And that's a wrap for chapter 8! I'm working on scripting at the moment and a few fun little extras to post in the mean time!

Thank you everyone who's left supportive comments, and to the lovely gyns in the LBDiscord who really pushed me to make this page great. I truly appreciate all of you. To all the lesbians reading especially: Happy Lesbian Day of Visibility!

7 thoughts on “CH8P16

  1. Riley’s so worried!! Noooo!!!!!

    I like how consistently you write her avoidant habits with potential conflict. She avoids telling the landlady about Muddles even though she has several opportunities to. She even forgot to tell Jaden about Muddles when they were going over apartment rules and what to expect living together! She initially avoided telling Blaire about her new roommate Jaden. Even if a call came through after that first phone call, she could have still called her back to explain the situation so Blaire wouldn’t be surprised when she arrived at the apartment. She avoids talking to Jaden or Blaire about the worries she has over their differing viewpoints. It seems Riley cares so much about being kind, never rocking the boat, and “ignoring” anything negative (maybe because she feels powerless?), that she ends up watching those negative things will blow up in her face later!

    This makes me wonder what her family is like and why she was never taught how to handle conflict!

    Riley’s gotten very lucky with people going with the flow when they find out everything that’s been glossed over and ignored. I’m wondering if Riley’s luck is going to run out tomorrow and Jaden and Blaire will have a disagreement…

    1. Thank you do much for all the long thoughtful comments you’ve been leaving recently!

      Riley is definitely on borrowed time with luck – You’re right! She is going to have to learn to face the music and find her voice one of these days. ?

  2. aww bb riley!! i wanna hold her and tell her everything will work itself out

    1. it’s the thought that counts <3 Riley will get comfort eventually XD

  3. Cant wait for the new chapters, Rusty you are amazing and doing a great job wow! I am so intrigued what’s next

    1. Thank you for taking the time to comment, very excited to share the next chapter!

  4. I adore this page! Your expressions are powerful and I’m excited to see how both your skills and this story progress.

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