Quite possibly my best page to date, tbh. I am so immensely proud of the first panel.

2 thoughts on “CH3P3

  1. This page made em initially view Yonique as a sorta side alley, tucked away grunge/techno lesbian bar. But that may just be me projecting my dream bar lol

    (also rip I’ve been trying to send this comment a few times)

    1. No that’s absolutely where it’s meant to be. I actually went down the main street (Rundle Mall) in the city of Adelaide looking down different smaller offshoot streets to figure out where the club might be. And there were several empty alleys with forgotten entrances. I thought it was perfect.

      Sorry about the commenting system as well. I have heavy spam protection on and sometimes genuine comments get caught in the crossfire πŸ˜”

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