Really tried to channel the ghibli tears this time around.

See you all for the final Chapter 5 update on November 6th!

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  1. iIM SO UPSet

    Jaden didn’t do anything wrong at all she was as nice and cordial as could be she was so polite she never said a single rude or cruel thing and what did she do she got HIT and she might just be blaming herself for what happened anyway the joy of female socialization being hurt by jerks and then wondering “what did I do wrong” AAUGGH I hope Jaden’s support system continues to assure her that she did nothing wrong I JUST….

    I trust you Rusty I’m so sick of my favorite fantasy stories straight up TORTURING lesbian characters (why the lesbian there are so many other characters why always the lesbian) with no reassurance everything is going to be ok and in fact she usually just dies. You’re a lesbian you know we’re sick of this kind of thing I am going to have faith Jaden will have happy moments later on. Things can be tough, it’s not all sunshine and rainbows but the lives of women who love women are so rich and beautiful. No matter what outside attackers like AGP do to us women we have so much wonderful things that they’re jealous of and can’t understand. Jaden is wonderful she has the Yoni family and Riley and kittycat and ahh everything will be fine I because in this house we trust Rusty and these painful moments intensify good moments

    All these real moments in your story are unlike anything else I have ever seen, you capture so many important experiences that are always ignored. Thank you for creating and sharing. This is a very real woman’s experience and just like… guh. It’s painful but important to share and represent, important for women to know we’re never alone and we can be okay.

    1. Welcome back, love! I’m always so excited when I see your username in my notifications. Your passionate responses never cease to motivate me.

      I’m very sorry, but also very flattered that these last few pages have garnered such a response from you. I can assure that there are very many happy moments coming for Jaden, and ultimately a happy ending.

      Some may call that bad to spoil ones own story like that, but I have a strict no-killing lesbians policy. The closest would be Ruth’s wife who passed away, but that was before the story took place.

      You’re on the right track about Jaden’s reaction too. What’s hurting her most, is the idea that she let the women she cares about down. One of the few positive attributes she sees in herself is her ability to protect women and keep them safe. She doesn’t know how to accept failure because to her that means shes failed at the one positive thing she believed she could do.

      This is why she’s so determined to show everyone she’s totally fine, and ultimately why she’s crying (still trying to smile thru it). She doesn’t know how to handle Shez and Parniya being unconditionally in her corner. Considering her a friend and not a burden who was supposed to provide.

      I cant promise there will be no more raw moments like these for Jaden. But I promise you the start of Lease Bound was the start of her path to healing. Of growing with the women around her, and learning that it is not a sin for her to lean into others.

      She has a long way to grow, but she’s in good nurturing hands. Parniya and Shez are practically the founders of the Protect Jaden Alliance, and I feel Riley’s not long off enlisting.

      I promise there’s more light hearted beats to come in chapter 6 ❀❀ Thank you so much for reading this far ❀❀

  2. Ok, so these pages give me A LOT of feelings!
    I’m so glad I finally found time to check out leasebound at last
    and of course i wasn’t disappointed.
    The female solidarity is strong in this one and i can completely feel for Jaden.
    Parninya and Shez are so lovely and supportive it just makes me so happy!
    I hope Jaden will be ok, those Ghibli Tears really got me.
    Its’s so amazing of you to frequently update!
    Can’t wait to read on.

    1. Heyyyy! I’m so glad you’ve finally gotten the chance to catch up with Lease Bound! And that it’s got the feelings going!!
      I’ve been trying really hard to keep the solidarity levels high against Jaden’s deep self-doubt. I feel like a lot of us have felt low like this but had to go it alone. For it every cathartic Parniya and Shez are there to provide a counter argument to it every step of the way.

      Hope you enjoy the next update just as much!!

  3. Ghibli tears are a perfect description, they got me too ? something about her smiling through those big tears just makes me want to wrap her up in a big hug

    1. She’s long overdue for one!

  4. oh my god πŸ™ πŸ™ πŸ™ jaden…

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