Riley The Problem Solver, is on the case!

4 thoughts on “CH6P76

  1. lesbian with same haircut as Jaden

    PFTTTT I like how Jadenโ€™s shirt just says โ€œBRANDโ€, was that a joke or is Brand an actual brand in-universe ? either way, itโ€™s a cool shirt

    1. God, I’ve been doing the ‘brand’ gag for so long now, in all my art. I have actually joked with friends that it could be some huge in-universe conglomerate who has a major monopoly on all branded products. (So far there’s been shirts, laptops, and a car in LB lmao!). I’ve even thought about throwing in some like ‘bootleg’ versions of BRAND. ‘Brond’ ‘Br*nd’ XD

      1. I wholeheartedly support BRAND brand

  2. Everybody’s anti-capitalist until they bust out the BRAND brand ?

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