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Not the happiest with this page, but sometimes you just gotta keep looking forward.

Drawing Jaden and Riley so cartoonish was definitely fun tho. This is the 2nd last page of the year too!


And while I didn't accomplish 5 chapters like I set out to do last year, I will have published 102 pages (including Ask The Cast stuff) in the year 2020! That's up from 93 pages (including Ask the Cast stuff) published in 2019! Wishing you all a happy new year - my goal is to get even more out this coming year!

4 thoughts on “CH7P11

  1. I love this comic and look forward to every page. Fantastic!!!!

    1. Thank you ??

  2. Having the cartoonist style reactions to the prices was so funny- I hadn’t expected it, and it made me laugh! Poor Jaden, though, she looks so defeated by the bed prices

    1. Thank you! It was a fun break away from my usual style. Glad the humour got across ??

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