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  1. Teamwork makes the dream work!

    1. Boundless power of mothers and daughters if they cared about each other over everything else πŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺ

  2. Holy shit she may actually kill him! I didn’t think we’d get that. Thrilled of course, but surprised!

    He sure does have it coming. But that’s going to be yet another thing to weigh on this poor woman, tbh. I hope she can make her peace with having had to do it, if he does die.

    Also, I really do love that Shez and her mum are protecting each other here. They’re not working together in the sense of having a shared plan, but they’re both doing their utmost to defend each other (and the little ones) and it’s working. That’s beautiful, even in the violence.

    1. I think killing Chris would be one of the easier decisions for Meriam to make peace with. But you’re right, it would still weigh on her. It’d weigh on anyone, I think.

      There was actually a page I planned, but cut for the sake of flow, where in slow motion, Meriam and Shez shared a look right before Shez kicked!

  3. I hope if he dies, the loser never officially got married to Meriam so there’s nothing for the police to go off of. It seems like he kept the entire family out of the system because of his illegal job. They also lived so remotely, maybe no one ever finds his body at all πŸ™‚

    1. Hoping. Praying. Wishing. Manifesting πŸ™πŸ™
      (They are indeed not married)

  4. Leave his body to the dingos!!!!!! No evidence, no crime

    1. Plus happy, fed dingos! Literally no downside!!

  5. As much as I’d love a fatality, I doubt Shez would be narrating this story to the women at her self-defense class if it got as severe as that simply out of respect for Meriam’s privacy (and potentially her safety, too.) I mean, if she was found Not Guilty on all counts maybe, but I don’t have that much trust in the legal system…

    I also can’t help but shudder at the effect witnessing all of this would have on the little kids, too… Whether he lives or dies, I’m sure that POS Chris will manage to keep hurting this family even when he’s out of the picture, sadly.

    1. Very logical observation! And I wouldn’t trust the real-life legal system that much either πŸ˜” The margin of “acceptable” retaliation for women to enact against their abusers is paper-thin.

      See: fighting back 1:1 against an aggressor stronger than you IF you’re able to convince a courtroom him harming you first wasn’t just a “misunderstanding” or actually justified because you didn’t give him what he wanted.

      Meriam simply wasn’t dealt any winning options πŸ™

      If it was eases you at all, know Rissa and Tina remained concealed behind the bushes throughout this exchange. But yeah, no un-seeing the violence for poor little Rocky πŸ™

      1. As long as she’s not physically injured (duh) I’m not too worried about the newborn Tina just because of how passive they are at that age – my little nephew was born recently, and it fascinates me how they’re basically functionally blind at first, she’d never remember anything.

        But yeah – I’m really glad Rissa avoided seeing this crap. Poor fucking Rocky though, she was left physically hurt AND has a front row seat to seeing her family hurting each other…

        Given she doesn’t even understand why it must be amazingly terrifying and confusing to her. Poor kiddo.

  6. Please tell me that’s the suitcase with all the loose change in it? πŸ˜†

    1. That would be amazing, but I’m afraid not, breastie πŸ˜”.
      The little bag of loose change is much smaller than a suitcase πŸ˜… Here are two size refreshers for you: In Shez’s hands | beside an engagement ring box

      1. Oh wow, I didn’t realise how small the purse is, that’s heartbreaking 😟

        I wonder, Is there any chance of Meriam getting Chris’s assets once he’s died?

        I’m worried cus his money was made illegally if the police investigate his death they’ll find out and take everything, maybe they can bury some stuff or frame it as a natural accident?

        Sorry I’m veering into spoiler territory here aren’t I? I’m just so invested in these 2D people wtf πŸ˜…

        1. Don’t apologise, I’m very flattered!
          I will say, Meriam and Chris are not married. It’s never actually been said they’re married, only engaged.πŸ˜”

  7. HOLY SHIT like others I was not expecting it to go here! Damn, look at her eyes! No hesitation!

    1. Sometimes there isn’t time to think before you act.
      And she was so correct for not reconsidering uwu

  8. Logical me: Agreeing with other commenters that it’s probably best if Meriam doesn’t actually kill him here
    Emotional me: I will not rest until I see this man’s brains splattered all over the road

    1. True struggle, honestly!
      If she does, we just need everyone in the comments to be the jury of her trial 🀣

      1. Once again volunteering to defend the Leasebound ladies pro bono! Emotional catharsis may not pay the bills, but in this case…

        1. Surely Meriam’s actions fall under the law that permits objectively funny crimes (killing Chris with a suitcase) πŸ˜”πŸ™

  9. YASSSSSSS I LOVE how scary and pissed Meriam is here!!!!! Queen shit!!!!

  10. I’m in awe of how much I love Meriam. Seriously, can we create the Meriam Defense League now?!

    1. Shez already did 😎 But hell yeah I’ll sign up!

  11. I will say, one of the good things about killing a felon dusty, is that everyone will blame it on circumstance. Ofc walter white died, should’ve picked better!

  12. [Steve Harvey voice] KILL!!!

    I’m thrilled that Meriam also gets a good swing at this douchebag.

    1. SteveHarveyKill.mp3 is the soundtrack of this chapter i swear 🀣🀣

  13. GUURLLL HER RAGE 😱😱 Ok this one I didnt really expect!!! omg you got me like the ‘cereal guy’ meme but with popcorn.

    I dont think Meriam’s Luggage-No-Jutsu is gonna kill him for real (i think the lil girl with bruised arm is still watching?? or did she go hiding and close her eyes? it’d be awful for her to witness murder) but she’s gonna hit hard and leave him flat unconscious enough time for them to get faaar away from his abusive grip.

    I think either he wakes up like houuuurrrsss later/a day late (with perforated tires and broken phone too in case they didnt take the car, for extra time advantage) or like Mother Nature takes her course and he gets eaten by the dingos before he wakes up like another commenter said.

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