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Got a burning question for one (or more) of the LB Cast? Here's your chance to ask them! The first three commenters will have their questions answered (in drawn form) at the end of Chapter 6! You gyns have been dishing out some really fantastic ones so far - big thanks to everyone participating! Β 

5 thoughts on “CH6P73

  1. lesbian with same haircut as Jaden

    Would Jaden have a quarantine haircut ? and if so what does it look like????

    1. OOOh! Good question – Gonna have fun giving Jaden a quarantine hair-style!
      Luckily for them LB takes place in 2017, so they live in blissful ignorance of it.

  2. Was Riley’s girlfriend always a libfem? Did she have other beliefs before? ❀️

    1. Good question! i imagine like many of us she adopted liberal feminism spending her teen years on sites like tumblr. I haven’t really thought about whether or not she progressed, or regressed to her current political position.

  3. Pizza life

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