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Aha! Parniya thought she'd escaped Shez's concern, but now she doesn't have Jaden to deflect onto. Oops.


Thank you all for sticking it out with me and reading until the end of chapter 5, I'm so, so proud of my artistic progress and how I've managed to keep to a consistent schedule! I hope you've all enjoyed it as much as I have <3Β 

As per last chapter, the cast are open for the first three commenters once more! So if you've got something you're itching to ask, now's your chance!

7 thoughts on “CH5P35

  1. I completely understand if it’s too much of a spoiler, but my question how did Shez and Parniya get together/meet?

    Love your work btw m, so nice to see lesbian media actually about lesbians!

    1. Youre actually in luck!! I’ve been actually thinking about doing a mini comic to do with this – so thank you ❀❀

      (Love the ship name too! Parniyez ftw!)

  2. What /did/ happen to your hand, Parniya…? ??

    1. OOHHHHH!!

  3. What did all the characters want to do when they grew up and how did they all end up working where they did

    1. Thanks so much for the message!!
      This is actually the 4th – but I really liked the first half and was inspired to do some answers from the cast!
      I feel the second half may be a little too spoiler-y, but stay tuned those answers will be revealed !

  4. Parniya is so tall and gorgeous and- ahhh πŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œ

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