Please join me for this daring twist on the classic 'there was only one bed' trope :O

6 thoughts on “CH7P14

  1. Its-the-female-federal

    Best twist on the trope. Non sexual and wholesome, I love it and this comic. Your way of writing and drawing these amazing girls is do inspiring to see. Lots of love❀?????

    1. Thank you so much!

  2. the rational part of me is screaming “watch out for termites!” while the other half of me wants to make top and bottom jokes.

    thank you for continuing and let’s hope 2021 is better to us all!

  3. yes

  4. OK, I’m really loving how Riley and Jaden are very shippable but could also work as the most wholesome of friends.

    1. Very much the intention at this point! I hate cheating stories so I don’t want them catching feelings while either are in a commited relationship. But retrospectively can certainly be read as a foundation for romance.

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