I have been absolutely LIVING for your comments on the last page.
It would seem we are safe from the wrath of Blaire... For now. That pose of hers look familiar tho? :o

7 thoughts on “CH8P7

  1. I can imagine that when Blaire is leaving she pulls Riley aside to be like “no seriously what are Jadens pronouns?” LMAo

    1. Ahahahaha! You’re not too far off!

  2. the first panel jumpscared me asdfghjkjhgfsa riley i feel you

    1. I’ve noticed that’s a common reaction XD – I will admit it was intentional ?

  3. Is it purposeful foreshadowing that in a chapter 6-7 (I think but I may be completely wrong, sorryyy!) page, Riley was imagining Blair and Jaden fighting, and Blair was in the exact same pointing stance? If so it completely worked bc i accidentally pressed ‘next’ and literally almost had a heart attack sishkshskjs i love the perfectly executed awkward tension, it makes the reader related to poor terrified lil Riley so much! Also Jaden looks especially so adorable in this page and the whole series,

    You’re a master of drawing women (esp gnc women), and one of the only artists that I’ve seen that draw gnc women in a way that isn’t feminised/m*le f*tishy/infantilised (it’s uncountable how many p*rn sick male artists that draw gnc/tomboy characters as bl*w up dolls with buzz cuts, weird super steroid-muscly but still feminine orc-esque women that look straight out of a 40 year old man’s deviantart f*tish art page, or literal young girls that they proceed to hyperf*tishize like those weird 4chan moids that thirst over ‘straight tomboys’ and their fantasies are literally just imagining a 10 year old, sorry for dumping this has just really bothered me for a WHILE lol, your art is such a breath of fresh air!) or demonizing, props for the amazing representation, it definitely has meant so much to so many GNC women!

    1. No, you’re totally on the mark! I chose this pose for my preview image when uploading this page too – which had the perfect effect of TERRIFYING readers who thought the worst! Well spotted <3 (sorry about the near-heartattack though, lmao!)

      Thank you so much for the high praise, I’m always striving to draw the women I want to see!

  4. Riley’s anxiety over all of this is reminding me of my bff I want to grab her by the shoulders and tell her that not everyone is waiting for an excuse to yell at/be mean to/make fun of her ;o;

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