First look at the interior of Yonqiue - I've really gotta get on doing an actual layout for it lmao.

5 thoughts on “CH6P91

  1. dread-and-despair-dyke

    idk if the girl singing in the 1st panel is an actual character in the comic, but i love her regardless <3

    1. She was just designed for the background I’m afraid – glad she has fans though!

  2. Out of curiosity, do you have any bands/musicians that you’d say are like this one? Or even NBNv?

    1. Not really, no 🀣 I just designed this woman thinking it’d be cool to see a woman with hairy armpits and a vulva shirt belting her lungs out at a lesbian club.

      And I haven’t thought about NBNV beyond a name and the fact they’re a girl band with gender identities.

  3. maybe im looking into stuff too much on this re-read but is that the lady from chapter 3 that was flirting with jaden, now talking with a vaguely jaden looking woman (similar haircuts at least)? good for her for getting her type, haha

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