great idea to change her eye. It makes her more awesome, more distinct. So cool to see a woman with battle scars, FOR ONCE! Pretty much every time I look at her I’m so happy with that eye and that scar. She Is Just So Cool.

        checking my watch and waiting for next monday ⌚👈

        1. Yes!! Yes to everything you said re: women’s sports. Men put so much value in brute strength. “You think men and women are equal. How come i could beat any woman in a fight??”
          Have always loved when women point out, by that logic, men should be bowing down to any animal that can beat them in a fight.


          Re: Josie. I’m glad many readers were able to appreciate what I was going for with her 🥰🥰 And yes, her story isn’t over yet 💪💪

          Re: Shez. Yessss. I think the more visible scarring is more striking. And also satisfies the 14 year old weeb girl within me 🤣

          Only two days to go until we kick of the Special Shez Event 😎😎

        2. “And also satisfies the 14 year old weeb girl within me”

          cryin a little bit because ofdgdfgjhdfkjgdfkg. well not literally crying but my Little Heart shedded one single tear and I felt it.

          I AM SO GLAD YOU ARE BEING INDULGENT AND DOING STUFF LIKE THAT – because it resonates with women who have the same longings in them! When I was a little girl there were like… books and mangas I vandalized to change the boy characters into girls but at some point I quit. and then I was like “well all my favorite characters in Shows are MALE I GUESS” (because they’re Not Love Interests) (because they’re humans) (etc)

          At a certain point you realize… hey! I can make a Woman Be Like That! And go nuts with your own original characters, and the glee, the satisfaction and the elation of making it yourself. It’s true. A woman can be Like That.

          i feel like oddly jealous of Teen Girls who get to read LeaseBound and see cool women like dang I wish I got to read stuff with cool women at your age! How do I step into a time machine and revert! WELL, AT LEAST I CAN SEE IT NOW. You really go a step beyond. You’re not just satisfying yourself with your art, you put yourself at real risk to share it with us all… and we love it. we truly deeply love it. Trying to leave lovely comments to continue to make it be Worth It for you to work so hard and share with us.

          Life is a hellscape for teen girls but women creators sure can help. 💜and even us Grown Adult Women, its never too late for us to see cool female characters and love them


    I can’t get over how ungodly delicious Shez Arms look. Kory is so blessed to be pointed at and called love 😭😭

    Also, I love the Sun with Sunglasses you designed on my shirt! (LOOK MOM, I’M IN LEASEBOUND!!!)
    It nice seing a group of different women attending this self defense class and being silly and joking together.

    The way you got all these comeos and made them look so nice and consistent in your style is amazing! I am constantly in awe of what an amazing artist you are and how much your art has grown.

    The next few weeks are gonna be so awesome hehe 🥰💖

    1. Sunny your LeaseBound self is freaking adorable. I ALSO love the shirt (great job, Rusty!!) and the hair style is looking so cute!!!

      Do you actually have square-shaped glasses in real life? I love them! I love glasses with a unique shape to them, and I love the really big ones people associate with “dorks”, I only wear the biggest roundest pairs I can find.

      I’ve never seen square ones like that and I bet they look AWESOME.. If they’re real. and if they’re not real, well, that’s too dang bad. but you have good tastes to have glasses like that on your LB self. you rock ☀️

  30. Your local tortoiseshell cat

    To whoever sponsored the cameo for the woman in the “SOHCAHTOA” shirt – I don’t know whether that’s you or an OC, but your tastes are immaculate I already love you

  31. Joy and excitement and thank you for the wonderful surprise of watching Shez’s backstory for three days a week. I feel spoiled.

    Seeing what she’s been through is gonna make me sad, I know it, but knowing she fought her way out and became the woman we see now and bought her mom and sisters a home…

    I can’t wait to see the story of Shez’s strength and hope!
    Also, all the women on this page look great, from gorgeous buff Shez to Jaden’s expressive faces and wide eyes to all the women doing cameos from the Boosty!

    It’s really refreshing to see a large group of women gathered together to get stronger, especially after spending so much screentime on the church-like gendie gatherings.

    I like how confidently Shez calls on the learners and explains what she’s doing and why. And how Jaden gets a little flustered but rolls with it and trusts Shez. The relaxed confidence! The camaraderie among friends! The competence to back it up! 🤩🤩🤩

    1. The feeling of being spoiled is definitely intended 🥰🥰

      The following pages will definitely be getting their own content warning, but I do hope you and everyone else enjoy them 💜

      Thank you for leaving so many thoughtful comments lately!

  32. lesbian supremacy

    Shez… is everything

    1. 🥰🥰🥰

  33. SHEZ BACKSTORY TIME!!! I love how she teaches self defense for women, something every women needs to learn imo. We all need a Shez in our lives.

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